Stunned Senseless

Twilight on Tanker Hill

How do we blend world news into our daily lives?

Geese forming a ghost

More then spooky — when art  is left speechless.

The sky on fire

Even the sky is red with pastel rage.

Sun spike sunset

Can anyone point the way to a solution?

geese in alignment

Humans being human

starts with me.



Winter Set Afire

Valentine's Heart Afire

Cupid’s heart burns like a valentine afire.

Fire dragons

Dragons breathe in the frigid air, and exhale colors warmer than they look.

Purple Majesty

Pinks and purples wait their turn, like patient lovers long for day’s end.

Great Plains sunset

Life’s purple majesty lies in the hearts of we who have eyes to see.

Uncle Tree darkly

Photographs by Uncle Tree

Stay warm, folks!


Goose The Moon

Conrail sunset

Aim high and cross the line, when need be. 

Geese contrail

Crossroads beget geometry.

Great Planes

Your runway lies before you. Shall you trust it?

Helicopter landing

Or, will you hover and waste precious time?

Geese Plane race

Fortune belongs to those who race destiny.

burning bush

Will you burn the dreaded bush on your way down?

Goose the MoonCheerz to those who dare to cross the lines!

Photographs by me²watson

Uncle Tree


Super Moony Blues

Blue Moon

Super Moony Blues arising in the East

Moony Blues

meet the Sun’s shadow coming in fast from the West.

Lunar Eclipse beginning

What started on my birthday, ended with clouds coming in.

Lunar Eclipse early on

Nevertheless, full Moons brighten open plains

Halo Moon

for eyes created to craft certain images into long-term memories.Moon Quartered

If only one had the power to divide the sky at will, why knot me?

A drip of the blood moon

 One drip of the Blood Moon?

Good grief!


Uncle Tree

Uncle Tree’s 60th Ring

Uncle Tree and Johnny Mantis

Uncle Tree had quite a wide variety of visitors last year!

Uncle Tree

He also got out and around to hug a few special friends.

Uncle Tree's OMG! moment

Then word got out — that old crane told me so!

Uncle Tree fishing

Fishing in Nebraska is a thrill, but, still, good fish are rare.

Sunburns are much more common.

Who's going on 60?

The uncommon is me —

reeling in 60 years, butterflies, birds, 

and the best of beers!

Uncle Tree's Painted Lady

Happy Birthday, Uncle Tree!

Keith Alan Watson

January 30


Uncle Tree's 60th Birthday