Saturday’s Mourning In Glory


Entombed in the thickest of forests He lay,

donning a shroud of cool, deadened leaves.

Limbs that once held the glorious weight of the world

lie scattered about the sacred grounds.

Branches that once shouldered the burden of the blame

had broken from the main, and still the vines held fast.

Everything for which He stood — a scheme inside a dream

His crowning achievement — a sacrificial theme

‘Twas all laid to rest beside the petrifying flesh of his ancestors.


Many a number of trees in these woods had been borne of his seed.

Year after year, they continued to fill the avoided spaces with new life.

Surrounding Him now, one by one,

they began to pay homage to His grandeur.

The critters nearby crept forth in a slow procession,

whilst the raven kept his quiet,

keeping a keen eye on the softly landing white doves.


‘Twas the perfect mourning for the painful,

exacting moments to spring forth and reclaim their royal birthrights.



37 thoughts on “Saturday’s Mourning In Glory

  1. How you put so many words in one tiny bubble. It seems a lovely Easter poem.

    Second paragraph. third line down: was him meant to be capitalized?

    More effect, as transition is necessary for your ending, if double spaceing between lines occurred after white doves.

    signed: (I’m sorry) The English Teacher 🙂

  2. We are all going to die
    The goal is to create something more important ant us
    The magic of peretuating something
    The magic of the never ending transcending.

  3. No need to be sorry, Teacher. I hope this latest edition
    is more pleasing to your keen eye of perfection.

    Back and forth I went with the capital punishment.
    I hoped that it wouldn’t bother the more sensitive reader.
    The Tree cannot be accused of a blasphemous crime.

    Until now, I wouldn’t have thought it would Cross
    anyone’s mind. Matters trump scruples, this time around.

    Thank you for caring, Samantha.

  4. I just received a phone call from my sister-in-law.

    My older brother is in the midst of a heart attack.

    I will be leaving soon as I know where to go.

    Please pray for my family. Sincerely, Keith

  5. Agree, conscious efforts art like a double edge sword, they make you do it, but they kill what you do at the same time.
    I think you got me, my problem is this (imogen says is better):”It is crazy that you get depressed over failing to meet expectations you’ve set ridiculously high for yourself”

  6. Sympathetic Update:

    For about 10-15 minutes this morning,
    my brother was without breathe and without a beating heart.
    They shot him up with nitroglycerin and shocked him back to life.
    As of right now, they are not sure of the cause. He’s on a ventilator
    until Monday. They’ll then use a catheter with camera up the artery.

    It was a terrible feeling to see him lying there this morning, eyes closed.
    This poem was finished yesterday in the late afternoon. Little did I know…

    For those of who who said a quiet little prayer, thanks. God bless you. Keith

  7. These are, indeed, awesome times, dear Keith, a prayer, now for you and your brother, as I only just picked up on your post, prompted by the link with DK at Intent.

    Resurrection is the key for me.

    “Look, these hands, Edmund, who tells you that you don’t have a ghost of a chance?”

    I bow my head.


  8. God bless you, Ed!

    You are an honest and trustworthy man.

    Resurrection is the key, but that implies a locked door.

    I thought we only had to knock.(?) Thanks for the prayers, my friend! UT

    P.S. Of course, I wanted to get to Sunday’s piece.

    It will be the most difficult, no doubt.

    Perhaps, next year. Luvz & peace to you!

  9. Thank you, Bonnie, and God bless you.

    A Happy Easter to you and your loved ones!
    I’m glad you came to look in on me. Luvz, Keith

  10. Thanks for the well-wishes, Samantha.

    Marty is not doing any better, as of yet.
    They are giving his brain some time to heal itself.
    He is highly sedated, fidgety and incoherent.

    I had hoped to go and watch The Master’s(golf) with him.
    The family is very concerned. Dad started a prayer chain.
    A lot of love and good thoughts are headed in his direction.

    It is comforting for all of us to know that.
    God bless you, too! Luvz, Keith

  11. I have a candle burning, Keith, as I dig deep for that healing that I know to be there. I’m not one for ritual, barely, at all, but I feel a candle so comforting and intentful.

    Thanks for the update,

  12. I like that idea, Ed.

    It is dark and dreary here today.
    The pretty colored eggs
    and the Easter Lilly
    are a help, too.

    Will ‘O’ lliW

  13. Send you a hugh Watson, hope you are all right.

    Keep witting, it will make you feel better and me too.
    (sorry for being selfish)


  14. Dear Mariana,

    What on earth makes you think you were being selfish?

