A Solitary Clue

Greedy to see the face of God!

Ready to test the Divine assumptions!

Eager to tempt The Powers That Be

ineffable, insensible, and subtle as a tree,

I dared to go alone – into the night – unbound.

To the river of security, my comfort – safe and sound.


I dared to go alone in the hope of revelation.

A sign, literally! Just for me and my soul’s elation.

Not another book to read; no translation did I need.

Experience – I needed – first hand!


The sun went down.

Soon, stars were falling.

Hallowed names, I started calling,

 just to see if God knew where I stood.


Because I dared to go alone;

because I sought, what I was shown

destroyed my doubt with such aplomb!

The night I knocked,

God dropped the bomb,

 as the doors of Heaven opened.


“For goodness’ sake!” I dearly cried.

Silenced, awed, and stupefied,

I couldn’t fail to recognize,

my God had nearly petrified

the life out of me!

I sat, breathless as a stone.


An eternity must have rolled on by.

The river flowed, I knew not why.

But then a fish jumped at my feet!

Startled, I flinched back off my seat.


On cue, this clue answered my “Who?”

Delighted, I let out a chuckle or two.

I understood! I knew how true –

and how it was that we both knew

 the calling card of Christ.


© Uncle Tree

Missouri River near Indian Cave State Park

John answered, saying unto them all, I indeed baptize you with water; but one mightier than I comes, the thong of whose shoes I am not worthy to untie: he shall baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with fire: Luke 3:16

Tell an unbeliever that they need to seek God, and if they decide to do so, they will be expecting something to happen; they will expect to see a sign from God of some sort. What then are the chances that they will find Something and/or Someone in the material world that will astonish and stupefy them so greatly that they have to say, “There is a God!” ? For some, reading words in The Bible will never amount to an experience that can be had, seen, heard, and felt firsthand.


I would say that I was one of the lucky ones who sought, but I’d rather believe it was grace, and not luck, that granted me a finding on August 11, 2001, 11:30 p.m., CST. Granted, my camping trip coincided with the annual Perseid’s Meteor Shower. Synchronous too, it is true, as it so happens, I’d been studying a book by Alan Watts, “Myth & Ritual In Christianity” (1953). Talk about Symbolism! I was primed and ready! It was a fantastic show – 60 miles from any major city lights. Not just quick, short streaks did I see shooting across the starlit sky, for some of the meteorites flew for 5 to 6 seconds before petering out into darkness. Then God dropped this fiery bomb, and it landed just on the other side of the river. I wish I could have swam for it. The devil tempted me, yes, but most likely, I’d have drowned. I wouldn’t dare. Particularly odd, was the fact that it made no noise, no BOOM! when it landed. The river splits into two channels at my whereabouts, and there’s a long skinny island in the middle, which I took to be the other side of the river. If it fell in the water beyond me, that might have silenced it a bit, but I heard nothing. A fish jumped out of the water a few seconds later. Did he feel a shock? I don’t know. Ball lightning? Perhaps. It was certainly that hot, with inner blue flames coming through the shortish tail, but there were no clouds in the sky.

“The Earth is vulnerable!” was my first thought. “He-he! You missed me!”, ran a close second. “Okay, Lord. You have my full attention. Now that I know you know where I am, is there any message you need to get across to me? Anything I’m supposed to do? A special task? Hello?” When no answer came through, I thought, “Since I didn’t get any orders, I’m free to go about my business. I should continue my studies, and keep reading, and keep working at Kawasaki.”  This experience transpired exactly one month before 9/11/01. If some sort of round heavy-metal space junk heated to melting point, and falling straight down, or a meteorific fireball striking the Earth was simply a bad omen, I missed the point completely.  When I first heard the terrifically horrible news at work, and then watched it on the screen during break, I cried. I wanted to drop everything and go to New York. Spiritually speaking, I had confidence, strictly because of my not-so incidental acknowledgment by Christ! Unfortunately, spiritual inflation occurred, and my ugly pride manifested itself on my face and forehead in the form of swelling; a knot, or bump, or mumps without the redness caused by skin irritation ( a big head, truly). Very Strange!  In a year or so, I outgrew the condition. It has never recurred.

