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“Putting music to words, and words to pictures”

.In the beginning, an anonymous young fellow, who called himself Diablo, started calling me Tree a few years back at a site called Intentblog (now closed). A couple of times I wrote about camping by the Missouri River, and mentioned a few of the things (including spiritual awakenings) that I’d experienced at my favorite spot. He must have thought I was stationed there, or had put down roots there, in order to see me as a tree. Since he claimed to be in his 20’s, and I was 50+, I thought of him as a fictitious nephew, which made me his uncle – Uncle Tree.

Father Tree would have made me look like a priest, and Brother Tree sounds to me like a deacon, and I didn’t want to be cornered into anything too specific, such as Elder Tree, Sir Willow or Mr. Elmwood.

Me² was my first moniker. This symbol contains a few meanings for me. It’s not funny or sad, in and of itself. It is rather more neutral than Uncle Tree, which I see as putting me in the category of goofy and kooky, but in a familiar and unassuming sort of way. It’s been fun to play with, and I’m still growing into it. I don’t always write from his perspective, as if I were actually a talking tree. That’s impossible! Although, I do have a couple of poems which he wrote, and I hope to create more at some period in the future.

My intentions for writing have changed over the course of the last dozen years or so. I started with notebook and pen, and then, about 9 years ago, I bought our first computer. Behind the curve there, huh? For the most part, and from the start, I have maintained the inclination to leave something valuable behind for the sake of my children, and for the love of my children’s children’s children.

I still see that as reason enough to wail away, that they might look back someday in wonder of just what kind of thoughts came out of the roots of their dear and (someday) dearly departed favorite Uncle Tree. Let them know that I wasn’t afraid to voice my opinions, and neither did I lack courage in the art of spinning words around in my head in an effort to make sensible the biggest universal questions that a tree like me can bring to the table.

My outlook on life is not always positive or optimistic. I accept the full range of emotions as a matter of course. It’s only natural. To deny is to lie to one’s self, and when we do, we’re not fooling anybody but ourselves. The reasons I have for writing poetry the way I do are too numerous to go into here. I want to read your thoughts for you, and speak about it when you can’t seem to find the right words to use yourself. And, of course, if I can bring someone to tears, whether they be joyful ones or sorrowful ones, I would rightfully call that my crowning achievement.

Help yourself to the woods! You never know what you’ll find hiding around the bend unless you look. Be brave! Put yourself into vacation mode and take your sweet time. Relax and enjoy, and do please let me know what you are thinking. This tree loves to talk!


For more about me, check out this interview:



I think people respond to a poem because a certain chord
is struck; a note, perhaps, a string, and they find themselves
in tune with the rhythm and the rhyme, and the words cut through
the mustard and the chard and strike a nerve, and they FEEL it!
And for a moment, they have to deal with it; the good, the bad,
the goosebumps, and yes, needling on that almost forgotten thorn.


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  1. Hello
    so now I know your name uncle tree… 🙂 I will add you and keep visiting to steal some thoughts some inspiration .. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. You left a comment on my trails, and it led me here, to this wonderful clearing with a vast tree canopy overhead. Love what you’ve posted! Keep up with the awesome work! =D


  3. Such good taste you have in season, Jessica!

    I love it when people bring treats to the jam session.

    Thank you very much! UT

  4. You ARE like a tree, amca (tr for uncle)
    you drop poetry
    like leaves in the fall

    ha ha, sorry that was weak.

    thanks so much for all of your comments. i can learn from you, and you have made me smile.

    i’m still figuring out how to push all these buttons, never blogged before.

  5. Amca, eh? Thanks for the outstretched tip!

    This is my first site, too, Birdenbire, and only 10 weeks old.
    It can be tough getting started, so hang in there,
    and don’t fall for everything I have to say.

  6. Is this your “guest book” 🙂 I’ll have to take sometime and read some of your poetry although I really am a terrible commenter. I don’t even consider myself a “poet” and I’ve been writing it for almost 9 years now. How long have you had your blog up here? I’ve only had mine up for just over a month. If you would like I can add you to my blog roll I have another person I may be adding soon but I need to work on some other things this morning.


  7. Well, Charles, you’re darn sure close.

    Tree Crossing is at the top of my home page. I tagged it
    guestbook/blogroll, so I imagine you can find it now. Either way,
    I’ll add your link here for you. When you find the time, you’re
    more than welcome to wander back into my mid-western jungle fest.
    This arbor party started on Valentine’s Day of this year. First blog.

