May You

Sun levitation

May you ever face the sunset landing bravely catty-cornered.

Darth invader

May you ever go down famously flaunting your fabulous colors.

Twigged Sunset

May you ever remember how to get twiggy with it, when necessary.

Rosie Bush

May you ever say, “Cheerz!” to the merry month of May!

Photographs by Uncle Tree


53 thoughts on “May You

  1. I’ll trade you one for one. Your colorful sunset poem for m memory one.


    © 2015 Barbara Grace Lake

    Circles of Ashes
    Last night’s bonfire
    Last year’s life
    Upon a sloping green
    Remembered from the past
    And half forgotten dreams
    Down to the meadow
    Running to the ridge
    Happy shouts, merry laughter
    Called unbidden
    Called again
    Lest ever I forget

  2. Oh what a gorgeous bright orb in in the sky and that train flitting by like a goose or a crane … you have the perfect place to capture those sunsets and make them memorable.

  3. Thank you very much, Linda! 🙂 Summer is hinting its presence,
    and El Sol is setting further to the north every day. Brace yourself.

  4. I’m scared to think what this topsy-turvy weather will bring Uncle Tree. We have a high of 56 degrees on Friday after temps in the 70s today/tomorrow. The weather is too erratic right now. I’ve not heard a long-range forecast yet … weather folks are probably scared to give one!

  5. We’re praying for rain here, Linda.
    We’ve almost reach drought conditions already!
    Hard to believe, I know. May I wish for a storm, come hail or high water?

  6. You can have our torrential rain and thunderstorm that is going on right now Uncle tree. I am about to pull the plug as it is the beginning of a stormy evening. “Hail or high water” … very clever. The Weather Channel predicted high winds, torrential rain and thunderstorms beginning at 6:45 and they were right on cue. Yikes!

  7. Whenever I take the time to be present during a sunset, I am always reminded that the best moments in life are free, and only wait to be experienced. You captured one of those moments beautifully.

  8. May our brightest and most beautiful moments
    always, and in all ways, come free of charge.

    Where the only thing gained is experience, nothing is ever lost.

    May you forever retain your wonderful thoughts, Tanja! 🙂 Peace and luvz, UT

  9. Such perfect colors to end the day, and then the drama of flight ~ your first shot, simply perfect for the perfect setting of both sun & plane 🙂 Enjoy your Sunday…

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