This spot on the river has since become a special, if not sacred, place for me. I have returned there many times, and last year I drove over to the Missouri side, and scoped the surrounding area. I think I’d buy a few acres in that vicinity, if I had the means. Somewhere, right around Golden Avenue and Apple Street (no kidding), where, currently, the corn grows furiously. I feel as if something needs to be built there; sanctified there. Or perhaps, something is buried there; something holy like The Grail. I’d like to think…


49 thoughts on “A Solitary Clue

  1. Hey Uncle Tree! Your testimony is especially inspiring, and the poem is amazing. I truly believe one cannot fully embrace the true and living without having a Damascus-like experience. I think, it is that supernatural experience that keeps us focus, and even if we stumbled along the way, we usually pick ourselves up and continue on.
    Thanks so much for sharing. God blesses.

  2. You’re genuinely welcome, Noel. And I totally agree
    with your viewpoint. It is mine, too. That makes it true.

    😉 Peace and luvz, my friend. And thanks again! Keith

  3. It is what we make of it, Niamh.
    I, myself, made a big deal out of this one,
    for that deal dearly brought the cards I needed most.

    The Ace of all Aces and the King of all Kings

    Hands down! 😉 Thanks for showing this off, Dr. Clune!
    I do appreciate your generosity. Hugz, Keith

  4. Well compliment goes without saying, but thinking about your whole experience and relating it to some of my own, is what awes me. I was thinking….. There maybe is God’s Master Story, and the gift of ‘time and space’ enables us each an infinite variation to it. We all start at the pistol shot 😉 and the single egg-cell is the clue. No wonder the chicken crosses the road! The race is One. The Great Fish surrenders. Thank you, Thred 😉

  5. As the whale surrenders to the guppy –

    Threadbare, and naked as a loom
    empty of thought, and empty as the tomb
    that lies fruitlessly in wait; that lies patiently,
    perhaps, unaware of a future full of everything
    but It, for The Void it holds in store will never be filled.

    Space trumps Time like the chicken trumps the egg.
    One deck! The first One! The One that fell for dimensions!
    The One that surrendered — All for the love of 52 cards.

  6. A perfect poem, oh my Lord.
    Better quit while I’m ahead.

    I accept your perfect compliment, Barbara.
    Thanks for the smiles! 🙂 It’s been fun. I am done.

  7. Keith,
    Your experience is such that is special in a way as to give us all the message, because anyone that has ever talked to you knows you are truthful, honest, and grounded… Not crazy. Perhaps that is why you received such an amazing message… So that we get the point in such a resounding way. Great writing, bro!

  8. Hello, my main man, Stuart! 🙂 Not crazy? I’m not crazy?
    OMG!!! What great news! I’ve passed the litmus test.
    Yes? Oh, I believe you! I believe you! I believe you, too.
    No, really. I’ll be taking what you said to heart, and
    letting those words slide down into my rooty-tootin’ roots.

    Thank you truly, bud! Be good, take care,
    and stay cool all summer long.
    Peace and luvz, Keith

  9. The message seems pretty profound to me. August 11th 2001. Amazing event and vision. Always be sensitive to your surroundings, never knowing what might come through. 😀 😎 Jk

  10. So I finally lured you in. Ah-ha! 😉 Now, you’re stuck! He-he!
    Your secret is mine, and my senses are yours!
    Whether clever or divine, I wit you always. In gratitude, UT

    Speaking, j.k., of what comes through our ethereal surroundings,
    and sneakily creeps through the back doors of our minds –

    Is there a way? Do you think? A way of telling
    if what is coming through is The Truth,
    when it may be only our imagination
    telling us what we wish to hear?

  11. Need to put some thought into this. Had a surprise today that I think came close to an answer. I do believe an angel was watching over us and sent us a precious gift. Let me think more and I will bring you a better response. ❤ Jk

  12. Okay, j.k. – Help me believe in angels! 🙂 And human souls,
    and love, and peace, and goodwill, and yes, once again – renewal.

    Because we are predisposed – because we have tendencies –
    we have dispositions, prejudices, and preferences.
    When intuiting, wouldn’t That which seems familiar to us
    feel more like The Truth than something odd, or deviant?

