Why Fairy Tales?

dreaming while flying from my chair

God, save the dream! The impossible one!


windmill dreams

a propeller without a plane is just a windmill.

rough-legged dream

God, save our hunger for satisfaction!


immature bald eagle dreams

sitting still is for the birds.

choose to fly

Be different — choose to fly

dream fly

in peace with loves

Uncle Tree



18 thoughts on “Why Fairy Tales?

  1. the windmill shot – maybe it’s that crowd of scraggly shrubs with all their idiosyncratic postures and angles worshipping up to the perfect King Windmill

  2. WAIT A MINUTE! DO you lie on the migratory pass way through Nebraska? THOSE ARE MY CRANES….and those SHOTS look like what I see in my neighborhood…and that is the way I LIKE MY BIRDS….photos…you see…where birds roam free…and yes I’ve followed them to the sea and where they nest in the winter. THANK YOU for your simple…TON of JOY for man to enjoy the “beasts” we see in our life!

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