Cloud Ballet

Cloud ballerina

~ Spinning the friendly skies of Spring ~

Just an hour forward

“Bring it on!”




35 thoughts on “Cloud Ballet

  1. Most fortunately, Brian,
    I’ve never had a shot at a tornado, but 😉
    if ever I do, you’ll be the first to know, Lord willing… Thank you!

  2. Good suggestion by your daughter Uncle Tree. It is a fiery sunset and just like Nebraska, the gray and dismal days of a Michigan Winter have been far too frequent so time to enjoy those sunny days or beautiful sunsets when we can.

  3. That’s a lovely shot. A real ballet dancer up in the sky. But I guess only certain eyes see it live. The rest of us can only admire it in photos. Thanks for that.

  4. Thank you bunches, angelbeam! 🙂 Your kind words are much appreciated.

    If I remember correctly, when it was “live” and 3-D, I noticed the corkscrew effect.
    When I viewed it on a flat-screen, my eyes relayed this angelic scene.

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