    It would be an honor to be added to you blogroll. Thank you kindly!
    Where do you find all those paintings you have up? Flicker?
    They’re great, and I thought that your words fit the pictures well.
    Your site has a unique appearance. I think the women will love it!


  8. Thank you very much, Uncle Tree!
    I really love your site; I find it so full of meaning! I read some of your poems and there’s something in them that brings tears to my eyes – so many things I felt and I couldn’t put in words, as the “Timeless Longing”, the “Fantasies Lost” and “A Native Request”. Very inspirational, brilliant. Keep going, please.

    That is an extremely warm and comforting compliment, Silvia.
    From the depths of my heart, I thank you very much!
    In return for your deeply touching words, may I offer up
    a handkerchief with which you can dry away those tears
    from your dark, mysterious eyes. I, too, enjoyed visiting your site.
    You are quite the accomplished writer yourself, and your
    command of the English language is excellent!

  9. What is this grafetti site? I don’t understand…. it looks like a whole bunch of people’s different writings.

  10. It’s kind of a long story, Amanda.
    A bunch of regulars used to hang out at Deepak Chopra’s daughter’s
    Intentblog. It was shut down due to a new place, Intent.com
    Not everyone was happy about that, so a few started one of their own.

    They asked me to be a contributor, so I had to get my own site.
    My first one ever. That’s why I’m here. That’s what happens to spin-offs.
    Feel free to investigate and comment if you wish. It is open to the public.

  11. It’s nice to read some poetry that isn’t as bleak as mine might be 😛
    Thank you for that, Uncle Tree 😀

  12. Hello, Elliot Bell. I don’t believe we’ve met. Have we?
    Do you have a site that holds your poetry?
    What does ‘bleak speak’ sound like?

    Thanks for stopping by to read and comment!
    And, for not being afraid to talk to strangers.
    Have a nice flight. Good day!

  13. Well, here’s my site: experimentaljetset.wordpress.com
    You left a comment on ‘Little Robot’ a while back, and I thought I’d return the favor by visiting your site.
    Bleak speak would be a poem like my ‘Old Photos’, as opposed to ‘Knock on Good’, which i really enjoyed – I guess it’s about how the words make you feel, really.
    Also, I hope you have a good day as well!

  14. The Anonymous Bell…sounds like a good title.

    Well, Elliot, I don’t recall exactly, so it probably was a long while back.
    When I first started out here, I used to go out visiting and commenting
    in the hope that some of these poetry-type folks would return the favor
    (like you have just done.) I’ve since met some wonderfully talented
    and delightful artists and authors. I am grateful, and feel pretty lucky.

    I’m glad you liked ‘Knock On Good’, that was an older one. I don’t know
    whether it’s poetry or not, but it’s the kind of thing I used to write.

    I’ll come visit you and try to find ‘Little Robot’ (I see you have ii up now),
    and ‘Old Photos’ too. Nice to meet you, and I hope you’d like to stick around.

  15. Happy am I to know
    you see my leaves as nice.
    Nobody ever says that,
    so I thought I’d lost one too many.

    Welcome Butterfly!
    Thanks for bringing along
    your ribbit-less froggy friends,
    and thanks for floating on in.
    Such a soft landing…I felt it.

  16. Uncle Tree–I’ve had a nice walk in the woods, and as is my bent, I thought I’d leave a note on my way home.
    How refreshing I’ve found my visit. I’ll be back to wander again.
    Two things that make me giggle–I once knew a cat named Tree. He was very aptly named. And also, the minute I arrived here I got an old Youngbloods song stuck in my head. Get Together. Will you get it stuck in yours now so I can get it out of mine? The opening notes are especially distracting to me.
    Love finding all the poetry here.

  17. Oh, I love that song, Pearl! Thank the Muses for youtube.
    I don’t like the word ‘try’, I don’t think we have a choice
    but to “love one another right now.” That’s the only time
    we ever take action, there’s no getting around it. Agreed?

    So the Youngbloods are stuck in my head now. Bye, Faith.
    I think those notes beckon us to make a move. Luvz to you! UT

    P.S. Glad you enjoyed your nice long walk through the ‘hood.

  18. Excellent site you have here, and I’m glad you found my Old Forest post. I spent so much of my childhood in the arms of ancient Valley Oaks that I sometimes swear their sap seeped into my blood.

