Free Uncle Tree


Uncle Tree is not For Sale!

~ He already owns himself ~

twice over

That’s what makes him




30 thoughts on “Free Uncle Tree

  1. Um…..sounds awful like tree is no longer owned by an employer and can photosynthesise for the good of the atmosphere and also give the little critters the benefit of yer roots. May the Sun continue to shine….FOC 😉

  2. I still have a real job, Ed. Nothing to worry about there.
    This one is a case of Uncle Tree trying to be clever.
    I tried to outwit myself. Twice over — refers to me2 —
    (having never sold a story). Started with “God is not For Sale,”
    which is already popular, since He and Jesus are two and the same,
    and ending up with me rhyming with tree, and basically telling a fib :0

    Glad to hear that Diablo critter still occupies your realm now and then 🙂

    Sorry to say, “It’s raining today,” but otherwise, I’m way-d out just fine.

  3. Lol, this is awesome.
    Long time no see.
    i used to be severnyproductons if you’re wondering at the famliarity. lol

    Good to see you again, Kokot! I was just goofing around with this one.
    If you’d like to read my entry for the rally, see the link above you head.
    Glad to see you’re still hard at it. Have a great week! Peace, Keith

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  5. I thought at first that someone had captured you and tied up your limbs so you couldn’t move and then I thought that maybe you were giving away parts of yourself for free.

    Oh well… I thought maybe I would be getting a keepsake piece of bark or something.

    But I am happy for you, UT, you are FREE!!! Yay!

    This is so cute.

  6. Yeah, you’re ornery alright! But it does get the old brain cells stirring around and that’s always a good thing. Thanks for that!

    Hanging on… wheeeeeee!

    🙂 UT

  7. No, but donations will be gladly accepted.
    🙂 Come on out to my neck of the woods and see me sometime, Mi’Lady Cheryl Ann! Knock 3 times…

  8. I’ve been ransomed! 🙂 Yippee!!! Honeydew, with you I wood love to.
    Sounds like a day made to remember. ❤ I humbly thank you for the offer.
    I'll have a talk with Sir Willow, and see if arrangements can be made. Hugz!

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