In The Wisdom Of A Sap

immortal tree sap

We are but a speck of stardust, and yet,

we, too, arise and shine boldly,

as if we were immortal.

Uncle Tree


28 thoughts on “In The Wisdom Of A Sap

  1. Very powerful words in a few sentences and the photo is stupendous – you sure have the knack for capturing photos of the sun … today the sunrise, last week the sunset. Wow!

  2. LoL! 🙂 Linda, I sorta cheated, or, rather, implied a sunrise, but, alas, this, too, is a sunset. When I look East, all I see are houses.
    I do thank you for the fine compliment! Much appreciated. ❤ Peace and luvz, UT

  3. That’s okay Uncle Tree, you can cheat or imply as it is in the eye of the beholder, right? The sun on Ray Street was incredible too. PS – I made a typo … meant “powerful” … just saw it now.

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