    A pleasure to find someone else who treasures them.

  19. it’s been a good year for me Uncle. Everywhere I go (anyplace I hide) people I meet are happy to let me be me.

    Tears aren’t so bad when they are the happy kind. Thanks again for your kindness, patience, and understanding


  20. 🙂
    That’s great, Dusty!
    Feel free to be yourself
    during the time you spend
    here…with me…Uncle Tree.

    You may hide out
    in my whereABOUTs
    any other place you wish.
    I’ll find you, and welcome you.

    Cleansing comes through
    the sweat of labor,
    the perspiration of sleep,
    and tears of joy and sorrow.

    In remembrance of myself,
    this I do
    and say
    and pray.
    So do have a good day!


  21. I’m glad you like the looks of my place, Beachgirl!
    Do help yourself to the woods, and let me know what you think.

    Towels are optional. Knee-high boots are a must. Watch your step. 🙂

  22. i agree, your site is amazing! i love the illustrations, too and especially enjoy the one above. i am so glad to have crossed paths and introduced through marianas wonderful site, what luck! the luck of the irish ha ha, thanks uncle tree. your name too is fabulous.

  23. Thank you, Tipota!

    I just chanced to meet Aaron whilst I was out browsing leprechaun
    ‘tags’ a few weeks back. If you have yet to check out his site, do
    yourself and your eyes a favor. He’s been doing his thing for awhile,
    and he’s a pro, imho. I’ve felt extremely lucky, and the caricature he
    did for me seems to urge on people’s curiosity. A lot of new people
    have visited me here lately. I like that! I’m glad you like me, too.

    I’ll be keeping an eye on you. 😉 UT

  24. Hey there Uncle Tree! I just wanted to thank you for stopping by “In Search of the End of the Sidewalk.” I’m glad you enjoyed the post about our trip to Ford’s Theater. It nice to peruse your writing this afternoon as well.

  25. So glad you came for a visit, UT! If you have had the opportunity to read any of my recent posts, you will kniow that because of some rather maddening and humbling physical challenges, I have beern sort of “out-of-pocket” lately. Hopefully things will begin to straighten themselves out soon, and I will be back to my fairly regular daily posting.

    Your “About Me” page is delightful. Sounds like we might be related in some sort of odd way. A cloudy mirror and a quirky tree. . .there’s a song in that if you ask me! Who will write it first? (Poetry and music writing is sort of my thing, too! 😆 )

    I send out my prayers for you to experience the best of Christmases and a new year filled with all the abundance of enough. . .

  26. Hi, Paula! 🙂

    I did read your about page, and I’m glad life is treating you better now. Pain and suffering…Lord knows why He makes us go through such things. Some of us are just more sensitive and receptive than others. In some ways that’s good. It’s part of who we are.

    I’m glad you like the way Uncle Tree comes a-cross. Related to
    the heavens and the earth, we are. An abundant life is what we
    have been offered. You rain on merry me, and I grow to reach
    out my quirky limbs to you up above. I envy your height. 😉

    No one can be more than enough. Still, sometimes our cups
    runneth over with love, which allows to share our abundance
    with others – via the language that we speak with silent words.

    I pray the new year brings you more than enough (me2).
    Merry Christmas, Paula! 🙂 ‘Tis very nice to meet you!

  27. very interesting lil place you’ve got here old friend… kinda like the community.. laid back w no preconcieved perceptions and totally open minds ! What a concept ! And your talent my friend is far better than mine… kudos.. Look forward to seeing more.. May the New Year bestow upon us days of happiness with no tears. Robbie

  28. Welcome to my neck of the woods, Robbie! 🙂

    Who knows? Maybe we are born with a few important
    preconceived notions. They’re kind of like instincts, although
    neither are provable since we can’t find them in the brain matter.
    We learn and rule from the seat of consciousness, but since
    we’re so into security, we must learn to fly by the seat of our pants.

    I thank you for the compliment, old friend! And I pray
    you and yours have a most blessed 2012 from start to finish.

    Tears and smiles come with the territory ’round here.
    Peace, love and joy are worth seeking. Best wishes, Uncle Tree

  29. I’m sure you’ve heard: “Jesus wasn’t a Christian, and Buddha
    wasn’t a Buddhist.” I wasn’t there with Jesus to hear what He
    had to say, nor did I watch Him suffer so much. I wasn’t there
    to run after Buddha, only to get shewed away with a “Find your
    own self!” No, I was raised as a Southern Baptist with blinders on
    until I came of Age. Long story…

    One only needs to look into their own 2-sided heart,
    cuz God was smart enough to hide Himself in there.
    Test Him! See for yourself! But go somewhere and hide first,
    cuz God doesn’t like to have to show-off His miraculous ways
    to crowds who mooove as one large un-brained amoeba cow.