    ‘Witting’ is a word, or else I might have selfishly changed it to
    ‘writing’ without your permission. I think they go together anyway,
    so I left it as is. As a second language, you do fine with it. Hugz, UT

  15. Communal Update:

    The phone rang at 2:00 p.m., it was Marty’s wife, Lue.
    They had just gotten him off the ventilator and removed the tube
    in his throat. He was also awake, and could now recognize everyone.
    I told her I’d be there shortly to watch The Master’s with him.

    It was sooo good to see him back to his old self. He smiled as I walked in.
    We talked. We held a conversation. He was good for about three minutes.
    Then he would notice all the wires, tubes, and little red lights hooked
    to his body. “What’s all this crap?”, he said. Then I informed him.

    We talked some more. He knew all the golfers on the television.
    Then they mentioned that it was the last day, the final round.
    And he’s like, “What?” Having no idea, really, what day it was.

    Underneath the TV there’s a white board for the nurses to write on.
    In big letters it said, “Sunday, April 12, 2009”. I pointed that out to him.
    He looked at me funny and said, “Oh.” Then he checked out them
    damn wires all over himself again, as if noticing them for the very first
    time. It was really kinda sweet, and I couldn’t help but to smile.

    He didn’t know why he was in there. He thought he was going to be
    operated on the next day. I asked him if he’d eaten yet.
    “No”, he replied. I went and asked the nurse. “We fed him jello for lunch.
    He’s not all there yet.” So I see…so I see, I thought to myself.

    “They said you had jello, bro!”, I said, grinning pretty wide by then.
    That really brought a look of puzzlement to his face. “I don’t remember
    that.” I told him they’d be feeding him supper in an hour. “Hmmm?”
    Then he looked at his index finger. It had a little white cap with a
    red light on it, and a wire that ran under the sheets to God knows
    where. I told him, “That’s the oxygen sensor.” It was the third time
    since I got there that he had wondered about it.

    I started to run the play-by-play as if I were the announcer. I thought
    it might help to keep his attention ‘in the now’. But then I realized that
    that was all he knew at the time. Just ‘Now’. Just like Tolle wants us
    to do. And I thought, “Well, the past does stand on it’s own merit.
    And we damn sure can’t stop the next moment from happening.
    I need all three times, and two identities.”

    I stayed for about 90 minutes all total. The nurses brought in his food,
    and they were going to attempt to put him in a chair. I excused myself,
    and told him I’d be back tomorrow for I had another day off. “Okay.”
    Then he started watching curiously, as the nurses busied themselves
    with the task at hand.

    The cardiologists had the weekend off (as far as I could tell), but they
    will be in today, and will probably start some more tests if Marty stays
    well enough. I will keep informed of the matters, and continue with the
    updates. I got a little carried away with this one. But, hey! I’m on
    vacation. Why not?

    I again thank those of you following along for your concern, prayers,
    and support. Is this legal? I wonder what my brother will think.

    Take care all, and have a nice day! Keith

  16. Marty’s a mighty fine name, Keith. I’m holding in there for him and for all concerned.

    God bless,


  17. dearest Keith,
    I have held the moment Now, and surrounded your brother in it’s bright Light, of healing and love.
    and love for you too.
    Always, angel’s breath away
    ~ Kate

  18. A choir of angels

    would be very useful today, dear Princess.
    Thank you for sending thoughts of love in this direction.

    Today is the day of reclamation.
    May the good Lord bring him back to wholeness, I pray.

    God bless you, Kate! Luvz, Keith

  19. Dear All,

    Today…Marty will be dye tested
    in order that they may pinpoint the problem
    and decide upon the exact fix.

    I thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers.

    May the healing begin…

    God bless you all. Keith

  20. Good you could go back to Marty today. Keith. I’m keeping that candle burning and sending those healing thoughts and feelings as I go about my day.

    God bless.


  21. Thank you dearly, Ed and Mariana.

    They have finally started the tests.
    2 emergencies bumped him back on the waiting list.
    It is 4:11 pm CST. This wait is getting tougher and tougher.

    I called Mom & Dad to let them know, then I called
    the two younger brothers. Pins and needles, folks.

    Writing about this ongoing affair may seem weird to some.
    I believe it has it’s benefits, and I feel a little better in doing so.

