About My Father’s Business

Keith and Dad


The biggest man I know

is not really big at all

He’s always near to lend an ear

or to catch me when I fall


The wisest man I know

doesn’t claim to know it all

Though it’s plainly clear my father dear

is willing to heed the call


The greatest man I know

didn’t know he’d grown a tree

Although he knew just what to do

to bring out the best in me


The man I know as Dad

sees me as OurΒ Father sees us

With nary a doubt he always works out

his faith, in the name of Jesus


Uncle Tree's father, Billy Lee Watson


41 thoughts on “About My Father’s Business

  1. Very beautifull poem, seems paradoxical but it makes sense.
    It made me thought if the meaning of the words are mostly upside down, if maybe they should mean exactely the oposite, and then things will be less confusing but mostly the mind processing word energy less ussed.
    But maybe the sentense structures are the problems, they restict us in the wrong way for expressing the thoughts we want to say.
    Hope you did not mind me playing along with word issues. Really good writting uncle.

  2. Elementary, Dr. Watson. Written by the child within.
    I don’t know, Mariana. This was done in haste. I waited too long,
    and I had to get Dad’s card in the mail. I wrote one for Mom, so I
    knew he’d be looking for me to write a piece for him, too.

    This is personal, and was written with only one person in mind.
    I wasn’t sure if I should post it here or not. Religious thought seems
    to turn people off generally, but it’s still important to my father.

    “If rules were meant to be broken, then fragile they must be.” Me2

    Poets can get away with weird structures. I just try to keep time
    with mine. Jung thought that psychological truths can be read
    backwards, otherwise they are not true. It has to work both ways.
    I’m not sure that’s what you mean by upside-down or not. And you
    are free to play in these here woods whenever you feel the urge.

  3. Hello, Cindy! Did curiosity finally get the best of you?
    For your first time here, well…I’d rather you had started with a
    different one than this. You sound perplexed, and from what I’ve seen
    of your comments, you are seldom at a loss for words. Sorry to have
    disappointed you, if that is the case. Nice to meet you any-oh-who!

    For my own ease, and so I can visit you, I’d prefer my new visitors to
    sign in at Tree Crossing, and if you would, please leave your address too.
    Thanks for stopping in. Consider yourself welcome here anytime. UT

  4. I do not think posting that beautiful poem could be wrong in any way, the only thing it will cause for sure is joy to your father,

    I agree that religious thoughts turn people off generally, I used to discard immediately pages that had them, but thanks to you I do not any more, therefore I can enjoy now many more writings than before and get to know a new word.

    What I meant by upside down is for example when you say “is not really big at all” I think it is implying that is huge. And there are other more subtle examples I can find in the text.

    Your roots are well grounded uncle,
    that it well shown
    you don’t need to be more rigid
    so just take and enjoy the joy

  5. simply liike father, like son, I’d say.
    Yes, too, I can play on that to the very profundity of Tree’s outreachings.

    The Water of Life, scoffed at by many, full-flowed in the veins of Jesus.

    I and the Father are one.

    My God, am I that bad πŸ˜‰

  6. The Passiveness In The Passion Play

    To represent surrender as giving up, is a losing proposition.
    To lose complete control, is to gain freedom from decision.
    Who will guide the ongoing process in our stead, is
    no body’s business, and no body’s show will go on.
    We wait for the curtain call, for the veil was hung prior
    to our beginnings, and we dare not rip the cosmic fabric
    for no body awaits with piercing needle to mend our ways.

  7. Thank you for saying that, Mariana.

    “The biggest man I know, is not very tall at all.”
    Wood that have been better? “…ready to heed the call”
    My Dad has a hot line, and gets his answers from no body else.

    Paradox abounds amidst the simplest minds who question little.
    We never see the flip side of the coin, perhaps, until death do us part.
    Man’s mind can carry disparate conclusions without giving in completely
    to any one special principle, or we can separate, thus causing battle
    to rage within. The machine can fend for itself, and Man gains nothing.

    I am all over the place this morning. So be it. Ever ready, I am not.

