56 thoughts on “A Sunflower Sunset

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  2. Very beautiful Uncle Tree and your sun has so many shades … the first one looked like a sunnyside up egg. The sunflower is your new heart-shaped bush that the golf course caretaker went and mowed down then? I love sunflowers and there was a huge field of them that belonged to Ford Motor Company. I contacted FoMoCo a few weeks ago to see if they still sponsor that field – “no” they said, just one small patch behind World Headquarters and it also will be mowed down and same thing … a building will be built there, so I must go soon. Yesterday an all-day rain/storms and this morning lots of fog. This weekend was not the day to go sunflower seeking.

  3. Thank you kindly, Linda! πŸ™‚ Glad you liked these.
    The color differences were made possible by the automatic focus and light-sensing abilities of my point-and-shoot camera. When I aimed at the ground to start with, and stopped at the sunflower, the sun was lighter with shades of pink. When I aimed straight at the collage, then yellow was retained in the picture. Starting sky-high and lowering the focus showed the same color red of the sun as what my eyes could see.

    The sunflowers will be rather short-lived. There’s just one plant in the grass they don’t mow, but now that the sun is setting more to the south, I get a much better glimpse without leaving our back yard.

  4. Interesting what your camera can do – I have not experimented much with my point and shoot but most of the time I am taking critter pictures and have to move fast before they disappear out of the frame. πŸ™‚ On the rare days we’ve had sun, I really notice the angle of the sun in the morning – changing rapidly as we head toward Fall and Winter (gulp). Are they predicting an El Nino Winter for you there too? That’s what the long-range prediction is for us – I’m happy if it is true because it might help to make up for this awful Spring and Summer (not to mention last Winter).

  5. El Nino is supposed to keep us warmer and wetter, but I hear, The Farmer’s Almanac is forecasting a colder than average Feb. and March. Who can we trust these days?

  6. Oh wow – I had not heard the The Farmer’s Almanac’s predictions for this upcoming Winter yet, and they pride themselves on being accurate. Our weather folks told us we were in for a rainy and stormy day and neither has happened yet, not that I am complaining, but still … we could not mess up in our jobs and still be here, just sayin’.
    There was some tornadic activity in the northern part of our state last evening, not quite the Upper Peninsula, but far from here. I’m ready for Fall.

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