One Ray Street

One Ray To Heaven

Some folks say there is only one ray to heaven,

One Ray Street

as if, they’ve taken that trip before.

One Ray Street

Is this One Ray Street the famed road well traveled?

One ray sunset

Or, is this your ray and to hell with what they say?

Sun Ray Street

When your sun begins to set, and your ray of hope wanes dimmer,

Last ray to go

only the gleam in your eye will know

who went down a winner.

Photographs by Uncle Tree

Peace to Ray Thomas: Moody Blues

Thank you for shining!”



26 thoughts on “One Ray Street

  1. WoWzer, Wayne! 🙂 Optical illusions!
    Next time I’m lucky enough to be home at sunset, and this illusion manifests once again,
    I will “show and tell” my readers about sun pillars, just so they feel as special as I do when art meets science and elicits the feeling of “awe”.

  2. Reblogged this on Satanic Muses and commented:
    Uncle Tree has been following our blogs for many years. We suspect his spiritual views are quite different from ours but he has always been supportive and never judgemental. His wisdom imbues his photography and prose as can be seen here.

  3. Awww… Thank you, ladies! 🙂
    The Arts need liberals such as we, and from that perspective, I believe we think alike.

    Best wishes on your new site! Peace and luvz, UT

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