Sandhill Blitz

Sandhill swim, snow geese

Who would guess? These are Snow Geese in Nebraska?

Grand Island Snow Geese

Beating the Cranes to The Plains they play, “First come, first served!”

Snow Geese Blitz

I couldn’t help but spook their little party for a picture.

Sand Pit in Grand Island

Farmers call them a nuisance? Well,

they haven’t met me.

Uncle Tree


Great Plains Farms

Crane Skies

Sandhill Cranes don’t have to wait for Spring to arrive.

Nebraska farm view

Cranes come to farm the fields of yesterday’s leftovers.

Great Plains Farms and Cranes

While it may not look like enough to feed the multitudes,

Dancing Cranes

they come back every year to get their fill of golden grains.

Parachuting cranes

Soft landings make for easy pickings, and there’s always room to roam.

Cranes in flight

Photographs by Uncle Tree

When It Rains Cranes

Sandhill Crane rain

When it rains Sandhill Cranes, even thunderstorms take note.

Cranes On The Fly

Lord knows how long this migration party’s been going on.

Cranes Over The Platte

The Platte River itself is giddy over being the chosen haven for a spell.

Crane Hill

The lowly hills bow down to receive this ancient blessing.

Cranes in clouds

Even after the cranes call it a day, one is left with a sense of hope.

Twilight on The Platte River

The river silently agrees.

Sandhill Crane couplet

Roundabout February 14 to April 15

Photographs by Uncle Tree

Sundown On Tanker Hill

Sundown On Tanker Hill

When my parents picked up our gnarly roots in 1974

and transplanted us from Missouri to Nebraska,

Tanker Hill, Lincoln, Nebraska

we rented a house about two city blocks from the infamous Tanker Hill.

From my current back porch, it stands around 3 miles away.

Tanker Hill on fire

Why does looking West remind us to look to the past?

Simply because High Noon reminds us to remember the present?

Heart on fire

One’s perspective always gets fired up when memories light the way.

Sunset Avenue revisited

Not only salt pillars make History.

Season to taste the best!

Uncle Tree


Great Plains Twilight

Geese under crescent moon

At the end of the day, peace and quiet beckon me home.

Crescent Drive

Twilight highlights the opportunity to reflect.

Great Plains twilight

The solitary Moon longs for stability, as do we.

Silver Moon

Restlessness rules those who refuse to accept the way the world turns.

Sundown bush

As a rule, no righteous endeavor is a waste of precious time.

Coming to terms begins and ends with me.

Uncle Tree

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