Winter Set Afire

Valentine's Heart Afire

Cupid’s heart burns like a valentine afire.

Fire dragons

Dragons breathe in the frigid air, and exhale colors warmer than they look.

Purple Majesty

Pinks and purples wait their turn, like patient lovers long for day’s end.

Great Plains sunset

Life’s purple majesty lies in the hearts of we who have eyes to see.

Uncle Tree darkly

Photographs by Uncle Tree

Stay warm, folks!



27 thoughts on “Winter Set Afire

  1. These photos are amazing as usual Keith. We have a grateful heart that we may enjoy the sense of sight to enjoy these pictures and the powerful words you attach to each one. This post stirs all the senses.

  2. The way I figure it Uncle Tree, one good thing about getting older is feeling comfortable in your skin, er … bark. The years of “finding yourself” and “hesitancy” are in the rear view mirror. What freedom we have now, that we didn’t have before.

    I really like Paul Simon … three favorite singers deciding to hang it up … one right after the other … Neil Diamond, Elton John and now Paul Simon. That makes me feel my age, as I used to know all the words to their songs back in the day and probably still do know those words once the song starts up on the radio.

  3. But, Linda, saying I feel comfortable in my own skin is akin to admitting the fact that I’m 60. No fair! 😉

    And, yes, Paul, Neil and Elton are a few of our musical heroes. They’re in their 70’s now, and they can still sing and get around pretty good. So many die young, though. Good to see some of our idols have a feel for longevity, if just to prove it can be done.

    Most of my poetry is lyrical. Of course, I wish someone could make a tune to go along with them. Alas, such is life.

    For UT, it’s easier to sing, than knot.
    Have a great Sunday, girl! Cheerz, UT

  4. You could lie about your age Uncle Tree, but you have already put out there you are “60 Rings” … I think it is easier to beat to the tune of a different drum when you get older.

    I like to be a little different.

    I think Neil will still be writing songs and recording in studio, and Elton John will take his sweet old time going down that yellow brick road – so much for another Paul and Art reunion like they did in Central Park a few years ago.

    You got an artist to make Uncle Tree’s photo on your blog. You should get together with a musician and make it happen … fulfill the dream of ” Putting music to words, and words to pictures.”

    I am knot kidding. You enjoy your Sunday too Uncle Tree, sadly it is down to the dregs now.

    I am off to Patch to post this long post I did today.

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