Full Peace Ahead

As one united nation, let us move in the same direction →

towards a day worth remembering,

and a History worth repeating!

Uncle Tree


A Timeless Longing


Humanity longs to be free,

not knowing the longing itself.

Humanity longs to be loved,

not knowing freedom itself.

Humanity longs to give aid,

not knowing to help itself.

Humanity longs to know itself,

not knowing itself afraid.

Humanity longs to be brave,

not knowing courage itself.

Humanity longs to be itself,

not knowing it longs to belong.

Humanity longs to love itself,

not knowing

love is the longing.


Tumbling Over Worms


O, I shall be a slave to love
In seed, a sap I’ll be
Me merry martyr loves to shove
when cliff is over sea

Or I could be an earthworm
who doesn’t think too much
I’d be free to dig and squirm
until the sky I touch

A high is up,  a low is down
Free means – I was once caught
To gain a smile and lose your frown
let go of worthless thought