Tree Crossing II

February 14, 2019 marks my 10th Anniversary @ WordPress!
What a long strange trip it’s been, but well worth the ride.

HaPPy VaLenTine’s DaY to all my family and friends!
Peace and luvz, Uncle Tree ♥ From the beginning…Post #1:

Uncle Tree's House

Celebrating Uncle Tree’s 10th Anniversary @ WordPress!

February 14, 2019

Post #1

Uncle Tree's House

I’m so glad you stopped!

Yes, I’ve been felled and can’t get up.

I never intended to cross the road.

The other side never looked greener.

I do hope you welcome the detour.

You’ll find a knife in the fork just ahead.

In a minute, you can leave your mark.

Carve your initials into my bark.

Now add a plus sign for good measure.

Then under that – the name you treasure.

Surround them both with a human heart,

Captured in love, in rapture thou art.

No skin off my back, I feel no pain.

‘Tis good to be on the road again!

Uncle Tree

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43 thoughts on “Tree Crossing II

  1. You’re welcome Uncle Tree – before I even finished reading it, I knew I had to send it to you – amazing info! I like your post that you shared with me … both the writing and images were beautiful.

  2. True that, Pablo! Hope all is well with you. I haven’t posted here for 2 years, but I still keep an eye on things. After a good fun 10 years of blogging, my girlfriend passed away in April 2019, and I just gave up the ghost here thereafter. Mostly play with Facebook now, where family and close friends are more readily available.

    I’m sure you understand. Best wishes to you, bro! Cheerz, UT

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