    Just please, don’t believe me and be done with it. Have a go!
    Of course, you have to allow yourself to be receptive. How else…?

  30. I had never read your about page before and I’m glad that I now have. I look forward to reading more of your poetry and hope that my tag game will bring you a few visitors! 🙂

  31. Hi there, Karyl! I hadn’t read this either for a long while, and now I’m glad I did. I think I made myself interesting, and a bit mysterious. 🙂

    Thank you for visiting any-oh-whoo! (In tag, I’m usually home base)

  32. I hope all is well with you. I haven’t seen any new posts here in a while? Anyway, take care, Blessings, Cassie

  33. All is well, Cassie! 🙂 Sometimes I like to feature some of my oldie
    but goodie posts. Did you catch my last new one two weeks past?


    The last piece I’ve worked on was submitted for a possible
    publication (inclusion to an anthology) by On The Plum Tree.
    Who knows? You might be interested, too. Here’s the link:


    Thank you for thinking of me with concern! You take care, too. UT

  34. I started reading your testimonial this morning, Niamh.
    Slowly, but surely, I will hopefully get a glimpse
    into that which you wish to convey to humanity. So, yes.
    You will be talking to a tree. Hugz backatcha! 😉

  35. Thank you dearly, Cassie! I think you have good sense,
    and I like your taste in topics, far and wide. Experience in Life
    cannot be had without our imagination, our senses, and yes,
    our sexuality – our Nature is divine on both sides of the fence.

    May I pass you a piece of fruit? 😉

  36. Interesting that you call it a testimonial! I am always interested to hear how someone else interprets my book The Coming of the Feminine Christ. I thank you for reading it and for your interest, I remain yours…a tree-hugger

  37. Well, Niamh, I think I called it a vision the first time I commented
    on your book, and you emphatically proclaimed to me that it was
    an experience. In other words, your imagination was not involved ,
    and played no part during the time of the incident. It is a very rare
    happening when a group experiences a paranormal (?) event –
    an event of such a magnitude that I can only imagine in part.

    I’ve made it as far as the chapter “Hagalaz”, but I’m really wishing
    I had a Kindle, for nowadays I do most of my serious reading at work
    during breaks and lunch. Too bad your ‘paperback’ version is
    so costly, for otherwise I’d love to have a copy.

    Fortunately, I can “Thank you!” for your continued interest in
    me and my opinions. Uncle Tree needs all the hugs he can get. 🙂

  38. How nice of you to mention me, Jennifer. Thank you kindly!
    And do, please, pardon me for passing over the award. Okay?

    Have a great day! 🙂 Uncle Tree

  39. Have a very HAPPY NEW YEAR in 2013. Hopefully, we will all find our dreams and wishes listened to and become a reality in the GOOD sense of the word. Love Peace Joy and Bliss I wish to you.

    I know you do not accept Awards but I wanted you to know in Spirit I am giving the “Shine On” award to you. It is of a young woman looking up into the night sky at the shining stars. It is so much a part of connecting with Christmas Time. You will be an Honourary mention. Leaving the link to your blog on the list may bring new visitors to your Tree. Do come and visit some time. I do enjoy your comments and poetry and insight. Peace, jk Jennifer

  40. I’m flattered as a board, j.k. Thanks! You are so kind.
    My wish for you → is to keep on coming through the wispy airwaves
    you press into WORDS and magically place at eye-level.

    I also pray you’ll be receptive
    to all the good due you in the coming year.
    Peace, luvz, and hugz from Middle-Earth America! 🙂 Uncle Tree

  41. Love your writing, it is very pure and unique. So thank you for coming to my blog as that led me to yours and I look forward to reading more of your work!! 🙂

  42. Nice to meet you, Helen! 🙂
    Thank you for the nice compliment!
    So very glad you enjoy the ambiance here.

    Peace and luvz, Keith (All fixed)

  43. Thank you, Steph! 🙂 I had to fix the link below.
    All better now, methinks, and I do like your post.
    Quite interesting and informative! Cheerz! Keith

  44. Love your moniker. I’ve called myself a Tree Faerie for decades. Trees do talk you know so it’s not odd that you should… 😉 Thanks for the visit. Interesting site… I look forward to reading more.