  8. The vine and the branches, Jethro.

    The quick is thick wherever Life condenses unto itself.
    Not only in the lowliest places, but everywhere Time is spacious.
    I and The Father are confounded on the wings of one conclusion.
    It’s not for me alone to say, therefore, together, I hear—-you speak.

    Nonsense is beside itself today. It listens better than I do. (#8: no)

  9. I’m sure your father is very proud and moved with this poem. I just finished writing one for mine in my Blog. This one I read here is expressing very noble and dignifying feelings.
    As to what you asked, I haven’t been to Transilvania yet. It is my husband’s home and all the stories and wonders I hear from there are through him. I plan to go there next year, God willing. I’m learning a bit of Hungarian too.
    In Hungarian, father is “Apu” and mother is “Anya”.
    Bless you.

  10. Papa…Apu should get his card in the mail tomorrow, Silvia.
    When I call him Sunday we shall find out. I’m glad you understood
    me here, and thanks for telling me as much. I’ll come take a look-see
    at yours, too. I wish your family great fun in Hungary next year.

  11. In future as I walk amongst the trees – I shall remember this beautiful poem – as it depicts the true meaning of life and of our own status within.

  12. True meanings are beautiful, Isle dweller,
    and I’m sure we all wish we knew more.
    Alas, the ones I think I know keep changing.
    Glad you liked this. Thank you!

  13. Tree-man….Ok, as you know, rhymed cuplets are not my thing….But what drew me in was the tone of love, innocence and joy….These are emotions I have difficulties putting into words due to the war assignment…So, let me say dear Uncle, this is inspirational for me…


  14. It makes me glad to hear you say that, Bindo.
    If it sounds like it came from an inexperienced little sapling, good.

    It doesn’t matter what I believe anyway. Dad’s beliefs
    work for him. That’s what counts. If he’s happy, then I am, too.

    Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy! It’s been a great day so far!

  15. You are both very lucky Tree, you for having him for a father and he for having you for a son. Dreamers raise poets and poets raise explorers and explorers take us back to the dream.

  16. I know how lucky I am, Val. Far too many kids have no father
    around to support them, love them, and urge them on to greater
    and greater heights. My dad feels very fortunate to have raised 4 boys,
    and to have stayed around long enough to see us grow into menswear.

    “I always get a kick out of reading your poems,” is how he put it.

    I tried calling him at 2 p.m., and in his haste to get to the phone in the
    darkened basement, he tripped and fell, bruising his knees and elbows
    and conking his head on a support beam. He’s alright, basically, and
    most likely will feel more sore today. That kinda made me feel guilty
    when I called him back at 4 p.m., but we ended up laughing about it.

    I’ve never seen that statement about dreamers, poets and explorers.
    Is that something you came up with yourself? Interesting thought.
    Both my two kids made a poem for me yesterday, because that’s what
    I told them I wanted. It doesn’t cost anything, but a little bit of their
    time. They are cute, and I guess that makes me a day dreamer.

    I can live with that. Thanks for stopping in, and for making me think.

  17. This one, TWM. I really have no use for two blogs
    as far as I can see. Blogspot blog is there just in case
    someone looks. Cheerz!

  18. πŸ™‚ Glad you think so, Em, my friend! I am going to visit
    him and mom next weekend! Only a 5 hour drive…
    The annual Watson reunion – not too far from Kansas City.
    Have a great week! Thanks so much for visiting! Cheerz, Keith

  19. Happy Fathers day! What a heart warming poem… I so miss my Dad, almost 30 years he has been looking after me from Heaven, protecting and comforting. My best wishes to your Father!

  20. Thank you so very much, Inese! πŸ™‚ Sorry to hear…
    God bless you and your father and your mother on this day!
    I’ll be taking the 5-hour drive to visit dad and mom next weekend.
    Goin’ home…

  21. You’re So Very Welcome Keith!! πŸ˜„ This Poem Is Simply filled with love!!! Also, I Think You Are Right!! It Would Be Hard For Me To Think Of Them!!! Lol πŸ˜„ Big Hugs

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