Great Plains Landing: Part 2

Canadian Geese landing on golf course

Season’s greetings end with landings and long-necked kissing!

Great Plains Landing 2

Beastly and clumsily, the chums fowl down to mingle.

Geese parade

After a fun day on the course,

the geese parade to the 19th hole for a drink on the house.

Lincoln Air Park's Water Tower, Tanker Hill

Photographs by Uncle Tree

Happy landing!


12 thoughts on “Great Plains Landing: Part 2

  1. The geese are happy they don’t have to land on the snow … when you don’t wear snow pants, it is a mighty cold landing. How’d you get them to line up and goose step like that?

  2. They see Uncle Tree out back and they flaunt! 😉 Simple as that!
    Multiply that thought, girl. You just put me over my 7000th comment to date.
    7 is my favorite number very the most holy of reasons. God bless you! Peace and luvz, UT

  3. P.S. – 7,000 comments – Congrats Uncle Tree …. I just got kudos from Word Press today that I reached my 200th comment – 200 is rather pitiful I’d say, since next month I celebrate my 5th blog anniversary, so I have to step up my game a bit.

  4. Actually, I misread my kudos … it is the 200th “like” … I have to check out how many comments I have – I didn’t see it in the stats portion. I had a faithful commenter (if that is a word) from day #1, and she is the one who encouraged me to write this blog, but she passed away last August, and I have one more faithful commenter, and the rest are mostly new subscribers. I don’t hold a candle to you. My friend Marge, who encouraged me to do the blog, reminds me of you with the sun pics … she loved sunsets and sunrises – but sunrises mostly. This is what I wrote the day she passed away … I know you’ll like her sunrise photo.

  5. Sorry to hear about your friend, Linda. I’ll come and visit to see her sunrise pic.
    As far as stats go, I eventually learned, or realized, one has to get out and get around, so to speak. I use the Reader feature to keep up on those I follow, and I also use it to meet new folks by inserting a tag, or keyword in the Search box; a tag in which we have a common interest, like trees, photography, and sunsets.
    To put things in perspective, about 10% of the sites I visit and “Like” generate a return visit and Like, and occasionally a comment. That’s how I stumbled upon you and your blog. It’s certainly a geography lesson, and I still see it as super-cool to be viewed by folks from all over the world, and from countries I’d never heard of, much less visited. Why, heck! I haven’t even seen all 50 states yet. Needless to say, my bucket list is rather long.

    Cheerz to sunny days and long lives! Peace, luvz and hugz, Keith

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