  45. Uncle Tree – thank you for stopping by my modest blog and liking my post on Random Thoughts. I think we are kindred spirits of a sort, and look forward to reading more of your blog.

  46. Hi – thanks for visiting my blog – if you check out the link that was there, you’ll see I give a little “message” once a week from a North American tree, along with news stories and my actual blog. The tree messages not as long as yours. Good to know there are other Tree People out there!

  47. Hello, Laura! 🙂 Nice to meet you! Your site looks great,
    and it’s packed full of good information. I also liked the tree
    messages. They each hold their own strand and brand
    of philosophy, as they do make a stand and keep their ground.

    Peace and luvz and best wishes! Keith

  48. Top of the morning to ye, Uncle Tree! 🙂 Actually, now it is two minutes past noon here in MN, so that greeting is not too fitting. Anyways, I am so glad you liked my Leprechaun Limerick. 🙂 Are you Irish, or just enjoy a fun limerick every now and again? I believe you found me on my magazine site, http://stantonsunshine.net, and I think I am so lucky you found me! I am also at http://thesunshinefactor.net (my blog). I love YOUR blog: the pictures, the writing, EVERYTHING! I would like to ask you for a submission to my magazine, so please keep in touch. 🙂 I’ve just joined your blog. Thanks for being here!

    Peace, sunshine and smiles — Debb

  49. Hello, Debb! 🙂 Nice to meet you!
    If reddish hair and freckles make one Irish, then perhaps.

    Thanks for visiting today! Best wishes, Keith

  50. I’m lucky enough to have married into an Irish family. 🙂 (Funny, I had always thought “Stanton” was an English name, but I found out otherwise…)

  51. Thank you, Iris! 🙂 Nice to meet you! I like your name, too.
    My Grandma Dot’s favorite flower. I used to tend her garden.
    I’m glad you enjoyed your visit. Peace and luvz, Uncle Tree

  52. Thank you for stopping by my blog multiple times in the past couple of days.
    And I just wanted to mention I love the simplicity and beauty of each photograph you’ve posted. Quite inspirational, Thank you 🙂

  53. You’re welcome, Ms. T.! 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed your walk through
    my park. Thank you for visiting and liking!
    Peace and luvz, Uncle Tree

  54. Pleasure to be here! I am so sorry that I came so late,
    but finally. 😉 Great blog, great person you are.
    Take care! Let the power of creation be with you always, EM

  55. You’re too nice, Em. Thank you for the kind words! 🙂
    No need to apologize. You’re welcome now, then, later – whenever.

    Do continue to hone your skills, young man. You were born talented.
    Peace and luvz, Uncle Tree

  56. Hi Uncle Tree, thanks for making your moniker such a relevant part of your life, you’re certainly joining a pantheon of writers, John Muir and Theodor Geisel included. Cheers!

  57. Hello there! You’ve included me in some mighty fine company.
    Dr. Seuss – is one I recognize. Muir’s moniker escapes me and Wiki,
    unless you mean “Father of the National Parks”?

    As a blogger, I was just looking for a formula to make me stand out
    in a crowd of gazillions. “Twas pure luck and good fortune
    when I found an artist who understood my idea of having
    my face on a tree that doubled as a little house.
    That Aaron drew me up for free is testimony to his generosity.

    Having worked 30+ years in manufacturing,
    the machination of mice and men, I’ve seen.
    Animating a tree has kept me from becoming
    a “green” robot that never questions commands.

    Nice to meet you! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!
    “Cheerz!” to your oh-so important endeavors! Peace and luvz, Keith

  58. Hi Keith, Yes, the naturalist John Muir–so many quotes about the power of nature, but one of my favorites is: “I only went out for a walk, and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in.” The concept of Biophilia informs so much of what we do–we’ve written about it numerous times–Here’s one to share:http://raxacollective.wordpress.com/2011/09/25/biophilia-e-o-wilson-from-thoreau-to-theroux/ Thanks again!

  59. ‘Tis a fine philosophy, Amie! 🙂 Although, I have to say
    I adhere to it more than I act on it. Wish I could more often –
    go out to get back in – but one day, I hope to retire.

    I might then react by reacquainting
    myself in a reenactment of sorts,
    that requires no rehearsal,
    nor prior rearrangements.

