Great Plains Landing: Part 2

Canadian Geese landing on golf course

Season’s greetings end with landings and long-necked kissing!

Great Plains Landing 2

Beastly and clumsily, the chums fowl down to mingle.

Geese parade

After a fun day on the course,

the geese parade to the 19th hole for a drink on the house.

Lincoln Air Park's Water Tower, Tanker Hill

Photographs by Uncle Tree

Happy landing!


15 thoughts on “Great Plains Landing: Part 2

  1. The geese are happy they don’t have to land on the snow … when you don’t wear snow pants, it is a mighty cold landing. How’d you get them to line up and goose step like that?

  2. They see Uncle Tree out back and they flaunt! 😉 Simple as that!
    Multiply that thought, girl. You just put me over my 7000th comment to date.
    7 is my favorite number very the most holy of reasons. God bless you! Peace and luvz, UT

  3. P.S. – 7,000 comments – Congrats Uncle Tree …. I just got kudos from Word Press today that I reached my 200th comment – 200 is rather pitiful I’d say, since next month I celebrate my 5th blog anniversary, so I have to step up my game a bit.

  4. Actually, I misread my kudos … it is the 200th “like” … I have to check out how many comments I have – I didn’t see it in the stats portion. I had a faithful commenter (if that is a word) from day #1, and she is the one who encouraged me to write this blog, but she passed away last August, and I have one more faithful commenter, and the rest are mostly new subscribers. I don’t hold a candle to you. My friend Marge, who encouraged me to do the blog, reminds me of you with the sun pics … she loved sunsets and sunrises – but sunrises mostly. This is what I wrote the day she passed away … I know you’ll like her sunrise photo.

  5. Sorry to hear about your friend, Linda. I’ll come and visit to see her sunrise pic.
    As far as stats go, I eventually learned, or realized, one has to get out and get around, so to speak. I use the Reader feature to keep up on those I follow, and I also use it to meet new folks by inserting a tag, or keyword in the Search box; a tag in which we have a common interest, like trees, photography, and sunsets.
    To put things in perspective, about 10% of the sites I visit and “Like” generate a return visit and Like, and occasionally a comment. That’s how I stumbled upon you and your blog. It’s certainly a geography lesson, and I still see it as super-cool to be viewed by folks from all over the world, and from countries I’d never heard of, much less visited. Why, heck! I haven’t even seen all 50 states yet. Needless to say, my bucket list is rather long.

    Cheerz to sunny days and long lives! Peace, luvz and hugz, Keith

  6. I’ve returned to your post, “Great Plains Landing-Part 2”, after seeing this video on National Geographic. I, too, like watching the Canada Geese and seeing them at the park where I walk. I won’t see thousands as you promise will soon converge on the golf course, but there will be many of them stalking around the perimeter path or protecting their goslings come Spring. This video is fascinating to me … wouldn’t it be grand to be up there flying alongside these birds? Also, apologies to you Keith as I missed your second reply to me after I sent my “Last Sunrise” post about my friend Marge – I didn’t see it until now … I went back to confirm you said 1,000s not 100s of geese. I have not used tags on my posts, and/or searched for common interests. It is time for me to expand my horizons on WordPress … after all, it’s been nearly five years. Enjoy this video – it almost doesn’t look real:

  7. LoL! Yes, Linda, I caught this video on Facebook. It’s a laugh! Incredible!
    About numbers…well, how does one count?
    They’re like an army, with look-outs, scouts, and generals. Add to that, the hormonal younger Top Guns showing off as they land. They do flips! 360’s! I couldn’t believe my eyes, so I did a little research, and it’s true. They fly and land so close to each other, in order to avoid a collision, they flip, which drops their altitude quickly, by 3 to 5 feet, if I remember correctly.
    I’ve only lived through one season here, so I can’t guarantee a reprisal. One can only hope.

    Best wishes putting yourself on the map of the world! Blogging can be a chore, so be careful what you wish for. 😉 Cheerz, UT

  8. I watch some extraordinary stories on the National Geographic channel on Twitter … I had to search that video out to send the link since, as a nature lover, (and geese watcher), I figured you would enjoy it. I didn’t see it on Facebook though.

    Hopefully the geese return again and there will many more images when they converge on the golf course. The park where I walk sprayed something on the grass near the walking path to deter the geese from grazing there. In May the goslings show up and are all over the place, and once they can fly, the spray goes onto the grass. I can still enjoy the geese in the water and nearby though.

    I just did a post, but didn’t tag – I agree that blogging has to remain fun and if it becomes too burdensome, the joy will be gone from it – you have to keep everything in perspective sometimes.

    Hope the weather did not impact you too much. Have a good evening Uncle Tree.

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