A Fairy Tale Worth Living

Photograph by Kirstie Watson


Is it more worth one’s while

to live a life worth writing about, or

to write about a life that is worth the living?


Is it more worth one’s while

to act out a scene worth painting, or

to paint a picture that is worth a view or two?


Is it more worth one’s while

to take the time deemed necessary to dream up a fairy tale, or

to live a life worth earning the good luck it takes

to live out a fairy tale dream?



39 thoughts on “A Fairy Tale Worth Living

  1. One would hope, my Dear Uncle… that we could all possess the happy medium of the two…

    Live our Dreams… and have a gifted talent to share them with others.

  2. Scary because it signifies the temporal realm. (?)
    During this time trial, we can while away the hour,
    whilst everyone else is reflecting on the inherent worth
    of their life’s work in an attempt to be themselves
    for the short duration of the way the day is headed.

    While your at it, you can also patiently wait an eternity
    just to get to the next frightening phase that belongs to
    inevitable justifiability of the inexplicable, but precious moment.

    Whosoever believeth in the possibility of arrival isn’t all here yet. 😉

  3. ooo! oooo!
    I know this one!

    it’s Jantar 3:16 right? You mean like Janitar?

    seriously Uncle, thank you for putting up with me
    and one day it will be worth your while

    Does that promise come with a phase-free guarantee?

  4. Whilst dreaming along the fine line of the fortuitous ever-present,
    my continuous exchange with existent reality became a fruitful futility.
    Thus did it produce the forever present — a gift that keeps on giving.
    At least, for awhile. The Taker awaits elsewhere. This much we know.
    For somewhere near a big black hole lies the never-never present.


    Truth is, Penny, you can be awe-fully sensible at times. 🙂

  5. While = we, sitting around a small gravitational uprising…..

    Scary when considering the while of Grand Canyon and the relative while of our own meanderings.

    (writing that, I got your gift or gist, K.& K.) It’s good to twig Wat’son 😉

  6. Erstwhile…
    we whittled away the hours
    killing time with super powers.

    Pondering the worth of wasted time,
    and awestruck by the grandeur of the canyon,
    I cannot help but to question the true length of a moment.

    Makes me wonder — who is passing whom?
    Moments have no where to go. Why do I think I do?

  7. Dear Keith,

    “Moments have no where to go. Why do I think I do?”

    Perhaps because you still believe in arriving somewhere 🙂
    Me still do that too, arriving at myself again and again

    But it does not matter as long as it is fun
    And to realize that life has just begun
    only will it become better and better
    if you really allow the latter

    Love from Mieke

  8. We may have just begun again,
    but when its over, will it end?
    Or does it just go on and on
    from birth to death, from dusk ’till dawn?


    I’ll never have the time to do
    everything I’ve wanted to.
    But if I did, and knew for sure,
    I think I’d find myself a cure.


    Thank you for being here, Mieke!
    As always — you’re an inspiration. 🙂

    P.S. If we’re already here,
    and there is no need to arrive,
    why do we need patience?

    Yours truly, The Original Sinner

  9. Sinning in excess, and blessing in moderation,
    I deposit my fruits — letting them fall where they may,
    that they might grow into The Tree Of Life one very fine day.

  10. The original asp follows a wayward path out of necessity. Thus he gets from A to P which is beyond M.

    Being very original he can no doubt negotiate the rest of the sequential letters in a perfectly woven manner. The Tree offers a home…..

    P-peace brother 🙂

  11. “I’m cocoa for Cocoa Puffs!” Geez…knot!
    Although, I do know a cuckoo bird or two, as you can see.

    P.S. It’s the hottest week of the year here.
    Heat advisories every day! 😦
    But my a/c is cool, and my
    beer is definitely chillin’.

  12. When you grab a fairy by the tale, she has to whisper they’re secrets in your ear. As soon as you go to write them down, they disapear. Trying to recapture that magic is the obssesion of the artist.

    Some day I’ll catch another fairy and I’ll try not to tell anyone.

  13. Good to see you again, Derek! 🙂

    Your little essay immediately brought to mind William Blake, who said,
    (something to this effect) “True art does not come from memory.”
    I mean, I liked a lot of his ideas, but either I don’t understand what he
    meant, or I’d be prone to argue with him on that one. Perhaps, it
    depends on the kind/type of artist/art that one is creating/producing.(?)

