Freedom On Demand

Steady is the hand keeping balance in the land

as it measures the cost of freedom on demand


A hero’s song unsung off the tip of a silent tongue

reminds us of the place where only the good die young!


With red roses near, blue skies that stretch for years

those broad stripes and bright stars prepare our youth for tears


“Left, right, left…” we stride to breach the great divide

We must march together or risk this nation’s pride


If In God We Trust, but for more loot we lust

the Golden Calf we’ll praise half buried in the dust

“About face!”

As one united nation, let us move in the same direction →

towards a day worth remembering, and a history worth repeating!

Uncle Tree


28 thoughts on “Freedom On Demand

  1. Freedom Inside

    Living in natural abundance
    In the magic of the moment
    Bending down
    Stretching up
    Being the backbone of my land

    My land, where every cell
    Is feeling well
    Is working well
    Together perfectly
    Serving one another unquestionably

    It happens in the outdoor land
    It happens in the indoor land
    Soul holding it perfectly in hand 🙂

    Or Unified Force or Life Impulse 🙂

  2. The Ground Force allows
    the positive
    the negative
    in the equanimity
    of its sacred receptivity

    The Neutral Force of a Yogi


    Hello, Mieke!

    I thank you for your contribution, and
    I hope you and yours continue to work and be well together.

    Peace & Love & Hugz! Keith

  3. Hello Keith,

    You are very welcome. Me and mine doing fine. Working with my husband on the hobby-farm of friends of ours at the moment, which gave inspiration to the above poem. I thought it matched well with yours 🙂

    Weather is outstanding and kitchen garden has an abundance of vegetables and fruits. Wish I could send you some 🙂

    Love, peace and hugz to you too!


  4. What a great poem, I missed reading your texts, you are such a great writer, both in style an content. You expose deep thought with beautiful words.
    Send you my love, your niece that never forgets you.

  5. Thank you, Mariana! 🙂

    You probably recognize this one from last year.
    I changed a few words here and there, and renamed it.

    It’s good to see you again. I usually worry a bit when I don’t
    see you around for a month or so. It’s good to know you’re
    alive. I surely hope you’re okay, and well on your way to
    better days. Luvz and hugz to you too, sweet niece!

  6. Hi Bonnie!

    We did have a nice-n-hot bang-up fourth of July!
    How was yours? How are things goin’ down Atlanta ways?

    Hope all is well with you and yours during these
    blistering summer days. Peace, Keith

  7. Hey Keith

    Our holiday was great.
    Yep, dog days of summer are upon us here.
    Heat index today was 110 degrees.

    I haven’t had much work this summer, so have been staying
    at the “farm” tending my garden. If it gets any bigger, I will
    have to buy a tractor. Suuure I will. 🙂
    Wish I could send you some of my watermelons.
    This year I have blueberries to go with them.

    Be well,


  8. Glad to hear that all is well, Bonnie! Gardens can be a ton of work.
    I can’t imagine you on a tractor, but if you do get one, I want to see
    a picture of you sitting behind the wheel. Okay? 🙂

    You have watermelons already? Oh, boy! And blueberries, too? Yum!
    My upside-down tomato plants are being kind of slow (disoriented?),
    but we do have a couple of small juicy fruits beginning to turn red.

    Be good now, and take care! Keith

    P.S. I currently have no further plans for this here blog. I found myself
    wanting to read again, so that’s what I been doin’. I read a couple of
    Ken Kesey’s books, and now I’m reading the late, great George Carlin.
    Finished “Last Words” (a semi-autobiography) and am now on
    “When Will Jesus Bring The Pork Chops?” Funny, funny and mucho witty.
    Just so you know what’s what, dear lady. Hugz! UT

  9. I sure hope we will be able to stay in touch. I haven’t posted anything on my blog in a while, but am leaving it open just in case I get the urge to blog again. Derek and I communicate there from time to tme.

    My garden started small and just grew and grew. I am now planting more perrenial plants like berries and grapes. Once they are established,
    they don’t take too much effort to maintain. I really like the physical effort of gardening except when it gets as hot and humid as it is now, then it’s awful.

    I have been reading some of Cormac McCarthy’s books this summer.
    “The Road,” “No Country for Old Men,” “All the Pretty Horses,” etc. His stories can be disturbing but he is one hell of a good writer and story teller. I love Carlin. Maybe I will read that one next.

    Hugz back.

  10. No need to hope, Bonnie, for I will be here for sure.
    I can’t imagine not checking my stats every day,
    however low they be and go. But that’s just me.
    I’m like that. Always longing for attention. Sigh…

    Open Thread — insert foot — and eat my own words. 🙂

    I wish my blog was like your well-established garden.
    But around here, low maintenance equals low attendance.
    Perhaps, I’ll get used to it. Ha! Please, do keep in touch, yes.

    I wish you the best of harvests. All in good time, your friend, Keith

  11. It is a beautiful poem

    in a beautiful key Thank you for sharing it Tree.

    You have a wonderful family, all traveling together

    in the same direction

    this planet is always flying forward, and freedom is one crazy direction

    Hope your Holiday Weekend keeps you smiling Uncle Tree

    thanks for making me smile


    Glad you liked it, Dr. Who. Thank you! 🙂

    Have a great next one, yourself.

  12. Thank you, Alisha! 🙂 Isn’t Union what we want?
    Dems and Pubs obviously don’t, and that’s too bad.

    Have a great 4th yourself, my friend! We always mean well. LoL

  13. The United States took over the mantle of greatness from a disintegrating and divided British Empire (Great Britain). In both cases it was not only hard work, perseverance and the loss of many lives that achieved that greatness- it was a PROMISE (covenant) made in the past.

    However, although that covenant was unbreakable it did come with conditions – we are seeing the consequences of not abiding by those conditions in both contries!

  14. Well then, John, let us break the old covenant the way Jeshua did.
    It’s a new millennium for Christ’s sake! Love your neighbor, dammit!

    Without independent thinkers, how do we expect to know
    what independence, liberty of opinion, and freedom of thought mean?

    Every move we make seems to feed the War Machine.
    The only thing left that even slightly resembles civility
    is our war of words. “Got oil? We got your back!”
    The only game left in town is the one we must outgrow.

    Lord, help us.

  15. Lol, You are so very welcome my good friend Keith!! How does that saying go…can’t we all just March and get along!! 😄 well I added a couple of words 😄 I will definitely have a Happy 4th!! Blessings To You 😄

  16. Do people act differently in a pretty flower garden?
    Is it easier to love in a gorgeous forest?
    What sort of peace might we find, if we fought beautiful wars?

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