Sandhill Blitz

Sandhill swim, snow geese

Who would guess? These are Snow Geese in Nebraska?

Grand Island Snow Geese

Beating the Cranes to The Plains they play, “First come, first served!”

Snow Geese Blitz

I couldn’t help but spook their little party for a picture.

Sand Pit in Grand Island

Farmers call them a nuisance? Well,

they haven’t met me.

Uncle Tree



23 thoughts on “Sandhill Blitz

  1. Just amazing Uncle Tree. I can’t decide which of the four pictures best exemplifies how many of those snow geese are really there. It must be astounding to see them … good thing the snow geese and cranes don’t have to share the sky on a given day … the airlines would have to cancel all their flights! Perhaps Nebraska needs to change their moniker from “The Cornhusker State” to “The Waterfowl State” – what say you to that idea?

  2. That is a fantastic sight, well photographed. We have tens of thousands of geese visit Norfolk UK each winter (pink footed geese not snow geese) I just love to watch them fly over and feed on the local fields.

  3. Thank you so much, Linda! πŸ™‚ Glad you like these goosed-up shots.
    I’m thinking — The Best Rest Stop In The Midwest In March!

    We actually got chased off of this “sand mine” by some guy in a truck. LoL!
    The Nuisance Photographer got what he wanted already. No biggie.

  4. We who live in Nebraska are fortunate in that respect, but a little short when it comes to other attractions, besides HUSKER football.

    Glad you liked these shots. πŸ™‚ Thank you very much!

  5. Uncle Tree – That’s a good description, so go ahead and send it to your state’s chamber of commerce!

    The guys in a truck had no appreciation of nature I guess, but luckily you already got your shots.

    I waited patiently yesterday for two cardinals to hope down closer to me from their perch high in a tree. I had them on the low branch, got the camera out of the pouch carefully not to make them stir, and someone came up behind me and started yelling “what you taking a picture of?” It startled me, then them … they flew away and the picture was lost. There will be other shots down the road.

  6. Thank you very much, Cecilia! πŸ™‚ I’d never seen so many geese in one place in my entire life. It was an unplanned and completely lucky event. Totally unexpected!

    We were just getting to Grand Island, and this gathering was happening just a few miles from town, so I pulled over to take a few shots, and then “trespassed” through a fake fence to get a closer view. About 5 minutes later, some guy pulled up in a truck and said we had to get off this “sand mine”, as if we were endangered. Needless to say, we cooperated.

    My camera is just a simple Sony point-and-shoot with 20x optical zoom, but, for sure, wish it was 50x a lot of the time.

    We just got back from another little trip there to see the cranes,
    and I will post some of those pics here this morning.

    Have a great Sunday! Cheerz, UT

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