One Last Windmill

The Last Windmill

Well! Hello there, folks! 

Did y’all come here just to see li’l ol’ me?

Grand Island Windmill

I am the last windmill, ya know!

The blackbirds told me so.

Retired Windmill

Stand back and endure the awe,

because fainting is against the law,

and awfully embarrassing, too, I hear tell.

Farm view

As you pass on by, say, “Hey!” to my comrades for me, will ya?

before they’re rolled away to meet their Maker.

Until the cows come home...

Don’t worry about those cows, now. Ya hear?

Once they come home, it’s all over for everybody.

The Platte River near Grand Island

River is an exception to that rule.

I pray it always runs.

Sir Windmill



14 thoughts on “One Last Windmill

  1. Beautiful. Sad though, having to say goodbye to one’s comrades which are taken over by technology and modernity. Hope this lone windmill stands to see future generations.

  2. Thank you very much, Janis! 🙂 Glad you like and feel invited.
    Spring has finally sprung here, and I’d love nothing better
    than to back and see Sir Windmill amongst tall green grass and bright blue skies.

    P.S. I promise not to tell him, he’s not the last of the last. 😉 Cheerz, UT

  3. Sorry, Kate. I didn’t mean for it to sound all sad and lonely.
    Probably expected though, since I turned 60 in January. I’m beginning to see The End.

    I like your newfangled windmill. It’s probably way smarter than this old guy.
    Glad you liked, too. 🙂 Thank you! UT

  4. That windmill sure does look majestic standing there watching over its domain like a feudal lord. How tall is it – do you know Uncle Tree?

  5. I’m guessing about 30 feet tall, Linda.
    Sir Windmill appeals menacing? That’s kinda cool, ‘cuz I didn’t see that at all.
    Majestic? Yes, that was what I was shooting for.

    Glad you liked. Thank you much! 🙂 Cheerz, UT

  6. Yes, they do, Sartenada. Like people, some seem better than others, and some hang around longer than others.

    Thank you for sharing that post! 🙂 Peace and luvz, UT

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