Reading Between The Lines On 9-11

Ruby-throated Hummingbird female

The sound of silence is often overwhelming

Red, white, and blue for 9/11, Hummingbird

God bless The United States of America

Photographs by Uncle Tree

“Soul Sister”


14 thoughts on “Reading Between The Lines On 9-11

  1. They are beautiful soul sisters Uncle Tree. Perhaps that wind chime sounds a little like the permanent wind chimes that were installed at the memorial site in Shanksville, PA (“Tower of Voices”).

  2. I didn’t know about those chimes, Linda. Sounds cool! Good for all! 🙂

    I have more shots of Ruby (as I named her). She’s an immature female ruby-throated hummingbird, who’ll fly by about every 15 to 20 minutes from 6:30 a.m. to around 9 p.m. (as I noticed over the weekend). She’s been around for a week now.

    The first picture is taken through the window. Once I realized she was a regular customer, I went out on the porch and just sat there waiting. Sure enough, Ruby came by anyway. She glimmers in direct sunlight, so I like the way those came out, much better than those through the looking glass.

    Stay tuned! 🙂 Peace and luvz, UT

  3. My friend Marge loved hummingbirds and had hummingbird feeders placed around the front window and her back deck. I liked watching them hovering over the feeders and their brilliant feathers iridescent in the bright sun. Enjoy Ruby and her friends a while longer since it will stay warm this weekend. (My guess is this heat won’t go away anytime soon.) So you’ll have some more opportunities to take pictures. Then we lose the hummingbirds and butterflies as they fly South and yield to Fall.

    The memorial will be like carillon bells and it is not finished but when completed, it will have one bell for each of the people who died on September 11th in Shanksville at that site. You can hear what it will sound like in a sound bite at this link.

  4. I was thrilled to see this. I have two hummingbirds which come to feed on the nectar in my hibiscus tree everyday. Once when I plucked some of the flowers and they returned an hour later, they tweeted their heads off, scolding me for taking their flowers.
    How joyful they are with their tiny size. 😊

  5. It will be a very distinctive sound on a very distinguished tower, Linda.

    Ruby is all by herself. We haven’t seen any others. She’s a dinky thing, for sure, a baby about the size of a flying cicada.

    How will she know when it’s time to go? Last year, we had this feeder up and never saw a one, so we feel fairly privileged. What an honor!

    I forgot to say, she only stays for 10 seconds, tops, on each visit, so getting a picture of her proved to be quite a lesson in photography…and patience.

  6. Thank you for commenting, angelbeam! What a cute story. 🙂
    Glad you liked these two shots. I have many more to show off in the future of this one lonely hummingbird.

    And they tweet? WoWzer! I didn’t know they sang whatsoever. Humm…

  7. I think those chimes will be wonderful too Uncle Tree. We had carillon bells at our office in the courtyard. They were beautiful and played on the hour/half hour and they had Christmas songs and that was really nice.

    I did not realize Ruby was that tiny – she did not seem that small in your pictures. You really had patience to hone in on her that well.

    I wonder if she would make the journey alone, or catch up with other hummingbirds?

    There is a house across from the Park where I walk and they put two hummingbird feeders out in May. So in the Summer when it was so hot, I made a point to jump off the trail every day, thinking I would see one up close. I finally gave up as not a single hummingbird was there.

    I gave Marge this site to look at hummingbirds as she missed her hummers once it got cold. You’ll have to check it out – three different web cams and they have a nest, a feeder and fountain.

  8. Yes UT. The ones here tweet. I don’t know if they are of the same type as in the US. They tweet with a high frequency and it sounds very feminine. It’s amazing, such a high pitched sound coming from a small bird.

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