Summer’s First Sunset

2018 Summer sunset

Spring-like temperatures stole the show on this first day of Summer.

Summer Solstice sunset

The average temperature for June 21 is 86°, but the 68°

we reached today is plainly ass-backwards.

Sunset ends Summer's first day 2018

The Summertime Blues shall have to wait, since 

Spring came so unfashionably late.

Sunset chimes

Photographs by Uncle Tree

“Stay safe, folks!”



The Sun Sets On Stephen Hawking

Sunset Start

Job 32:9 “Great men are not always wise

Stephen Hawking's sunset

Stephen Hawking was an exception to this rule, I believe.

Purplish pink sky

Is real math wise, or is it simply right all the time?

Orange eyes

Truth is — being true to yourself does not equate to being right.

The colors of the wind

Left with nothing to show for its day, a black hole remains hungry.

Stephen Hawking

Like Charles Darwin before him, Stephen Hawking didn’t believe

Stephen Hawking II

a God was necessary in the story of how we came to be,

how it all got started, or how it all will end.

If you find that hard to stomach,

you’re in good company.

Uncle Tree


In memory of the remarkable Stephen Hawking

January 8, 1942 to March 14, 2018

Stephen Hawking

Photograph from Wikimedia Commons