Why Fairy Tales?

dreaming while flying from my chair

God, save the dream! The impossible one!


windmill dreams

a propeller without a plane is just a windmill.

rough-legged dream

God, save our hunger for satisfaction!


immature bald eagle dreams

sitting still is for the birds.

choose to fly

Be different — choose to fly

dream fly

in peace with loves

Uncle Tree


The Imp Path

The Imp Of Ivy

Tickling her way through the moss in the Spring
young imp bursts forth into the light of day
Winding a path from the trunk to the crown
by Summer’s end she will be free to kiss the sky
Ivy ympe 
Waving in the wind and waltzing in the rain
she feels for her ancient oak, making his life sensational
Her ecstatic cling informs his essential being
Thus he knows in the densest way just why his sap stirs so

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Fairy Tale Kisses

Valentine's Heart Afire
 Like kindling and kin
crispy crackling flames within
leap forth to lick the stars of lust
whilst twilight beckons
the dawn of fresh sunlight
to rise in beams over lover’s aureoles
before bursting radiance into rays reflecting
smooth pink skin and rosy red cheeks 
under eyes all agleam in gazes of glory
 To dare set ablaze
fiery trails and flimsy bridges
with a controlled burn and a flaming passion
for Love’s idyllic best and Life’s fondest pleasures
all wrapped up in soft warm flesh
melted in fairy tale kisses
 ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥
 Uncle Tree

The Song Of Master Olmark

spirits of nature IV (2)


In a state of restless consternation,
the candidates awaited the arrival of The Master.
A hush fell over the room as the curtains began to part.
With a marked air of dignity, Olmark glided to center-stage.
His presence brought their newly sharpened awareness into focus.
“Attuned — understand?
Listen up, all ye initiates of The Order.
The note; the original, plays on in the unseen background.
Can you hear it? Don’t you sense it? Like a stream of morning dew?

The Color Of Wisdom


fotomania-2 (43)

 Applying the wisdom of color to the dynamic chalkboard of decisive action is certainly a messy business. One orbits the softness of the shining subject matter ~ without the devilish judgments incurred when absurdly applying the tainted palette of logic to an inconceivable canvas floating far beyond the point of no return.

© Uncle Tree

Keith Alan Watson

When The Dice Roll Themselves


Quantum Lucidity 
The way I see reality,
undermined by bigotry.
Where overwhelmed fluidity
 ↔ proceeds universally ↔
Look! All around you, here we have
a perpetual-motion machined Universe.
Infinity turning itself inside-out and outside in,
from the micro to the macro comes the macaroni grill! Ah!
But Soul remains a mystery, lest she be the Muse I have in mind:
where angels belong, where spirits reside, where the dead go,
where aliens ride, where I Am deadcenter, but still alive!
Or are we simply living the lives of The Immortals?
Where we’re all gods, who don’t want to play God,
and the dice roll themselves.
“Now, that’s what I call – the fairy tale role of the dice.”
Uncle Tree

Three As One

I went on this path one day – off the straight and narrow way

looking to find the unknown – unafraid to be alone

a skip in my stride – my smile a mile wide

passion perspiring inside.


Suddenly! There’s a shadow – beside my own.

“It can’t be so!” No one came with me, I know.

Nobody else wished to go.

Who could it be then? How shall I begin?

Where did it happen and when?


I’ll tell you a secret now – that only you can allow.

Stick with me for one moment – maybe you’ll find atonement.

Do you not have the time? It won’t cost a dime.

(Don’t be scared. It’s just a rhyme.)


Okay? Now, back to the trail…

not knowing that I could fail – sensing a treasure ahead

I take a left turn instead.

And to my surprise – right before my eyes

this other shadow complies.


I look – but no one is there!

With reason, I must compare…

Judging it, I do declare, “It’s not my own!”, but I swear,

it stayed right with me. I giggled with glee!

(Quite strange, you might agree.)


And so, I strode on through the wood

wond’ring if two shadows could

converge as one, if the light

from the sun was angled right.


I stopped in my tracks, and checked out the facts:

←  Three as One  →

Sun on our backs!

Guardian Shadow appear! Assurance is always near.

Tho’ crossroads never seem clear,

Directions tell me not to fear.

Whichever I choose, I know I can’t lose.

He’s already paid my dues!

For there are three that bear record in heaven,

the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost:

and these three are one.

1 John 5:7

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