The Evolution Of A Sunset

Ball of Fire

It was so cold in Nebraska, even the Sun wore a hoodie!

Sun with a hoodie

Sunny-side up — orb — over-easy, yes? 

Elongated sun

Scrambling down the horizon, we stir it all together again.

The Sun's evolution

Whisk, weave and wave ≈ the cheerios of goodbyes. 

In the beginning...

Sorta nosy is El Sol, as always.

phallic sun

Uncle Tree


31 thoughts on “The Evolution Of A Sunset

  1. More beautiful sun photos and I loved the descriptions – Sun with a hoodie and especially sunny side up. I think it is a sunny side up egg, based on working at a diner while going to school many moons ago. We had some excitement in the sky here in SE Michigan tonight – a meteor. It made the national news and the videos showed a big flash of light. I only heard the kaboom!

  2. Thank you very much, Linda! 🙂
    Breakfast at Tiffany’s sounds pretty good right now, but, alas, I’m off to work.
    I magically love meteor showers! We go waaaaay back.
    Very cool you had a single one locally. I’ll keep my eye out for the news. Cheerz! UT

  3. Work does interfere with things sometimes doesn’t it? I worked in a small diner through college and it was the best job I ever had – it brought me out of my shell as I was very shy before working there. I was the only non-Southerner who worked at Carter’s and most of our clientele had come North for jobs and came there to eat and visit with folks who all hailed from “back home”. I heard the kaboom and I did not feel the house shake, though some people are saying they felt a rumbling. They are calling it a sonic boom, the equivalent of a 2.0 earthquake. There were many photos and videos posted online, and some good ones from people’s security cameras.

  4. Thank you, angelbeam! 🙂 Glad I tickled your fancy with this one.
    I never thought about the possibility of the sun being able to see. Hmmm…or think!
    I wonder if He’s self-aware. But, then again, isn’t everything? To some extent?

  5. Thank you much, Aquileana! 🙂 I’m pretty sure the Sun
    is ALWAYS on fire. 😉 Quite literally!
    Wish I was. Peace and hugz, girl! Have a great week! And best wishes taming that fire.

  6. Work interferes with everything! Doesn’t it?
    What do they call that? Oh, yah — a necessary evil. Sheesh…
    I’ll watch world news tonight. And, I’ll check Facebook as well. Good evening, girl!

  7. Work sure is a necessary evil, and these days work may extend more years than you thought when you first entered the work world as a young sprout The hub bub about the meteor has now died down a notch. Good evening to you too Uncle Tree.

  8. Thanks for this link Uncle Tree – interesting post and I’m going to follow this blog. The link to M Live was chock full of tidbits too. This event held many local people spellbound and we have a lot of international and national visitors here this week for the auto show press and industry preview days in Detroit. The meteor gave them something to remember from their stay besides just the vehicles on the show floor.

  9. Great post-I like that it is short and has great pictures. Pictures speak 1000 words, afterall!

  10. It did, methinks, but just a tad bit, Wayne.
    Nothing like the green glow you get, though.
    Glad you like what you’re seeing. 🙂 Thank you much, my friend. Happy Friday!

  11. LoL George! And I witnessed it firsthand. Hell! I even took time to take pics,
    before I scrambled onto my jet ski and flew away. 😉

    Cheerz, bud! Notwithstanding (for too long), here I am now, safe and sound.
    Thanks for the laugh!

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