Introducing: Ruby The Hummingbird


“Good golly, Uncle Tree! This red stuff is the bomb!”

Here comes Ruby

Here she comes now making a beeline for the feeder.

Immature female ruby-throated hummingbird

“Sweet uncle, hate to tell you, but my lifeline has a leak!”


No worries, young lady, we won’t let the well go dry.

Hummingbird hiding

“Can you see me now, Uncle Tree? I’m chiming in.”

Hummingbird dribbling nectar

Careful now, Ruby. You can only drink so much in one setting.

One last hummingbird hug

I’ll leave when I’m darn well ready, dear uncle.

10 seconds tops. I got this hankering.

Sit still and take pictures.

Make me famous.

Love you!



May You

Sun levitation

May you ever face the sunset landing bravely catty-cornered.

Darth invader

May you ever go down famously flaunting your fabulous colors.

Twigged Sunset

May you ever remember how to get twiggy with it, when necessary.

Rosie Bush

May you ever say, “Cheerz!” to the merry month of May!

Photographs by Uncle Tree