Why Fairy Tales?

dreaming while flying from my chair

God, save the dream! The impossible one!


windmill dreams

a propeller without a plane is just a windmill.

rough-legged dream

God, save our hunger for satisfaction!


immature bald eagle dreams

sitting still is for the birds.

choose to fly

Be different — choose to fly

dream fly

in peace with loves

Uncle Tree


Bugged on the Patio

White Butterfly

Dew on the Marigolds, and Skipper sitting still for once!

Insect mystery

Somebody’s shadow is as creepy as the see-through Shadow Maker!

Swallowtail profile

When you have the only flowers in sight, your camera will stay busy.

butterfly variety

Even the bee agrees, Fall is fading fast!

tiny flying insect

“Small, but mighty!”, as my dad used to say about me, too.

infinitely small bug

Infinitely small, but a bug, nonetheless!

Johnny Mantis sunset

If Mars has insects, they’ll look like Johnny Mantis, no doubt!

Beezed to meet you

Beeeez’d to meet you!

Uncle Tree





Angel Orange

Butterfly blues

 Blind from birth to evil, my sight was restored by the bright angel in front of me.

Uncle Tree's angel in orange

Now, you see, my eyes are no good,

Butterfly Trinity

but my soul was furiously replenished in a flittery-fluttery way.

Angel Orange

Saved by the belle — Angel Orange!

Octoberfest flies


Butterfly line-up

Alignments pave the way in a colorful array at the lunch line.

Monarch sky-view seats

HaPPy OctOber!

a pink rose of Fall

Uncle Tree