Sandhill Blitz

Sandhill swim, snow geese

Who would guess? These are Snow Geese in Nebraska?

Grand Island Snow Geese

Beating the Cranes to The Plains they play, “First come, first served!”

Snow Geese Blitz

I couldn’t help but spook their little party for a picture.

Sand Pit in Grand Island

Farmers call them a nuisance? Well,

they haven’t met me.

Uncle Tree



Leaf Be As Be Is

 Sun rises daily for a change
while photons learn to re-arrange
crane invasion
Fab fashions flower fancy fads
Go broke of grays serenely sad
snow geese
Not long for love in Time to live
Dive deep where souls meet to forgive
courting cranes
Let Spirit splish-splash all for fun
Bless goldfish gleaming on the run
sandhill cranes
Take nothing — leave be as be is
Shine on! Show off! Shine bright! Show-biz!
gleams in flight
Wave-less ripples quiet the pond
Silent the streams pouring beyond
pink platte
Hush once to hear my lady’s pine
for love that looks and feels divine
Then do remember all the lines
and may they save you just in time
Keith Alan Watson
To my lady, Lu
crane dance