Crane Crazy

Uncle Tree's OMG! moment

I’m from the Get-Down and Show-Me State of Missouri, where seeing is believing,

and believing is colorfully Royal, and royalty tends to turn every Tiger in the tank

into a Chiefly loyal mascot, as if it were a Cardinal rule.

Well, dear down-home folks, crane your necks and take a look at these

Sandhill Cranes, as they flit and soar like a swarm commanded by Moses!

Blessed be…

Sandhill Cranes


Ichabod Cranes

Crane Clutter

Crane Late

Cranes at twilight

Gone Craney

Pastel Cranes

Photographs by Uncle Tree



11 thoughts on “Crane Crazy

  1. Happy Easter friend ,in Poland today cold like in autumn ,my mind is not happy at all and in last years i do not feel in that way like i was a younger ,maybe is a part of mind or maybe brain damage ? i have so many questions in head but no answers ,You know what i am talking about ,Bless You Keith

  2. Sorry to hear that, Em. 😦 I wish I could muster up a reasonable reply every time I hear the question of “why?” Alas, I am as befuddled as a tree without leaves,
    and as soundless as a musical scale without notes.
    “Father, forgive us for we know not what we do.”
    Friend, soul bro, Em, I wish you a meaningful Easter weekend, and I pray you find redemption in and through the questions that come to your mind,
    as surely as they daily come to mine.
    God bless you, good man. Peace and luvz sent your way! Sincerely, Keith

  3. Thank you, George! 🙂 I love to educate.
    What I imagine is — the party is Nebraska’s version of the pilgrimage to Mecca.
    They wine, dine and dance in the gritty sands,
    like natives returning to claim the fruits of their heritage.

    And, yes, it does look kinda corny.

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