Lunar Nutheads


It was a slow death, undergoing the madness of a mental observation far below, and we, the mediators, caught in the web between darkness and darker still, stood stoney-faced and grim in the midst of the end. All eyes stared in horror as the milky life-light began to drain from the orb in a top-down effect. This earthly landscape, in a hesitant manner, crept into nightshade, and dimly reflected the morphed face, the pallor. Our sacred grounds, now devoid of every humble and loyal shadow, gave way. With a tremble, the earth echoed the low murmurs and raging rumblings of frenzied natives as they watched the scene through naked eyes. The souls of the dead lying in wait on the morbid disc stared back in turn. With a wicked longing for rebirth, their spirits moved, mirroring our dismay. The gloom of impending doom deepened the chasm between observer and observed. The pin-pricked holes emboldened themselves to shine on through the veil evermore brightly, and with a higher glory than ever before.

Primitives unleashed, all anew in virgin fright,

gazed at the last remaining sliver of light

as it shivered and quaked, and disappeared from sight

The ruddy corpse of Mother Moon frozen in Time, covered in ash as dust turned to rust from the inside-out, bid a final farewell to all who dwell below, and we on bended knee, returned the solemn vow, met halfway, mingled amongst lost thoughts, and absorbed the cold brand of magic in the last sparkling note. Thus, we repeated it forever with the sound of one voice, a single vibration. The hum itself was never heard again, only sensed, and lightly felt in the soul.


© Keith Alan Watson

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60 thoughts on “Lunar Nutheads

  1. Uncle:It seems the situation was all harshness, nothing even close to a good time went on.
    I do not know why are people so impressive skin malformations or skin diseases, there are much more terrible illnesses than that kind of, but yet it seems that what the eye sees is what the mind is made thought.

    Also madness is usually really difficult to bear from a person you care for, it is another of my death thoughts that i think about a lot, and I can not figure it out what is so frightening about that.

    In the end what we can do is try to absorb the magic of the last sparkling note, or whatever kind of magic is the one of your own.
    The vibration will never repeat itself, neither will the moment you cought that last spark, tough resemblances will often apear as time passes by.
    hope you are all right? Is it passing with time?
    I love you my uncle

  2. “Primitives unleashed, all anew in virgin fright

    gazed at the last remaining sliver of light

    as it shivered, and quaked, and disappeared from sight”

    And this is why knowledge is power.

  3. I’m sorry to hear, Mariana, that I didn’t get my point across
    the great divide that separates my thoughts from those of the world.

    I’m also sorry to hear, if I am correct, that your father is no longer
    with us. All I knew is that your parents were doctors. I didn’t know
    how past tense you meant that. Is your mother still around? If you
    don’t mind me asking. It may not be appropriate here. I don’t know.

    You have stumped me where concerns the skin diagnosis. I don’t
    understand. Do you mean the moon’s skin? I’m lost.

    I was a witness to this event, not being necessarily an earthling myself
    in this context. A few of us were mediators, being here and there.
    This is an experiment for me, trying to get into the primitive mind.
    They had no science, but they had had an inkling of reincarnation.

    We all know that exactly half way through the event, things slowly
    turn backwards, and the light begins to shine once more. I could
    have called this Part 1, I suppose, because it’s only half the story.

    What I meant by the hum? The background noise in space is
    a reminder of The Big Bang. You could also call it a vibration, yes?

    The madness thing…I don’t have time to explain this morning. Sorry.
    No harm, no foul, sweet niece. I don’t like being too offensive.

    Luvz and hugz! UT

  4. I am sorry uncle, I get a little crazy on father s day
    it s a mix of anger and sadness that blurs my mind
    Iam not able to focus and answer the text sorry uncle, you will understand when I email you what it happen with it.

    I will be short in commenting in your blog, and I will send you a mail to tell you my more personal stuff, in some days ahead, cause I do not like everybody to know about my private life
    I send you a hugh

  5. Hey, TWM! That is what they say, but they have a lot of both.
    It has also been said that ignorance is bliss.
    I’m screwed on all four counts.

  6. Dear Mariana, I completely understand you now.
    The madness I speak of here is due to a brand new event.
    Mass hysteria would be another way to put it.
    Bless you, my niece. Luvz, UT

  7. Nice of you to say, Val. Thank you.
    All my old poetry stuff has been put up here.
    I wanted to try something new, just to see what’s what.
    Other than that, I guess I’m done. Where do I go from here?
    Back to the factory, where I pretend to be a professional fork truck operator.

