Shotgun Start

Shotgun Start Windmill

Aye, windmill! Your scars can only speak of one of your stories.

Shotgun weathered

Still, you stand bravely in your silent solemnity.

Salutary respects to Your Highness. 

Sincerely, Uncle Tree

Your Highness Windmill


20 thoughts on “Shotgun Start

  1. I love this windmills!😊 We don´t have them here in Sweden, wonder why, because they are quite simple and I can believe they are effective to.

  2. Thank you, John! 🙂 In days gone by…ah!
    Now, we have giant white Behemoths littering the landscape!
    Talk about efficiency. It’s basically free energy. More power to ’em.

  3. Uncle Tree, I don’t believe I’ve ever seen such a tall and majestic windmill and you’ve captured it beautifully. At first glance, it reminds me a bit of when we kids would put a piece of cardboard in the spoke of our bicycle wheel and hold it in place with a clothespin to make a noise … I know … “small things amuse small minds” but bet you did that too.

  4. Glad you like this simple still, Linda. 🙂 Thank you very much!
    It really did look like someone hit the vane with a shotgun. What a potshot, poor windmill.

    We used playing cards, or baseball cards and a clothespin to get that engine sound.
    Then Mattel came out with that game-changing “V-RROOM!” contraption in 1963.
    Much to the dismay of my friends, I got one, and it was no longer a competition.

  5. Glad you liked this, Randall. 🙂 Thank you very much!
    I have one more to show. I’d already thought about lending it my voice.
    Animate, and let it speak for itself, yes. The wheels are turning…

  6. It was very nice, even regal looking Uncle Tree. I never had a contraption for making my bike make that noise – you were lucky and left your friends in the dust with their simple card-in-the-spokes trick. I did think all kids did that trick with their bikes – wonder if they still do it today.

    It took me forever to do my post today – there is a dog on the corner barking since 6:30 a.m., non-stop and I called the police an hour ago, still barking. First time I ever called the police but I sat here fuming, and could not stand it any longer. Shut down my computer for awhile as I couldn’t concentrate on writing and not even doing the photos. I lost my cool and don’t usually lose my cool.

  7. Wango de Tango! It’s Cinco de Drinko!
    Sorry to hear your day was super-wacko.

    Be good, stay cool, and take care, dear friend. ❤ UT

  8. Dog is driving me up a tree – don’t be offended! 🙂 Thank you for the well-wishes and now I am catching up on Reader. Everyone is most prolific on the weekends. 🙂 Neighbor might be celebrating Cinqo de Mayo more than the average person, but this the norm for him. Dog’s name is Cha-Cha BTW.

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