Box The Equinox

HaPPy SpRinG!

“Prayers for Nebraska’s flood victims much appreciated!”

Uncle Tree



39 thoughts on “Box The Equinox

  1. I wondered how you were faring in Lincoln Uncle Tree. I see you are okay from the comment above, just water restrictions – that is what I saw when I Googled when I heard Nebraska had flooding too. These are incredible floods, Wisconsin too. It is scary watching all these natural disasters unraveling around the country. Glad you’re okay.

  2. Thank you, Linda! ❀ This historic flood is at an arm's length from Lincoln, and we live in the Highlands…literally.

    Cut back on showers, dishes, and car washes? No problem.
    Still, pitching in to help comes naturally in these parts.

    Heroes are born — not made via Twitter. Peace and luvz! Keith

  3. You have lucked out Uncle Tree – I was not thinking it was an issue near you, picturing miles and miles of flat land – my geography is poor!

    Will this affect the sandhill cranes’ arrival in mid-April due to all this water where you visit them?

    It is nice that people pitch in to help – I like to see that. We had four tornadoes in mid-Michigan last Thursday when the tail end of that second cyclone bomb came through. They had predicted it for my area of Michigan, but it came through 86 miles away – one tornado was an EF2, the rest were milder and little damage, but it flattened three houses, one barn and did structural damage to 70 buildings (residential and commercial). Yes, heroes are not made via Twitter. πŸ™‚ Stay dry and out of harm’s way Keith.

  4. Praying the water recedes very soon, and especially for farmers. Beautiful pictures, rain here coastal NC, can’t see super moon. God bless y’all.

  5. Prayers for everyone to get back to normal healthy life. We had a great big deluge in our state less than a year ago where people lost everything and they had to start their life from scratch. So I can imagine the plight people are going through. Praying to the archangels to bring back your part of the earth to normalcy.

  6. Thank you Uncle Tree. Here in Africa our own Mozambicans are suffering from the worst floods ever experienced. It is a huge disaster. I am thinking of all flood victims now…

  7. Thank you, Jan! ❀ One day, the whole of mankind will be living in boats, eating fish and kelp, So, should we build a whole bunch of arks, or grow trees full of spaceships? Hmmm…

  8. Thank you, Julie! πŸ™‚ The waters have receded,
    and now it’s time to re-access the muddy mess.

    As of today, I’ve worked at Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing for 42 years.
    Sheesh! Long time in a factory, eh? Well…it makes for a decent living.
    Anywhoo, because of the flood, we have pretty much ran out of parts,
    thanks to this natural (?) disaster.
    The parts we receive from Japan come by rail from California, and the train tracks
    across Nebraska are damaged. We could be in for some extended time off.
    I have enough vacation days in the bank to cover “no work” days,
    but most of the younger folks do not. So, yes, the disaster is now hitting home.

  9. Me, too. Thank you, Tanja!
    Prevention may start with emissions.
    The smartest plan will still have to pass Congress, regardless.
    That which emits from the White House these days is rarely a helpful compromise.

  10. How you capture the beauty of spring, UT ~ even with the difficulties of the flooding taking place. I hope you are well, and keep the positive vibes coming. Take care ~

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