  13. Thank you for sharing this beautiful story, this beautiful experience. Source speaks in whatever language we need to understand the message. Heart to heart on that beautiful evening. In retrospect, so good you didn’t go to NY. You were needed for others taskings. Luvz and hugz, WG

  14. Thank you, WG! Glad you liked! 🙂 I knew you’d understand.
    Certainly, the sources won’t give us more than we can handle.
    When one is “coming of age”, a good fright can be a mighty stimulus.

    NY remains on my notoriously absent-minded bucket list.
    I’ve been taken to task before. No biggie. 😉 Peace and luvz, Keith

  15. Hi Uncle Tree! I randomly chose a post from your archive…nice! I could feel the sacredness of your poem…then to read the story behind it…transported me to a very lovely place! Blessitude ❤

  16. Yes, I spilled the sap finally, Lorrie. A dozen years later…
    Talk about exposing myself. I am glad you understand
    the kind of things one feels when the inexplicable occurs
    in one’s presence, kinda like “in your face” basically.

    Thank you for the random, and yet, coincidental visit!
    A lot of things have happened in those 13 years hence.

    Here I am! Whether on target, or as the target itself. Hugz, Keith

  17. So I’ve been in my gardens most of the day, pondering on the state of things. The more I try to see sense, the more obscure my vision becomes. I’m not able to see sense in this world, Uncle Tree, never have been able to do so. I feel at Home kneeling in my compost pulling weeds, not caring if I got dirty or not. The sweat poured off my face and nose, and still I did not care. I feel Home amongst the flora, with the Waters, with the Nature Spirits, but not with humans nor the actions of those same humans. I feel connections to those special humans that I believe are not really human at all. Princess Diana was one, Robin Williams another, Uncle Tree for a third. I’ve been fighting tears on and off, and then determined to leave those behind, I find a way to laugh. A way to reach out and touch. I don’t have the answers and I don’t see these humans wanting to change to live in Peace and in Love. The more I know, the less I know. The more I see, the less hope I have. If Jesus could not change this world, I doubt very much, anyone can. *sigh* I don’t know why I even agreed to be here. I do not know. And so I sit on the log next to you, not knowing…..LadyP

  18. Goodness gracious, Amy. Princess Di, Robin, and me²?
    Thank God, one of that group of three is still living. “Yeah!”
    Not really human…hmmm. Major curve ball there. “Wait for it!”

    The more you love beauty, the more beauty you’ll see. — Uncle Tree

    That recent quote of mine fits you to a rosy tee. 🙂
    Beauty is not human. Beauty is something we experience.
    If your focus is on the gazillion thorns, i.e., all those pricks, then…
    what happens? Why can’t they also be beautiful in their niche?
    It takes all kinds of cliches, even those who bust their britches
    for others. Vain glorious? Cannot beauty show Her stuff?

    What does the rose want? Solitary confinement? In a vase? Alone?

    Humans need that time by themselves.
    Beauty forever hungers for touch; to be seen
    and sniffed, not scratched and pitched.

    Make sense of it all? In less than 10,000 words? Okay…
    Hold on. Message coming through. Jesus says,
    “Time’s up, Keith. Your son is hungry. Go grill those steaks.”

    I’m here on this log because you’re here, and we’re
    not going anywhere anyway, so catch you later, sis. 🙂
    Take care, be good, and stay cool. Hugz, Keith ❤