    If total recall was possible…imagine the length of a long-lived
    autobiography. What would you decide to paint if you could remember
    every scene you’ve ever seen? Too baffling for a Friday, doodleman.

    Is impromptu performance art the only true live performance?

    On another note, as I was telling Bonnie up above, and what I meant
    by this unartsy post was — my priorities may be changing. Facebook
    seems to be where everyone hangs out on a regular basis, and it’s
    sorta like Open Thread used to be on Intentblog. Know what I mean?

    Anyway…yes. My real life could use some fairy tale-ish happenings.
    My extroversion has been put on hold, and I think I miss it somewhat.
    Thanks for being a good listener, my man. The need to confess…Yo!

    I would guess things have changed for you, too, over this last year.
    Happens to us all…for better and for worse, and for everything
    in-between. No need to explain, I’m just blowing wind. Hoy!

    Take care of you and yours now! Be good, and stay cool, my friend!
    Peace is bursting from the inside out, and Fall colors are on their way.

    Cheerz! Me2/UT/Keith

  14. It all depends, Dhyan.
    And, what it all depends on
    is different for every individual,
    depending on their circumstances.

    Then again…

    I’ll never have the time to do
    everything I’ve wanted to.
    But if I did, and knew for sure,
    I think I’d find myself a cure.

    Good to see you, D! 🙂

  15. I think it’s more worthy to act, to live and to take the time, but there’s nothing wrong with a nice daydream here and there either! 🙂

  16. This was basically about me
    being a ‘poet’ AND a blogger, Gayle.
    Dreaming brings me words but,
    I don’t always feel like obliging. That’s all.
    Thanks for thinking for me! 🙂 UT

  17. Oh. That’s what I get for taking things too literally, UT–I understand now.

    No, I don’t want to think for you–that’s your job! 🙂

  18. Literally, Gayle, it was Jingle’s unexpected discovery of me
    that brought me new sprouts just when I was about to go
    under the spell of autumn’s timely Fall. I’ll hold on for now. 🙂

  19. Please do hold on, UT. How fortunate for all of us that Jingle discovered you and you have brought forth new sprouts. 🙂 I’ve sprung a few new sprouts myself since my friend, Trisha, introduced me to this poetry blog and so many kind-hearted and fun people.

    I am here if I can help you through your Fall.

    xoxo Gayle

  20. I didn’t realize that you were a friend from Intent. Did you know Trisha from there–she is a good friend. I am pretty new here so don’t know if there are others of us “lurking” around here too.


    Lurkers? Did you say “lurkers” ?
    Where? Where? Where?

    I’m afraid I don’t remember a Trisha.
    Perhaps, she went by another name?
    I sorta figured she was your friend.
    I may be dense, but I’m not blind.

  21. having done a little of both I have always said that i always dreamed of living a life that I could tell my grandchildren about …provided I ever made it that far. It really depends on which you want to be a good storyteller or a person who has stories to tell …and I will be on the latter side of that coin every time.
    November 18, 2010 I will be speaking at the state of Oklahoma capitol building as another example of this behavior. Have a great day UT!

  22. I’m glad you understood me, Stuart. Life is short. That’s the thing.
    “Teach…your children well…their father’s hell…did slowly go by.”
    I wish for my children to know how to distinguish wants from needs.
    Getting one’s priorities straight on a daily basis is all for the best.
    My kids come first. One day the nest will be empty, and I’ll have the
    whole of the rest of my life to play with words and lay them on the line.

    I applaud your courage to go and speak in public. Bravo, good sir!
    In the meantime, you’ve created a mystery here, subject matter wise.
    Are you currently serving our country as a means of employment?
    Just wondering. Hope you have a great Halloween weekend!
    I’ll be boo-zing it up a bit myself, I imagine. He-he. 🙂 UT

  23. I am sorry for the confusion … I do not serve in the military. I have just had near death experiences that I survived without so much as a scratch that I did not want to be presumptuous in my becoming an old man. It is just my way of reminding myself that it could end tomorrow to keep me from feeling invisible. Here is one example out of many illustrate the kind of events that I am talking about
    The reason I am going to speak at the capitol is that I have been a success story for a program hosted by workforce Oklahoma. I was laid off and I went back to school on a grant funded by them. I am speaking to the investors state wide in hopes that they will contribute more to the program for others like me. The program has been short on funds for some time.
    Let’s have an Awesome Halloween Shall We! Cheers to You sir!

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