Great Plains Uprising

Great Plains Uprising

Just like we do, sunsets come and go of their own accord.

Great Planes Landing

There’s no wishing they could stick around longer than usual.

Half-ass gone and hanging by a wire

(who’s about to turn 60)

Uncle Tree




35 thoughts on “Great Plains Uprising

  1. Well, now, seniorita Linda. 😉 Good to know! I’m in great company.
    Thank you for the early wishes! I’m not there yet. He he he…
    Have yourself a fabulous weekend! Cheerz, peace and luvz, UT
    P.S. Keith was born on Jan. 30th

  2. Thank you – same to you. So, Keith was a child of the ’50s, (wonderful people born in that era), and Keith is in his 50s (with 10 days left to enjoy that status) … and how many rings are there for Uncle Tree?

  3. Dear friend,
    On the one hand, Uncle Tree is immortal.
    On the other, UT will start his 10th ring February 14th.
    Others born in ’58 include Michael Jackson, Prince, and Madonna. Born entertainers — 🙂

  4. 🙂 By virtue of his rings, Uncle Tree is just a baby! My mom’s birthday was Valentine’s Day. Lots of entertainers took their first breath in ’58; no singers in ’56, except LaToya Jackson.

  5. HI, Uncle Tree. Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my post on ways to boost your memory. I am enjoying my visit to yours. Interesting to run across someone who has been blogging as long as you have. I’m usually the oldest guy with the oldest blog. Have a great weekend!

  6. I was barking up the wrong tree – your Valentine’s Day poem speaks volumes. I will have to go back to the beginning of your blog and see what all I’ve missed through the years.

  7. Oh, boy! That almost makes me nervous, Linda.
    If you do choose to go that route, keep in mind; WordPress didn’t introduce a “LIKE” button until 2012, or so.
    You’ll also come across my unfinished novel. Long story…
    For starters, tho, here’s one that’s appropriate: (It’s about the night I witnessed a falling star far too up-close and personal)

    Have a great fun Sunday! 🙂 Best wishes, Uncle Tree

  8. No doubt, Elisa. 🙂 That was cool.
    I’d fit right in on that street. Why, heck!
    Left with no other choice, I’d still point at the sky and say, “No wall will ever keep them out of our neighborhood!”

  9. Uncle Tree – I just read your account of the falling star – how incredible, and, having not read this narrative before today, it’s no wonder you were so interested in the meteor the other night. The Heavens above hold many treasures; you were lucky enough to be part of something special, and also fortunate that this falling star missed you … who knows how you would have been “branded” or, of course, more importantly, if you would have survived. Thank you for sharing this link. I will go back and read your posts from the beginning, just a little every day. I didn’t know there was no “LIKE” button before 2012, as I did not begin my blog until February 2013. If your poems, stories and images are all as powerful as what I’ve seen so far since I began following you, I am sure I will be enthralled. Enjoy your Sunday as well.

  10. Thanks again, Linda! 🙂
    Nowadays, I look for joy in the small and subtle.
    I started using my own pictures, exclusively, about 13 months ago.
    I was lucky enough to “borrow” some artwork back in the day. I’ve met some very talented and cool folks along the way; generous people! Much appreciated friends.

    Have a great Monday! We’re looking at blizzard condition here, starting shortly. Oh, boy!

    Cheerz to you! UT

  11. I enjoy the little things in life as well Uncle Tree.
    I used stock photos in the beginning (patronizing “Dollar Photo” until they went out of business), then I discovered Pixabay and recently, a local photographer named Jill Wellington. Her pictures are amazing. Also, I discovered a grade school chum from kindergarten that I hooked up with through Facebook and Maggie loves to paint, but strictly as a hobby.
    I use my own pictures in most seasons except Winter although we are looking at very mild weather all this week, so I may take out the camera again.
    Sorry to hear about your blizzard conditions – stay safe out there. Winter and I are not friends at all, despite being Canadian-born.

  12. Sorry about the misunderstanding, daretobeme. Tony was the man with the dog, who commented a couple spots above your “Thank you”. I use the notification symbol on my dashboard to reply to folks. With the WordPress theme I use, I can’t make replies right under each comment.

    I’ll check out your sight. See you there! Peace, UT

  13. UT…say it ain’t so!! Hope there’s a big BD bash on the horizon 😉 And if the horizon is anything like the one in the photos here I’d say it’s going to be incredible!!! Best always! ❤

  14. Good golly, Lorrie! I wood knot dare exaggerate in this instance.
    Perhaps, there are times when the dimmer-side of twilight paints a more tolerable canvas; a more understanding exposure of Time and and its limits.
    Your kind wishes are much appreciated, dear friend; always have been.
    Thank you! 🙂 Peace and luvz, UT

  15. Happy Birthday Uncle Tree. 60 is a real milestone. Having been in this 6th decade of my life for 7 years now I can say that it’s definitely a good time to be alive! Still creative and full of life spirit. Vital and turned on by the beauty of it all, as you are. You’ll dig it! Thanks for the frequent visits to my site. Much appreciated!. Be well… Steve

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