    Love to you all! This will continue…

  22. On one side the waiting is a good sign, cause the medical doctors do not think it is that serious, they think it can wait, although I know is not nice to wait in thouse situations.
    Pin and needeles are the two younger brothers called? That is curious. Did you named them?


  23. Thanks for the smile, M, I’ve had little reason to do so lately.


    The tests results are back, and the decisions made.
    I made the necessary phone calls, and did a quick research.

    Marty has heart muscle tissue damage, I don’t know about the location.
    Basically, as far as I know, it is irreparable. No stints or angioplasty will help.
    There were no other problems found concerning his veins and arteries.

    Tomorrow they will implant a defibrillator. I’ve leaving a Wiki link for those
    of you, like me, who do not know much about this device . It’s not a
    dangerous procedure, as far as I can tell.

    There will be some kind of memory therapy that he’ll have to go through.
    3 minutes is still tops for remembering what day it is. They say it’s normal
    for those who go without oxygen for an extended period. I assume he
    will fully recover his senses and be back to his old self within a few weeks.

    I plan on working all day tomorrow, only made it till 10 o’clock today.
    I had to come home. Everyone knows Marty, and the questions were
    there for me…and I kept tearing up while asking for prayers…enough.

    I’ll let you know how it went, of course.

    Do you know how much I appreciate everyone’s support?
    Someday those words will come to me,
    ‘immeasurable’ be the first one.

    Luvz & Hugz & Thanks! Uncle Tree

  24. Well, folks, this may be the wrap-up.

    At least, I hope so. The defib has been installed.
    Everything is going fine, so it seems. I saw him tonight.

    His short term memory is getting better now, too.
    When they brought Marty his supper he said, “Where’s the beer?”
    His sense of humor is back, for sure, and that’s wonderful!
    In good spirits shall we say. Yes, indeed. All 4 brothers together
    in the room at the same time, and we’ve always got along.
    And still do, which is somewhat rare these days, so I hear.
    Only Dad was missing, but he lives in Missouri.(300 miles away)

    Big bro should be out in a couple of days, but with a few wise restrictions
    in place. He may be off work a month or so. (Marty and I work in the
    same place) The golf? 75% swing is okay, believe it or not.
    Bowling? Probably not. I will say that he bowled a perfect 300 game
    a couple of months ago. Outta my league, but I don’t mind.

    That’s about it for now. If something changes I’ll spread the words
    like butter as usual. Gosh dang! I feel better! Luvz, Keith

  25. Hi Kieth
    Came by to see how you and Marty are doing. (My internet was off for two days due to storm). So good to hear everything is fine.
    Sending thoughts of a perfect recovery.

    Love to all you Watsons,

  26. Stormy weather is

    totally appropriate to the situation
    in more ways than one, Bonnie.

    We humans are most certainly tested
    daily. These days will
    get better.


  27. Keith
    I wish your brother a very speedy recovery.
    It is immensely painful to watch someone you love suffering…

    I loved this poem – it spoke of the nature of Life and Death with beauty and poise set in the tranquility of nature’s bowers.

    I hope all goes well for you and yours now.

  28. Dear Kate,

    Thank you for your comforting thoughts and prayers.
    I continue to hold out the highest hopes for you and your daughter.

    May God bless you both, and bring you to wholeness once again. Luvz, UT

  29. To the artistic author of the Crimson Thread:

    How do you prefer to be addressed? Oh, I wish I knew your name.

    I’m glad you loved this one! I was hoping that the tie-ins used here
    wood knot be offensive to any persons of that particular cloth.
    Animated cartoon characters have their serious sides, too.

    Thank you for your sympathetic words and kind thoughts.

  30. Marty was allowed to go home Thursday.

    He seems to be doing well, and will have to take it easy for a month.
    His wife took him out to the bowling alley so that he could watch
    and cheer on his team to victory. I think he’ll be alright again.

    I told him last night about what I had done here and how it transpired.
    Eventually, I hope he comes to check it out and leave a word or two.
    I believe that he’ll be pleasantly surprised, and possibly amused.

    It’s always better to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth.

    Thanks again, everyone! Uncle Tree

  31. Dear Uncle Tree,
    I’m glad your brother is doing well.
    My big brother has been the only one I could share with my interest in SRF, Yoga, and Buddhism. He bought me books on those over the years.
    It’s nice to have big brothers.

  32. Light ‘em up, my friends! Then we shall speak in tongues.
    Find a fiery preacher, and we shall drown his sorrows in a pint.

    5 years later – Marty’s doing fine! Thank God! 🙂

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