Uncle Tree’s 60th Ring

Uncle Tree and Johnny Mantis

Uncle Tree had quite a wide variety of visitors last year!

Uncle Tree

He also got out and around to hug a few special friends.

Uncle Tree's OMG! moment

Then word got out — that old crane told me so!

Uncle Tree fishing

Fishing in Nebraska is a thrill, but, still, good fish are rare.

Sunburns are much more common.

Who's going on 60?

The uncommon is me —

reeling in 60 years, butterflies, birds, 

and the best of beers!

Uncle Tree's Painted Lady

Happy Birthday, Uncle Tree!

Keith Alan Watson

January 30


Uncle Tree's 60th Birthday



The Making Of Sir Willow

Bruce Marlin

♪ ♫ ♪

Stealing a glance under my branch,
I spied a green-eyed lady,
as if, by Chance, or Fate’s romance,
she found me cool and shady.

I heard her sigh for times gone by,
her breath grew slow and steady.
I knew not why, but in her cry,
old tears stood at the ready.

Releasing all, the rain did fall
on ruddy roots and timber.
Like thunder calls that break down walls;
like leaves turn in September.

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A Taste Of Uncle Tree: Assorted Fruits

Uncle-tree-_colour_flat-TEXT_sml (1)

By the good Book we learn, but by way of experience
we know, and knowing is so much better than believing,
for the sacred root of trust grows from confidence in the Lord,
and the deeper we trust, the more our faith strengthens.

Blind faith means: giving up the right to choose.
We were born to question, but only solutions build trust.


Once upon a Time, God spoke to men and women directly.
These human beings wrote down what God said to them.
After a few centuries, a select group of men gathered
a great many of these writings together, and decided
they had enough to make a Book of Books. After judging
some of the stories unfit, they put the remaining
books in an order befitting The Story, and called
the chosen writings scripture. Then they said,

“No words shall be added or taken away from The Bible.”

I surmise, from that day forward,
God ceased to speak to Man.
Or nowadays, if He does get vocal,
and someone jots down His words,
no one else will believe them,
and scripture it shall never be.

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The Song Of Master Olmark

spirits of nature IV (2)


In a state of restless consternation,
the candidates awaited the arrival of The Master.
A hush fell over the room as the curtains began to part.
With a marked air of dignity, Olmark glided to center-stage.
His presence brought their newly sharpened awareness into focus.
“Attuned — understand?
Listen up, all ye initiates of The Order.
The note; the original, plays on in the unseen background.
Can you hear it? Don’t you sense it? Like a stream of morning dew?

The Color Of Wisdom


fotomania-2 (43)

 Applying the wisdom of color to the dynamic chalkboard of decisive action is certainly a messy business. One orbits the softness of the shining subject matter ~ without the devilish judgments incurred when absurdly applying the tainted palette of logic to an inconceivable canvas floating far beyond the point of no return.

© Uncle Tree

Keith Alan Watson