  8. I used to drive fork truck for a while.. cool! Your words speak at so many levels, you layer your thoughts nicely. what I love about the moon is that it merely reflects light, yet is a beautiful symbol. Kind of like us. It’s no wonder we are all crazy! “The Morbid disc stared back in return” … like I said, so much depth. Thanks!

  9. What a way to go, Bindo, as if
    every direction takes us to the end.
    Glad you liked my attempt at nutty prose.

  10. Thanks for stopping back here again, Cindy.
    Symbols we are, yes. I can’t help but wonder what I really stand for,
    and yet I know exactly what I cannot stand. Being misunderstood.
    Or being stood up. Or being asked to stand down. Better to stand back,
    look, record, digest, interpret, and then get carried away w/pen in hand.

  11. Oversimplification leads to false assumptions.
    We cannot help but to fill in the blanks.
    Rumors never remain the same.
    Chaos blew away 1 = 1

  12. Make the sauce using a complexity of flavors and measurements, spices and fluids but before it can be used it has to be reduced to sauce, simply sauce.

  13. Wow, Uncle Tree, what an experience! That’s truly astonishing. Perfect description, full of suspense and intensity. Brilliant. I’m breathless.
    I’m very fascinated by the Old Lady too. I never lived my contemplation (I hope the word is correct; it seems so much more than that to me…) in such a fantastic (God, the words are escaping from me) and thrilling way. I almost felt the eye of the spirits… Amazing writing.

  14. Hey TWM, what are you going to put that sauce on?
    You don’t eat it by itself do you? I mean, what’s the main course?
    If you want to talk stew, then I wanna talk variety,
    with a spice or two thrown in. Wine or beer?

  15. Wow, Silvia, what a compliment! My crown is growing.
    Mankind’s history is fascinating. It’s too bad we have to make up
    a lot of it for lack of hard evidence. What did they believe?
    Adam had everything he needed, and that’s more than I can say.
    The 2nd Adam gave it all away. What will the 3rd one do?

    I don’t think he, or she, will be living on the moon
    living off Mar’s bars or Milky Way chocolates.

    Thank you so much! I’m glad this one made sense to you.

  16. I like that quote, Amanda. Very fitting, indeed.

    You’re right about Saturn. It’s spinning and hissing is out of sight.
    The Vela Pulsar is beating out a spooky rhythm, too.

    UT answers, “No, and no.” Why wood he want to do that?
    He wood knot know where to begin anyway, and he surely
    could not stand the thought of being rejected because
    of root rot, or termites that have made his crown rather thin.

  17. Uncle. I couldn’t help but think about how hard it is to carry a theme throughout and how well you did it. I like the graphic, too. I love, too, the enunciation of inarticulate words and thoughts. Yes. “Only sensed and lightly felt.” Killer opening line…a slow death…it always is.

  18. *

    Thank you, dear lady! I had an inkling
    you’d like this one if you came back by.
    Being a simple rhymester is limiting. Like
    Mother Moon, I hope to someday be seen
    as well-rounded, and sometimes darkly true.
    Actual events that we ‘eye’ witness are easily
    transformed into the mythical tales of long ago.
    In the middle of the night, the weird come to light.
    We like to think we have outgrown superstitions, but
    it seems we have given away our imaginative rights, too.

  19. You did not disappoint, dearest. Mother Moon envies the barbed-barked ones, who are not above the winds and the rain, the ones who live in the world instead of outside and aside and apart from it.

  20. Hope you know, dear lady,
    Mister Tree sees that as a true compliment. Thank you!

    Reality can suck big time, and shit definitely happens every day,
    but while we’re here…well, we do have some control over the good
    things that happen, but of course, we have to make the effort
    to make anything worth our while. You may think I’m courting you.
    I’m not above anything, don’t get me wrong. Fer yer service only.
    No, I’ve never owned a gun. Although, I was born and raised on
    the north side of The Lake Of The Ozarks. Doesn’t make me a hillbilly.

  21. Hey Uncle, I spent my most memerable summer at the Lake of The Ozarks. It was in 73. My Dad was working in a clinic, his senior project in med school, I was ten and fascinated with watching him sew up those hillbillies. We would ski for hours and hours on that lake. What a beautiful place, I have no idea what part of the lake we lived on, only that I would wake up and see it every morning. Magic.

