The Outside Glory Of The Story Within


In remembrance, we harvest the touchable

With all due respect, we negotiate the unspeakable


The fruits of our labor produce the cream of the crop:

those who question every law set in stone

who ponder over the face value of moral obligations

who are never satisfied until they go below the surface

who step outside the ring of glory with an act of self sacrifice

in order to find the story within

and the legend they may one day become



16 thoughts on “The Outside Glory Of The Story Within

  1. Nice piece Tree-man…..First two lines sum up the difficulties or how I perceive Parenting, teaching or anything involving young minds.

  2. A beautiful, deep and moving poem.
    It’s magical, isn’t it? Teaching?
    Sowing seeds that will produce flowers in the future.
    Remembering and building; travelling with people that broke the line of oblivion …
    And even more magical is meeting the ones we teach, years and years after, and fill our chests with pride of what they did with their lives.
    I loved teaching; I know you love it too.
    You’ll be, or are already, a fascinating teacher.

  3. Thanks, Bindo! Those two first vague lines
    came from somewhere out of the blue. That happens sometimes.
    I’d been thinking about Michael Jackson, and how legends are made.
    Silvia is a teacher, and her posts as of late helped me to finish this off.

  4. Teaching can be fun, Silvia.
    It’s a profession better left to those predisposed to helping kids
    wherever they gather in large quantities, like in classrooms.
    It’s sounds as if your students could easily love you. You’re so nice.
    Thank you for giving me a lesson, or two today. Oblivion, yes…

  5. As long as youth seeks and fights power that would have them in chains; there is yet hope that knowledge of truth will win over it’s enemies.

  6. I think we can say the same thing about adults, TWM.
    Isn’t it easier to say what is true, rather than speaking of The Truth,
    which is forever changing? Truth is…if you look out for enemies
    everywhere you go, you will surely end up finding a few, my friend.

  7. Uncle Tree has been known to dabble in pedantry, Barbara,
    but he tries not to lay it on too thick…not as thick as a brick, that is.
    I’m glad you were able to find me here. Thanks for dropping in!

  8. This poem got deep into me, In a good way, I connected. I liked. I found its meaning (the one I give to it).

    It’s about educating, teaching. Trying to make people grow. (Of course learning important things always take times, and presents doubt in it’s process)
    This people where tough knowledge, but most of all there were thought to think, which is the weapon that can make real changes, allowing us to question established rules among other things.

    It’s about the search for oneself after the freedom of disbelief
    It’s about being brave and take the path you think is right, although this path does not give you instant satisfaction
    Unce: Hand me Three

  9. Hello, Mariana! The meaning you gave is the one I had in mind.

    *Generation X’ers have one major complaint:

    (Have you heard of Gail Sheehy? She is a best-selling author, researcher,
    opinion taker/maker, and anthropologist. You remind me of her.)

    *Every truth has been found, and there is nothing left to discover.

    I think they mean something other than a cure, or landing on another
    moon out there somewhere. I guess, if we found a way to beat Death,
    they’d call it cheating, and then it wouldn’t count. “Whatever…”,
    is they’re favorite response. Pathetic, if you ask me.

    Your spirits have been raised, I see. I’m smiling, because I am perplexed.
    “Hand me Three”??? Is that sorta like, “Give me Five”??? Hand me Two!

  10. I do not look for enemies anywhere Uncle…I let them show themselves then I disregard them as powerless over me and the truth I speak of is the truth as it knows itself to be regardless of any misconceptions anyone, including myself, may have towards it.

    Be Well

  11. “Love your enemies” is but an interpretation.
    I could have said, “…if we expect to see enemies”, as well.
    I didn’t mean you personally. Sorry, I am, if you took it that way.
    “Know thyself.” The perennial philosophy is that of which you speak?
    “Make no enemies” is the way William Blake defined it, and I agree with him.

  12. Long time, no see, dear soul.
    I’m glad you liked the whole in it’s entirety.
    Thank you for revisiting this legendary forest of mine!

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