  19. Perhaps it is all those books that kept saying “you are spirit having a human experience” that say I am not human. All is an illusion, including what I am writing. Nothing is real except beauty, except Love, and that can only be experienced. Thus, the reason why the necessity of being human. Spirit does not experience these things in a tangible way, no. We in spirit know these things conceptually but to actually LIVE them? No. So we created the human experience in order to understand and live LOVE. Now what we do with that, depends on the individual. I’ve decided to share, to touch, to open my petals and allow others to see my inner core, my Heart. My Stamen. I stay away from news, I stay away from the brainwashing of this world that tells you that you are nothing, not important and that you must live life in fear. No. I focus on Nature who shows me beauty beyond description and when I slip into Her World I have come Home. I run into trouble when I come out of Nature as I squint in the unfamiliar light of this world. I’ve been turned inside out since Robin’s death and another, Ajay, a fellow WP’er. Your words about the rose in a vase struck deep, for all my life I have been shunned for who I am, and for the first time in my life, I am now being accepted and actually loved and liked here on WP. No this is not the “real world” but what is? Whatever you make of it, that’s what. I choose to radiate my beauty from within to those who are starving, who are sick, who are lonely, who need a touch from the rose. Family and friends have walked away, Uncle Tree, and it is this day that I have become aware I am forming a new family and friends, through WP. Have I made any sense? And as Jesus would say to me, “Time for you to spend time with those furry ones who depend on you for Love and care.” which is no big deal in the world’s eyes, but is a big deal to these 4-footed Angels I take care of. And with that, I sit on the log, and then dive in the water to swim out to the ocean to join all the other fishies in the sea and Dance the Eternal Flame of Love in Waters of Glow. And so I go to spend time with those who Love me unconditionally, even on a bad hair day. (((HUGS))) Amy

  20. Beautiful post!!! Thank you for liking my post too! Since my post on asking God to show me a sign, he answered my prayer to receive a Buck’s antler during their shedding season. I am enamored with wildlife and my backyard is littered with Bucks, Does, and Fawns. While watching 2 Bucks fight outside my window, the one remaining antler on one of the Buck’s head was knocked off and fell just outside my backyard! I could not believe my eyes! I ran outdoors to retrieve it after the fight. I knew it was God showing me a sign! It arrived within 3 months of asking.

  21. “Don’t settle for the subtle. Seek to get your mind blown.” UT

    Dear Patricia, that is pretty cool news — super-cool news really.
    City folk might think an antler is an odd thing to ask for, but
    it is specific, so what are the odds? You didn’t ask for a whole
    buck. Neither did you ask for a million of them, like I might have.

    I’m glad you came to read my story, and happy to know you
    liked it. Thanks a lot! 🙂 Nice to meet you, too. Peace and luvz! Keith

  22. Seems an opportune moment for me to butt in again Uncle Tree! Was I not born within bawling distance of ye olde oake, I was….and the name of the hamlet (village)… Buck’s Horn Oak! The buck always stops there 😉

  23. LoL 🙂 A perfectly fitting edition, Ed. “Within bawling distance” —
    I’ve never heard that expression, so I got a kick out of that one.
    Always good to see you here. Thanks for chiming in, bruv!

  24. Wow – the poem is powerful, the story even more so. And yes, as I began reading the story, I right away associated your event was one month to the day before 9/11. I read it twice to ensure I didn’t miss anything the first time Uncle Tree.

  25. Glad you like both poem and the story behind it, Linda. 🙂
    They seem to have happened a lifetime ago.
    I’ve been through many changes since then.
    Thank you for taking the time to understand! Peace, hugz and luvz, UT

  26. I did like them both very much Uncle Tree.
    That event changed your life and gave you cause to pause. It’s good to reflect on things from the past and why they happened. I reflect on life a lot, but don’t always put it into words. Walking is my peaceful time … my mind is a clean slate and I can enjoy the present, or roll back the film and go back in time a little, though, sometimes what we remember is a golden memory, even though the event, in reality, might have been tarnished just a little.
    In the end, it really doesn’t matter because they are our own special memories and cannot be taken from us.

  27. True words, Linda! I pray I keep my memories!
    I hope and pray to keep aging and dis-ease at a safe distance. Staying active in mind, body and spirit is easier said than done, but if we can squelch the pain and minimize suffering…well, what other choices do we have?
    Our imagination giggles at us, so any and every idea is a path worth following (for what it’s worth).

  28. (my pinky finger slipped and hit “send” – oops) … by all means let it flow. I love when I’m walking and a blog post is bubbling around in my head and I can’t wait to get home and write it down lest I forget that thought by the time I sit down here.

  29. Very. The older you get, you realize that more and more. I thank God for my good health. Too many folks I know have their life cut short by sickness or disease, as you said in the other post. I never take my good health for granted. Last week a longstanding client died – she had dementia, rheumatoid arthritis and passed away from pneumonia. She was very vibrant just a few short years ago, then retired to enjoy the rest of her life. It made me sad to read her obituary notice … she had turned 76 the day before.

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