Uncle Tree’s 60th Ring

Uncle Tree and Johnny Mantis

Uncle Tree had quite a wide variety of visitors last year!

Uncle Tree

He also got out and around to hug a few special friends.

Uncle Tree's OMG! moment

Then word got out — that old crane told me so!

Uncle Tree fishing

Fishing in Nebraska is a thrill, but, still, good fish are rare.

Sunburns are much more common.

Who's going on 60?

The uncommon is me —

reeling in 60 years, butterflies, birds, 

and the best of beers!

Uncle Tree's Painted Lady

Happy Birthday, Uncle Tree!

Keith Alan Watson

January 30


Uncle Tree's 60th Birthday


Great Plains Uprising

Great Plains Uprising

Just like we do, sunsets come and go of their own accord.

Great Planes Landing

There’s no wishing they could stick around longer than usual.

Half-ass gone and hanging by a wire

(who’s about to turn 60)

Uncle Tree