34 thoughts on “Pumpkin Down

  1. Thank you, Linda! 🙂
    It doesn’t look like that bush will be growing back.
    This one is a Cottonwood tree growing out of the hedge
    which lies north of the property where the heart used to live.

  2. Dear Uncle Tree, I would say you sure can tell a good ghost story and that you have indeed branched out from your usual offerings. I enjoyed it and please include it in the Great American Novel when you publish it! Thank you for sending the link to me to read.

  3. You’re welcome, Linda. 🙂 Thank you for the compliments!
    I’m glad you liked it, and I appreciate your kind thoughts.
    It’s a treat to share. Hope you have a HaPPy HaLLoWeen! Hugz, UT

  4. You’re welcome again Uncle Tree – sorry for the long time to get back. I went on a long walk this morning and just finished a long post, so am catching up here just now. You have a Happy Halloween as well – I will have a ghoulish post on Wednesday.

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