The Eyes Of Mind


When dealing with outrageously inexplicable experiences,

our souls come to the rescue and inform us

there is more to life than meets

The Eyes of Mind.

eyes of mind


that more is oh-so divine!

sun doggies

To feel whole, accepted, and at home with

one’s self, with the world, and with God  

is to feel as if the circle has been completed,

and one has found the center.

But one is not alone, nay.

One is in good company!

pink sunset

“God is like a circle

whose circumference is nowhere,

and who’s center is everywhere.”

Meister Eickhart


Pictures and words by one

Keith Alan Watson


2 thoughts on “The Eyes Of Mind

  1. Uncle Tree, What a comforting poem, and so utterly true. One to keep in the back pocket for the days when it matters, which are not so rare.

  2. Thank you dearly, George! 🙂 Glad to know you think it’s a keeper. Always good to see you here. Your thoughts and words of wisdom are in all ways much appreciated.

    Peace and luvz, UT

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