Eclipse Yourself

Eclipse yourself

Solar winds notwithstanding, we glide the curtains closed,

eclipsing our former shadowy figures with a shadier version of sunny-side up.

bee pollen happy

The creative evolution of an artist takes time — time worth spent.
Do bee friend my tree friends — find time to get young again.

sweat bee

Bee sure to preserve the best life has to offer.

Highlands Pool



River Inn Resort

River Inn Resort

A supremely wonderful Bed and Breakfast Boat on the Missouri River.

Very reasonably priced for a small, but fancy cabin,

a tasty wake-up meal, and a well-anchored over-night stay.

Sunrise on The Big Mo

Sunrise over the Missouri River

Lodging on the water

Get a room on the riverside, and step out to this view.

Tom Osborne deck

While you’re there, catch a ride down river on The Spirit Of Brownville.

Captain Meriwether Lewis dredge boat

Just up a ways yonder on the riverbank — a beast of history:

The dredge Captain Meriwether Lewis


get a room

Uncle Tree onboard

“Ride on!”

Keith and Lu

Keith & Lu


Heliph Ino

Raptor Capture

For my part, when it comes to organic life, the sum of the parts is not equal to the whole (of the universe, i.e., God). If Life’s #1 rule is suffering (just so we can know we’re alive, because we are painfully conscious of the fact), then Death’s #1 rule must be equal to unbelievable ecstasy.

Raptor lunch

Ah! So, the question is: If we are famously immortal souls having a human experience of futile suffering, then why don’t we long for infinite ecstasy, instead of longing for an inconsequentially longer life-span?

free lunch

Or, in other words, why wish for a lengthier version of eternal suffering?

Heliph Ino

obscured sundown