    Yo and this new peice is magic. Your tapping into some deep roots there Uncle Tree.

  22. Glad you liked this odd-man-out kind of prose, Derek! 🙂

    There’s nothing more I’d love to do during the retirement years
    than to buy and live in a cabin close to The Lake Of The Ozarks.
    This tree-type Shepard Of The Hills knows where it was conceived.

  23. Thanks a lot, Ed! 🙂
    Somehow you missed this one from last year.(?) It is strange.
    I hadn’t gone back to read this for a long while, which allowed me
    to enjoy it again all over. And unlike some, I didn’t change a word.

    Have a great Sunday, my friend!

  24. It must have been before I realised and signed up for the WordPress subscription thingee, which now keeps me informed.

    Blessed Sunday, yourself 🙂

  25. My Dearest Uncle Tree…

    I read this one through several times.. and in each I was rewarded with different thoughts and perspectives… a feat of writing in itself!

    The straight: watching a lunar eclipse… very poetic.. especially as you mentioned watching through the pin pricked cardboard that I remember from elementary school! 😉

    The skewed: them watching us… watching them..

    The Absolute: Life/Death, Spirit/Soul, Eternity/Unity. One. The songs of the Universe… the music of Life.

    And even though you tagged your story as ‘berserk’… you will not find me following that path… haha! ‘Cause I know better.. 😉

  26. I’m beginning to think this is better than I thought.
    Thank you for the sweet compliment, Penny!
    I also thank you for subscribing. 🙂

    “To Infinity and beyond!”
    Me2…count me in.
    Moon crazy,

  27. I am thrilled to have you, linking up to 3 if you wish, the more you share, the happier we are, old poems are okay.
    Happy Monday, my friend.
    have fun looking around,

  28. Back in Time, M’Lady, before folks knew what crossed what.
    Superstitions can be mucho fun to play with — once you believe in them. 😉
    Happy to know you enjoyed this one. Thank you for listening! UT

  29. I often wondered what ancient cultures thought of eclipses and how they had to feel they were the portent of something almost unimaginable. I loved this!

  30. I’m glad you liked my take on the subject, Ms. Talon. 🙂
    Thank you for expressing your thoughts on
    the mysterious matter at hand!
    (The idea of writing a piece on ancient beliefs came to me from one
    of my favorite authors — Hermann Hesse. I had to make an attempt.)

  31. Hurt your brain, eh? Ha-ha! 🙂
    That’s a new one on me, Kristen.
    That’s good if I made you think and ponder.
    Feel free to come here and chill out anytime.
    And, I thank you for stopping by! Cheerz, UT

  32. Stood we in the way of the Moon?
    New Light will be arriving soon.
    She was not slaughtered
    Just hung, drawn and quartered
    Divine Feminine witching the wave
    Of shadowland, to save
    That second hand appraisal
    Thus far in disarrayal?


  33. No betrayal do I see
    in our gift of lunacy.
    For what matters most to me
    is simple femininity.

    A feel, or a grasp –
    an “Ah!” as we gasp
    for air in the light
    of the moon less white

    than we imagine.

  34. Once upon a ducking stool
    She came up gahsping!
    The Moon contrite
    Her face white
    On reflection.

    Yes, indeed, Ed.
    Thanks for the smiles!


  35. Glad you think so, Niamh. Thank you! Visceral, yes,
    I like that descriptive word. Happy to have moved
    you today. Your generosity does not go unnoticed.
    May peace walk with you always. Truly, Keith

  36. Hi UT

    Oh my gosh, when I first read this I thought it’s Nietzsche meets
    the Moody Blues! “Cold hearted orb that rules the night………..”
    But I see in your comments you were channeling Hess instead.

    Now I see you and Edmund singing in two part harmony.
    Kewl. 🙂


  37. So glad you liked my wyrdness, Bonnie! 🙂 Going
    back before language makes words come to life, or so it seems.
    Ed is always a grand piano-type tuner. Love him!

    Peace and luvz to you and yours, girl! Keith

  38. No trespassing do I see
    in our gift of lunacy.
    For what matters most to me
    is simple femininity.

    A feel, or a grasp –
    an “Ah!” as we gasp
    for air in the light
    of the moon less white

    than we imagine.

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    I would never understand. It seems too complicated and extremely broad for me.
    I’m looking forwardd for your next post, I’ll ttry to get the hang of

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