    Going in alone is a surefire way
    to get out and get gone and find God.
    No doubt. Peace and luvz, Uncle Tree ▲

  60. Dear Uncle Tree, I think all children – big people too – need fantasy.
    I posted my tree for you. Look at “For Children”. on my blog.
    I hope you like it.

  61. That is cuter than all get out! 🙂
    Fantastic fantasies keep us forever young ~
    Nice to meet you! Hope you had a fine Easter day.
    Peace and luvz, Uncle Tree

  62. Good evening or whatever the time is where you are. I just wanted to thank you for your constant hits on my blog. I switch on and there you are. In the middle of the night when there is silence it feels good to know there is another community to which I can belong.
    When I started my blog I set out to just write about things that my children could know. But I seem to have met a few different people. I never set out to nail any spiritual mast to a post but most of the followers ( outside of family ) seem to have a common sense of spirituality. I didn’t think this would have come across.

  63. Sorry, it’s me again. I look at all the “Freshly Pressed” blogs. But I haven’t been freshly pressed and I was wondering how you found me. I found you in response to your hit.
    I am just curious. But call me John.

  64. Hello, John! No need at all to apologize. I can’t remember exactly how I came across your blog, but I’ll tell you what I do to meet new people with similar interests.

    Reader – on your Stats page, is where you can type in “tags”, or keywords basically, and see all the posts on WordPress where people have used said tag word. Myself, I use “trees” mostly, as my tag search. 50 to 100 posts a day I can view; photographers, poets, environmentalists, painters, etc., all use trees as subject matter. I also chase tags for holidays; Easter, Earth Day, Arbor Day, Christmas, etc., because I write “theme” poetry. Anyway, that’s how I make new friends and build my audience, and it’s probably how I met you.

    I won’t pay extra for WordPress to advertise my site. Isn’t that what Freshly Pressed is? Featured blogs where costs are incurred? The only thing I pay for is the annual $25 fee to keep my site domain name: uncletreeshouse.com

    Australia is 13 to 14 hours ahead of mid-America’s time, where I live; Lincoln, Nebraska. Glad to be of service, John. Have a great day!

  65. Thanks a lot. I’ve just got home from taking my daughter to a party and have been away from my laptop for 5 hrs. I get home and whatta you know. Yes, the little orange flag lit up. It was you.

  66. Nice blog Uncle Tree…I think we may have a lot in common. I look forward to following…wherever you may choose. And thanks for the “Likes!”
    ~ Dave

  67. Hello there, Silly! I’m glad your curiosity got the best of you. 😉
    Thanks a bunch for visiting! I appreciate your sense of humor.

  68. Thanks for liking one of my poems and leading me to your woods…it looks really peaceful yet writhing with life! Plenty of chords being struck and resonating! Plenty of trees to be hugged and shared! 🙂 Thank you!

  69. Thanks for the “Like” today! What a joy to discover your writings, Uncle Tree!

  70. Hi! I would just like to say thank you for visiting my blog at redvalerian and for liking my poem the Beech Grove. It is lovely to have visitors. Haven’t been blogging for that long really so all comments and likes are very welcome Hope to meet you again.
    Bright Blessings

  71. Thank you for the lovely comment on my About page. I checked out your poem and loved it. I also checked out the artist and ended up ordering his book from Australia. Small world isn’t it? I look forward to reading more of your poetry in the coming days and weeks.

  72. Yes! The net makes it small, absolutely. Good for Aaron!
    He’s really made a name for himself, since I stumbled on his site,
    and just out of the blue, asked him if he could do a caricature for me;
    put my face on a tree and make a house out of it somehow.
    Before I could ask him about costs, he sent me the drawing.
    And before he answered that question, he sent me the colored version.
    My jaw dropped, really. He said I could have the rights to it, if only
    he could use his process of making it to put in a future book.
    So all in all, he did it for free, and Uncle Tree is forever indebted to him.
    This was about 4 years ago. We now keep in touch on Facebook. 🙂
    I don’t post too much these days, but I still promote my library.
    Thank you ahead of Time for sharing a fun one of mine!

