Great Plains Skies

Great Plains' Geese

After the sun sets, geese fly above the cover of pink.

Lincoln Airport sunset

Leaders and followers both occupy the same time frame.

Great Plains Sky

Families become communities, once the day comes to a close.

Canadian Geese

Fly me straight, and fly me high!Goose illusion

After all, illusions are only numbers cut down to size.

Photographs by Uncle Tree



31 thoughts on “Great Plains Skies

  1. “Fly the friendly skies …” as that old airline commercial used to say. Gorgeous colors! I never get tired of glancing up and seeing the birds in formation, especially when they are in a perfect “V”. I’ve been reading your prior posts (going in reverse chronological order as I wanted to see your own pics first, and am now to February 2016); I love the colors in your sun images … you capture the sun at just the right moment when it appears the most beautiful. Your up-close mantis tickled me and the butterflies are breathtaking. I used to have a butterfly garden and loved taking pictures of them enjoying the flowers … sadly the first Polar Vortex event wiped out my butterfly bushes and most of the perennials in the yard.

  2. You’re welcome Uncle Tree. The oranges that you captured with your camera are awesome, whether it is the butterflies or the marigolds, and you even do the color gray justice in your images of the skies and sand cranes. P.S. – I liked the eclipse pics too.

  3. Thanks again, Linda! 🙂
    Isn’t it funny — how we cling to certain colors as we go through life?
    Once purple, then red, then yellow, now orange — from the clothes we wear to our home decorations to the sights Nature shows us. Sometimes certain colors seem to grab our attention for awhile…sometimes years; like a fad, a fashion, or a lesson of some sort, for our mind or our body or our soul.
    On another note, I know my pics are far from professional. My little Sony point-and-shoot camera is a little better than the cameras found in smart phones, but it will never match one that costs over $1500.
    I don’t know how to use Photo Shop, or any other fancy app for editing. I only use the HP one that comes with Windows 10. I can crop, change light and contrast, and enhance color. I am a newbie with a good year of experience, and I do my best with what I have to work with, as do we all.
    I thank you for your caring support. It’s always helpful to know what people like. Of course, I never hear where I missed the mark completely. Misunderstandings are bound to happen as well. “What the hell do you mean by that?” is never heard, or, rather, never read. I never say it, either. LoL!
    Justifications become ramblings, and I probably say more than I should as often as I don’t fill in the blanks for folks.

    Anywhoo, hope you have a great weekend.
    I have to work all day tomorrow. Oh, boy!
    One of these days… Peace and luvz, UT

  4. I agree about the colors Uncle Tree and one of my favorite colors is brown – you’d think that was a dull or boring color, but there are so many shades of brown, and each is unique. The last three mornings spent at the Park where I walk, everything seemed to be yellow or brown … the dead grass and leaves that are all around. The creek is usually very dirty with a slight tinge of brown to it, so it only looks nice when there is ice covering it! I took several pictures of the ice-covered creek this morning and I store my photos on Shutterfly and retrieve them later to use in my posts. I could only get a dozen pictures to load, mostly the squirrel who was the subject of today’s post, since the uploader didn’t work properly, so now I’m about to tackle that problem.

    I figured you had a fancy digital camera and that’s how you took the close-ups as you had a special lens. I just use a point-and-shoot camera as well and I got it for the 12X zoom, as my last digital just had 4X. But I find sometimes I have to shoot blindly since the sun gets in my eyes, or causes a glare and all I see is my face when I’m trying to take a picture. I do miss the viewfinder. I want to learn how to shoot off the automatic setting, but it is so much easier to just point and shoot. I don’t have a smart phone. I got one last year, but it was not an expensive model and it kept dropping calls, so I returned to a trusty flip phone. Back in the 70s and 80s I used to travel a lot and had a 35mm camera and some special lenses for it, but I’ve not used it in years. It took great pictures, but the cost of developing those trip photos was costly, so now it is great to take lots of pictures and just delete the boo-boos. I have lots of duds. 🙂

    I don’t use Photoshop and don’t know how to use it either. I also have an HP computer but Windows 7. I use Microsoft Office for cropping or light adjustment – nothing fancy either. I bought an Epson flatbed scanner and it has photo-enhancing software, but it doesn’t do any more than the computer does and it is very slow, so I don’t use it. For special effects, (like the Christmas hats on the Park critters), I go to They have nice editing tools that you can use for free or get an subscription for more options if you want. I sometimes use their collage function for my blog posts and had some fun with placing hats, goggles and antlers on the critters for the Christmas Eve post, and I just use their free option … I like to keep things simple.

