Sideways Sunsets

Sideways Sunset

Distance is relative when flying sideways into the sunset. 

Plane pretty

Relatives seem distant at times for good reason.

Fall's first sunset

If the Sun ever needs another reason to set,

we’re all relatively screwed.  

Halloween profile from Facebook

Uncle Tree



30 thoughts on “Sideways Sunsets

  1. Uncle Tree … I read this on “Factinate” on Twitter just now:

    “There are three trillion trees on Planet Earth and a mere one hundred billion stars in our galaxy.”

    Might as well go hug a tree – it’s easier than reaching out to a star. It may not be a Happy Thanksgiving for you next week, but hopefully it is a restful one for you Keith. – Linda

  2. Tree trillion trees! 🙂 Oh, I like the sound of that.
    Thank you, Linda! Made me smile a bit.

    Hope some happiness finds its way to you for Thanksgiving. Huggerz!

  3. That was my intention Uncle Tree and I’m glad it did the trick. I should have been clever like you and said “tree” instead of “three” … I wish the same greeting to you Keith. Put your feet up and enjoy a few day’s off and don’t let Rudy have a turkey drumstick!

  4. Missing your humor and wit in this forum Uncle Tree. I know this holiday will be rough on you after a brutal year. Hope you are doing well, considering the circumstances, and ready for a little R&R – I believe you said last year your company shuts down between Christmas and New Year’s … just think, Rudy is celebrating his first anniversary with you. Take care and 2019 has got to be better. – Linda

  5. Thank you for the well-wishes and sympathetic thoughts, Linda! 🙂
    Hope your holidays fill you with cheer and sackfuls of merriment.

    Rudy says, “Hi!” and we wish you a Merry Christmas now and forever! ❤

  6. Thanks so much Uncle Tree – I hope Rudy is not making too much mischief in and around the Christmas tree. Years ago, my neighbor Marge got a new cat and she got it from a shelter. The cat’s name was “Sassy” and Marge decided to just keep its name. It turns out it was aptly named! Marge was still working at the time. She pulled up in the driveway and noticed the sheers were all torn down from the rods. She also noticed the Victorian-style Christmas tree was knocked over. She wondered if she should call the police and assume she had been burglarized, but decided to call a family member instead. It was Sassy and this was a pink and white tree with ribbons and pearls and feathers and what not … she bought it pre-decorated … the cat had just trashed the tree … Sassy was put into her carrier and trotted off to the shelter post haste!!

  7. Yes, keep it simple … you don’t want a “Sassy” story to emerge – it was an OMG moment for Marge. I think I should write about it, maybe next year. The cat lovers will shudder. Wish she had sent me pictures. I remember her telling my mom and me that she ran all over the house to capture Sassy, then put her in the carrier and into a room and shut her in there in the dark. Off to the shelter the next day. 🙂

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