  73. Dear Uncle Tree, I came across your interesting blog this morning when searching for images to use in a brochure for the song series I run in Philadelphia. I enjoyed what I have read thru and appreciate your spirit and your work. I am quite taken with the creation image I found in the archive for September, 2011. I am writing to ask if there is any possibility we could use this beautiful image as our graphic for an upcoming concert: “I’ll Make me a World” after the James Weldon Johnson poem. I can share as much detail about the program as you have interest in hearing. Thanks and wishing you a very good day. -Suzanne

  74. I’m sorry, Suzanne. That is not my painting. I found it the same way you did — using Google Images. I didn’t know any better back then. Nowadays, I try like hell to find the source and get permission for images I use. Wiki Images is another way to get artwork. You still have to give credit where it’s due, but you don’t have to ask to use them. I just now tried to find the original source for Creation: Live, but it’s way too popular now. Best wishes to you and I hope your program is a huge success! 🙂 Peace and luvz, Uncle Tree

  75. Wow, the Uncle Tree. You remind me of the Giving Tree, one of my sister’s favorite children’s book. You also remind me of an Ent in the LOTR world, full of wisdom to share.

    But the first thing that came to mind when I saw your name as the Uncle Tree, I immediately thought of the Yggdrasil – the Tree of Life. Your roots seem to sink deep down into Mother Earth and embrace the wonderful symbiosis you have with Her. You bear fruits for us to partake in and you hope to plant seeds of wisdom in every reader that comes across your blog. Keep writing! 😀

  76. Mr. Stump3d, You have read my intentions quite clearly.
    Furthermore, you have practically stated my purpose in life.
    Well, my second life as Uncle Tree, at least. Very nice of you to
    poetically “pump me up”. I really do appreciate your kindness.

    Nice to meet you, too, Reggie. 🙂 Have yourself a super-day!

  77. Thanks Uncle for dropping by my website. I actually found your website through a friend’s friend and your name really got my attention! Kind Regards, Manish

  78. Thank you for visiting again, Manish! 🙂 I do a lot of that myself.
    I’ve had a blast meeting folks from all the world over. ‘Tis a fun hobby.

    From Lincoln, Nebraska: Peace and luvz, Keith

  79. A tree with a multi-personality I be. I can bark,
    and be rough and tough, dagnabbit! Then again,
    I like huggss, too. ❤ Nice to meet you, Caro!

  80. Thank you for visiting my website and perhaps poetry. As one muse to another, I greatly admire your work and your passion, and as one growing old myself, I understand the need to fill my descendants in on how beautiful and painful and bizarre life was for me, Keep writing, my friend and brother, and stay full of love.

  81. You’re welcome, Jay. 🙂 Nice to meet you!
    I write when the Spirit moves me, but I also harbor
    the thought of writing so many poems that my descendants
    will have a hard time separating the wheat from the chaff.
    So, I only post about twice a month, but I get out and visit every day.

    Best wishes to you, too. Peace and luvz, Uncle Tree

  82. Dear Uncle Tree (such a heartwarming moniker that is)
    Something made you stop by my blog and follow it. Thanks for that 🙂
    Where you have seen many a summer and spring, I am only a quarter down, and I look forward to reading more profound thoughts from Gandalf 😉

  83. I nominated you for the ‘One Lovely Bog Award’. If you’d like to accept and participate, check out the post on my blog. If not, you’re welcome anyway!

  84. HI Uncle Tree, the first paragraph was quite the introduction, so what I got out of all of those other metaphors of trees is that you´re quite a unique man.

    Liked a lot what you said in the last paragraph, about not always being optimistic and accepting the ups and down of life, since denying them would be fooling one self. And I couldn´t agree more.

    Anyways, glad you stumbled upon my little crazy blog, and the title already hooked me and I know I´m going to like this when you say putting music into words and words into pictures.

  85. Thanks for the like on my blog, feels good to find that there is someone who find what I write interesting or fun also 🙂 I like to find new places to look at and I liked yours so much that I have subscribed and will read more when daughter isn’t at our only computer in the family of two.

  86. Hi Uncle Tree! Your words are lovely!
    I love trees and have quite a few tree pictures just gathering dust on my computer, so if you ever need any more, I might have some you could use if you want. 🙂

  87. I just discovered your blog today and I love it. I write purely about agriculture in the hope of disseminating information that will be of help to our farmers. But I love to surf blogs of the literary type, especially poetry. Poems are so brief, yet they are full of meaning. They are refreshing to a hands-on hobby farmer and agriculture editor like me. Congratulations! Zac B. Sarian

  88. Was thinking about you earlier today, and hoping that all is well with you and that you had a good Christmas. Thank you for visiting ‘the Garden’ again! Love to you and yours ❤ WG

  89. Oh my.. I am so honored you are following my crow blog. Funny how a blog evolves and nature can bring us all together if we only let us. Peace & Love to all creatures. r

  90. Thanks for liking my blog post yesterday – I took a spin on your blog and just subscribed. The entries I saw made me smile … we sure need to smile more, don’t we?