    You’ll want to get a glimpse of, and capture an image or two of this marvelous moon I am hearing about on January 31st – this link tells more about this event, but I’m sure, being a moon-and-stars kind of guy, you are already aware of it:

    Weekend work is unfortunate and I worked late tonight and probably this weekend a little as well. Our computer guy is upgrading our server and he’s had some issues in the past, so I will no doubt be on the phone with him off/on troubleshooting and verifying everything is okay. I have my fingers crossed. I’ve not worked on site since 2009, so it is a bit of a challenge when computers have issues.

    P.S. – My two favorite written portions of your posts (from current going back to February 2016) were “In Honor of Black Monday” and “The Secret of a Man’s Man” … now I will go back to the beginning in 2009 to catch up.

  5. Early Wednesday morning, the day after my 60th birthday,
    and the day before my brother, Marty’s 63rd birthday, in the Great Plains and
    most of central America, we’re going to witness (if not too cloudy)
    one of Earth’s freakiest events. Set your alarms! “Dilly! Dilly!”

    This is one of my weirdest writes, Linda. Seemed appropriate for the occasion.

    You read about Elvis? OMG! 😉 That was sorta personal,
    but I went out on a limb anyway .

    My camera has 25X zoom, but for the butterflies and other close-ups, including Johnny Mathis, I used no zoom whatsoever. They let me stick the camera in their face, once they learned to trust me. The auto focus missed out most the time. I’d guess, 25% of them were usable.

    Thanks again for filling me in on your favorites! 🙂
    I have many…far too many, and I’m anxious to see if you find them.
    On a few, the comments become debates/discussions. I used to preach a bit, yes. Be prepared. We go out-of-bounds. Just sayin’. 😉 I’m guessing, you’ve been around the block a few times yourself.
    “Keep on truckin’!” and walking. and staying aware of your surroundings. You’ll do well, methinks.

    Best wishes, Keith

  6. Thanks again, my friend! 🙂
    Hopefully, in some time-frame yet to be,
    we’ll find a way to trump needless twittering,
    and shed our own light with a little more sympathy.

  7. Your writing is very powerful Keith … I am in awe of these words from this post and others, though I did not “like” or make any comments as I was reading the prior posts through “Reader” in reverse chronological order to February 2016. If I had done so, chances are, I might have killed you with comments and flooded your WordPress sidebar, since I tend to be long-winded sometimes (as you’ve probably noticed). On a positive note, I might have become the 8,000th comment.

    Yes, that was my favorite post … I read it twice in fact. I like human interest stories and everyone has a story to tell. It’s always okay to go out on a limb. I tell stories sometimes that I know people might read and scratch their head over, or wonder about me, but, hey … it was a story and it begged to come out and be shared, so I did. However, when I started my blog in February 2013, I never shared it with anyone but my friend Marge (since it was her idea) for a very long time. You may recall I have no family, and, gradually I decided to share it with some friends, sending a link or two I thought they’d enjoy. I have good friends who have no interest in reading it and/or commenting on it, and I’ve never told my boss about it, though we have a good relationship … he wouldn’t understand it. He’s not interested in such things.
    Well you have twice the zoom power that I do – I have zoom envy. In fact, Marge and I went on a little photo expedition one time and she had a 12X zoom camera to my 4X. I really was no expert on zoom, and just bought that digital camera as it was a Canon, like my 35mm, and I’ve never had a problem with Canon. It was my first camera. We got home after our excursion and shared our favorite photos taken at the exact same stops along the way. Mine paled in comparison to hers and I realized then it was the zoom. I splurged and got another camera and wrote a funny post how zoom envy is a terrible thing.
    Great that Johnny Mathis allowed you that close-up because that was an awesome close-up of his face. He looked like a space creature. I have that rapport with the squirrels in the Park and the one yesterday was a newbie for sure as he was too skittish of me. The walkers laugh because the squirrels often follow around at my heels like I’m the Pied Piper of Hamelin. That’s okay – it makes me smile. Gotta smile. The world is way too somber these days
    I’ll tell you the ones of yours I like best … here is one of my own favorites, written two years ago today. This post was shared and viewed many times because I searched on Facebook for the young man’s widow and sent her a Facebook message with the post; she thanked me then posted it for all her friends to see. Notwithstanding the sad story, I am sending it as an early wish for your 60th birthday and hope you celebrate many more rings. 
    P.S. – It is a very long post … like I said, sometimes I’m long-winded …
    Best wishes – Linda

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