The Fairy Tale Way


We have found ourselves in the middle of the way:

a curiously narrow fairy tale road


it reaches far and wide

over mountains of tribulations

through valleys of peace and repose

across the carefree canyons that naturally divide

forever moving forward and backward


chock-full of energizing potential

a nowhere place of neutrality

where Spirit regathers its

well-spent constituents

of truth and holiness

we  have character

we be family

we are



to a place

that doesn’t imply




16 thoughts on “The Fairy Tale Way

  1. This place, this space, this time certainly does not imply off..! I most definitely agree, my Dear Uncle Tree!

    We’ve made it half way through… let’s shake it up a bit..!

    Still quite a lot of fire in this cracker! 😉

  2. I’m glad you agree, Penny! 🙂

    Myself? I can’t shut my cracker off. Is that bad?
    And, I’ll also add as an addendum (twisting an old Christian saying),

    Once on — always on.

  3. Dear uncle, what a wonderfull poem, I just wanted to step by to catch up with your posts, and I am delighted with it. This poem is really deep, profound, it left me reflecting important things about my life, and about the way things are.
    Lots of love

  4. Hello there, Mariana! Que’ pasa?
    I’m so glad you liked this spiritually based poetic chalice
    that bodes well and makes the case for the fact of immortality.
    We are quite energetic creatures when we want to be.
    We are the body — electric.
    Energy knows no bounds 😉

  5. I am so glad I rushed over here to see what gem I could find . The flow of your poem is great but the thing I really love is the sentiment it encapsulates. Well done for an uplifting read.

  6. A sentimental tree that brings you to a new reality
    is what I am, and who I was, and what I shall forever be.

    Nice to meet you, Penelope! I’m glad you found what you came to see.
    Except…I didn’t highlight my rally entry — Jingle picked this here melody:

    Sorry for the confusion. Getting lost
    in the forest of my dreams is easy to do.
    I welcome you no matter what,
    and thank you for the compliment!

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