  91. I love the way you arrived at your name. My Dad (departed) was an amazing writer but never followed through with penning anything. I think a computer would have created an official writer out of him. It is wonderful that you have chosen to leave a legacy through the creative outlet within you!

  92. Thank you for the wonderful thoughts, kind lady! 🙂
    I lost my dad in June of 2016. And now, I’m going on 9 years here Feb. 14th.
    Sounds impossible from one perspective, but, on the other hand, I’ve worked in a Japanese factory for 40+ years. Yes, I wish I could do this for a living, but part of the fun comes in giving myself and my works to the world free-of-charge. Plus, with the internet, one’s “stuff” goes down in History, so to speak, and at my age, longevity speaks volumes.

    Nice to meet you! 🙂 Peace and luvz, Uncle Tree

  93. Uncle Tree House, I’d thought you’d gone I must of
    Had trouble finding your site.
    Absolutely adore your site, only wish I had the
    Words to express the way you do.
    Know one I know, knows about my site. I just find
    It healing keeping my blog. So glad I found you
    Trees are the gateway to heaven x

  94. Thank you so much, Happy Spirit! 🙂 Do I know you?
    Did you use to go by another name? Nice to see you again, I guess.

    Cheerz to walks in the trees! UT

  95. Well I gave no effort, You found me first. Isn’t it fascinating what we can see in God’s nature all around us if we keep our eyes open. I love you’re light hearted stile. It makes me laugh. Thanks.

  96. Thank you for visiting my blog and the like of my Yellowstone post. You have a wonderfully creative blog. Keep up the good work.

  97. Ha ha – If you plant a fast-growing, sturdy tree in your yard now, by the time you retire, you can build your own tree house like the guy here in Michigan.

  98. Uncle Tree: I read this little nugget of knowledge on Factinate which I follow on Twitter:

    “The Earth is home to roughly 3.02 trillion trees. That’s about 422 trees for every human being on the planet.”

    Thought I’d share it with Uncle Tree.

    Thankfully today is the last day of this mini heat wave … we will have a storm early evening or late evening – depends on how long it takes to get here. It will break the heat and tomorrow we have 15 degrees cooler. I’m going to unplug the laptops and go to bed early. I was working in the house most of the day and got online very late. Put me behind and didn’t get to bed until late – I am too old to do that, even for blogging. 🙂

  99. WoWzer, Linda! That’s a fact I’ve yet to come across.
    I pray the ratio continues to grow in the favor of we trees.
    Human beings never run short of hugz. The more the merrier!

    We just had a short rain shower. Cooler already. Spring temps are forecast to start off Summer right. Go figure. 😉

    You’re just plain tuckered out, my friend. A long night’s rest sounds well-deserved. Best wishes, UT

  100. I love that site Uncle Tree … it does not have the same info on the same day on Facebook or on their website (www.factinate.com) but Factinate has these little nuggets of knowledge that are always interesting and I learn something. I was amazed about the trees – what a ratio and hopefully it does continue in favor of trees.

    We are going to have the rain/storm and it is on track but arriving later which is better if it happens after sundown.

    When I was in college, I hung out with the people on the staff of our college newspaper. We left our coats or books in the newspaper office during the day, ate together, and spent our non-class hours in that room. We hung out on Friday and Saturday nights. Everyone had jobs where they worked in retail and from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. during the school week and sometimes on Saturday evenings. I was the only oddball where my weekend hours at the diner were 6:45 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. We’d be out late and everyone could sleep in but me. We’d be having breakfast somewhere at 1:30 a.m. I’d exist on a few hours’ sleep – now, one late night of going to bed late and I am done in. The increased activity in blogging has seriously dented my sleep time! 🙂 I am going to finish up here and Reader and head to bed. I had to stay late for Robb tonight.

  101. Hmmmm – let’s see if this little tree funny link works here. This is what happens when too many trees are cut down … feel free to delete this if not appropriate here: click here: Look-what-happens-when-we-cut- down-too-many-t rees-.jpg (600×656)

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