Reading Between The Lines On 9-11

Ruby-throated Hummingbird female

The sound of silence is often overwhelming

Red, white, and blue for 9/11, Hummingbird

God bless The United States of America

Photographs by Uncle Tree

“Soul Sister”


Union In Tragedy: 9/11


Here is a sight we seldom see:

union in tragedy.

Lights from the heart light up the dark,

showing the way to be.


Love is a force that opens eyes.

To those who’d blacken skies:

Feel from the heart before you start

to sever all the ties.


Remember, sisters and brothers,

hate and anger smothers.

Beneath the ruins of mankind

Love’s flame will lead the blind.


Uncle Tree


A Timeless Longing


Humanity longs to be free,

not knowing the longing itself.

Humanity longs to be loved,

not knowing freedom itself.

Humanity longs to give aid,

not knowing to help itself.

Humanity longs to know itself,

not knowing itself afraid.

Humanity longs to be brave,

not knowing courage itself.

Humanity longs to be itself,

not knowing it longs to belong.

Humanity longs to love itself,

not knowing

love is the longing.