The Color Of Wisdom


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 Applying the wisdom of color to the dynamic chalkboard of decisive action is certainly a messy business. One orbits the softness of the shining subject matter ~ without the devilish judgments incurred when absurdly applying the tainted palette of logic to an inconceivable canvas floating far beyond the point of no return.

© Uncle Tree

Keith Alan Watson


27 thoughts on “The Color Of Wisdom

  1. Color has u in it, floating in the blue of blurred response 😉

    Thank God for the white cliffs of Dover!

  2. Colour is a magic I discovered many moons ago. I learned the language of colour and also learned that colour is not what is projected onto it. We do not give colour meaning; it gives us meaning. Colour itself tells us how it wishes to be. Colour is the language of angels. It really is. Beautiful thoughts Uncle Tree and very close to my own beliefs.

  3. For goodness’ sake, Mariana! We’re taking “Rise and shine!” 🙂
    to a whole new level on this most fastidious of Sunday morn’s.

    There’s a rainbow over my coffee cup!
    And the morning sun is about to erupt
    in the East where they feast
    on photons and leprechauns
    left by the beast least corrupt.

    Luvz and lots of gobbledygoop to you, sweet niece!

  4. “Jump, dream, see, be, and fly like the wind!”, cried Wulf.
    As long as my colors have the wings to wing it,
    I’ll be more than fine, dear Ed. 🙂 Enjoy the view, good man!

  5. Thank you, Niamh! You have so many talents –
    I’m not sure there are enough colors to describe
    your multifaceted practice/gifts/service/fellowship.

    You devote a chapter to this subject in your book
    “The Coming Of The Feminine Christ”. I like the
    way you convey the subtleties of a radiant life.
    I, too, am fond of a wavelength or two. Royal blue
    looks good on freckled skin – this is true.

    🙂 Have a great Sunday, Magic Lady!

  6. Very nice the way the pattern brings these gorgeous colors together, such bright colors. Very interesting to bring out wisdom in colors.

  7. Thank you, Maggie! 🙂 Glad you liked this…this
    gobble-de-goop of words meant mostly for fun –
    the kind of fun stars have in space when lit up!

  8. Yes, Aquileana! I have wisdom coloring out my ears. 😉
    Happy to see you liked this — thank you bunches
    for stopping by and cheering me on! Have a great weekend!

  9. COLOR and COLORS of the rainbow SPROUT from the little old prism….set with delight on the widow facing west, that paints a rainbow on the rug to the east, wish I HUGE CHUNK of a THREE SIDED PLASTIC PRISM…and I could PAINT THE WALLS, at SUNSET every afternoon! (instead of just a spot on the Thank you for inspiriting my creative ….._______love for OUR CREATOR and WISDOM HIS PLANTS, in colors from sea to shore.

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