Raising Crane: Behind The Wheel

Cranes behind the wheel

Sandhill Crane takeoff


Dancing Cranes

Crane jumpers

Cranes last meal

Possible Whooping Crane


Rare Whooping Crane?

The rare and endangered Whooping Cranes are white.

I’ve never seen one before, so I can’t say positively,

but that one in the middle sure stood out in the crowd.

Great Plains windmill

Photographs by Uncle Tree

April 13, 2018






23 thoughts on “Raising Crane: Behind The Wheel

  1. Thank you kindly, Brian! ๐Ÿ™‚ At this time of year,
    the pipes and wheels stand still, and the Cranes
    seem to congregate around them, for they are
    a ways away from the roads and cars and people.

  2. Beautiful picture of the great bird!๐Ÿ˜Š Here most of the cranes have left and they have flown north. Only a few couples have stayed here to breed and even the young birds who have not yet formed pairs.

  3. Thank you much, John! ๐Ÿ™‚ It was very windy, cold,
    and cloudy — a tough day for photography.
    The big birds didn’t seem to mind at all. Cheerz, UT

  4. You have lots of nice shots of these cranes, and, the cranes look so large, but perhaps it is also because they are out on the open plain. What is this apparatus with wheels Uncle Tree – is it a watering device, or maybe used to bale hay?

  5. Thank you kindly, Linda! ๐Ÿ™‚ I do believe it is all part
    of the irrigation system, which they can wheel around
    from place to place all over the field of play.

  6. LoL! ๐Ÿ™‚ With today’s gusty winds, they just might take off.
    We have “dust advisories” till 6. Only here in The Dust Bowl historical territory.

    We didn’t even get an inch of rain in April. All that changes beginning tomorrow.
    Strong storms and tornado watches will rule the afternoon and evening. Oh, boy!

  7. It seems to me from corresponding with you that we often your weather the following day (except for the Dust Bowl situation). My friend in western New York always gets our Michigan weather the following day.

    We did get a lot of rain, especially the weekend of the 14th and 15th … solid rain, then freezing rain. That’s when the 300,000 lost their power (200,000 in our area).

    We have a high wind advisory for Tuesday and recommendations not to burn or use a fire pit tomorrow. And, we have severe weather for Thursday afternoon/evening. I worry too. Good luck with the tornado watches … I am a worry wart about severe storms when it heats up quickly like it did here … 80 tomorrow after a high of 50 yesterday, is a recipe for trouble.

  8. We have no basement. :/ But historically, Lincoln’s been lucky.
    Currently, it’s 82 degrees with 50 mph gusts.
    The storms are due late afternoon tomorrow. Hope to be home before it hits.
    If a tornado were to come in view, I be taking pictures.

  9. Yikes! Well bathtub or inside closet is your next best thing. And don’t forget Rudy! Stay safe at any rate. I worry as there are large trees behind my house and the people in that house have been a slew of renters the last 20 years. The tree roots are coming out of the ground and I worry they’ll topple. I hope Lincoln continues to be lucky. Those are hefty gusts. Marge’s pear tree split in two at 39 mph and my metal shed lifted off its moorings and tumbled across the yard at that same wind speed. When it comes to Summer storms and tornadoes, I’m ready to fast forward to Fall. We have 72 right now.

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