Introducing: Ruby The Hummingbird


“Good golly, Uncle Tree! This red stuff is the bomb!”

Here comes Ruby

Here she comes now making a beeline for the feeder.

Immature female ruby-throated hummingbird

“Sweet uncle, hate to tell you, but my lifeline has a leak!”


No worries, young lady, we won’t let the well go dry.

Hummingbird hiding

“Can you see me now, Uncle Tree? I’m chiming in.”

Hummingbird dribbling nectar

Careful now, Ruby. You can only drink so much in one setting.

One last hummingbird hug

I’ll leave when I’m darn well ready, dear uncle.

10 seconds tops. I got this hankering.

Sit still and take pictures.

Make me famous.

Love you!




44 thoughts on “Introducing: Ruby The Hummingbird

  1. I cannot believe you got that one shot of him head on! Amazing! “My” hummingbirds buzz my head lol. Lovely photos!

  2. Now this was a feel-good post Uncle Tree. The captions were hilarious! I see Ruby filling up and filling up as she anticipates a long road trip to a warmer climate. You were able to get those whirring wings too. So is Rudy sitting transfixed at the window watching Ruby’s every move at that red feeder?

  3. Thank you kindly, Linda! πŸ™‚ Glad you liked my funnies.
    I had to wait for right mood and right time to spill these beans.

    The one time Rudy was in the window when Ruby flew in to feed, he acted nonchalant, like he knew I’d be trying the grab the camera and sneak up to the window fast as lightning.

  4. Yes the Ruby story is cute and too bad it is the end of the Summer as you could have had Ruby recurring on a regular basis in your posts. Next year, she’ll be back as she knows a good thing. Well, at least we THINK that Rudy isn’t jealous of you paying attention to another “critter” anyway. πŸ™‚

  5. Thank you much, ekurie! πŸ™‚ All my pictures are taken with a simple Sony point-and-shoot camera.

    I’m not a “real” photographer, fyi. I’ve worked in the same factory for 41+ years. At 60, I have a few more to put in, too. Grrrr…

  6. I was beginning to worry because I hadn’t seen you for awhile. What a marvelous return. Ruby is exquisite. Your photography is exquisite. Yes, a few more years to go … and if Ryan has his way, folks will be working into their 70’s or until they die working, whichever comes first. Grrrr,,,

  7. I was being an enabler in the best sense of the term. πŸ˜‰
    If she comes back next year, her favorite treat will be at the ready.

    Rudy is a blast! He;s so smart, at not quite a year old.

  8. That’s okay, I know all about enabling with Parker. She’ll be back. Yes, you got Rudy for Christmas from your daughter as I recall. Best Christmas present she could give you.

  9. Glad you liked these, Barbara. πŸ™‚ Thank you so very much!
    I took today off just to practice retirement living. Naps are in my itinerary.
    A drive in the country sounds pretty good, too.

  10. How sweet she is! Great photos. Her ruby necklace is well captured,even when she’s flapping.
    My two babies don’t seem to have this red ring around their necks. They are yellow and brown. Guess I’ll call them Peridot and Amber.

  11. Thank you for having an open mind, Keith (I did not expect otherwise!). Many bird lovers used red dye for many years, with the best intentions. The hummers are so smart, they remember our yards after flying thousands of miles, and will find our feeders again next summer! 😊
    All the best,

  12. Thank you kindly, Amy! πŸ™‚ I’d never had the chance before,
    so I did feel quite lucky. It was a Saturday, and she was flying in
    for 10 seconds or so every 15 to 20 minutes or so, so I just sat out
    on the porch and waited for her. I was not disappointed,
    and she didn’t seem to mind. Sure hope she comes back next year.

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