Super Moony Blues

Blue Moon

Super Moony Blues arising in the East

Moony Blues

meet the Sun’s shadow coming in fast from the West.

Lunar Eclipse beginning

What started on my birthday, ended with clouds coming in.

Lunar Eclipse early on

Nevertheless, full Moons brighten open plains

Halo Moon

for eyes created to craft certain images into long-term memories.Moon Quartered

If only one had the power to divide the sky at will, why knot me?

A drip of the blood moon

Β One drip of the Blood Moon?

Good grief!


Uncle Tree


32 thoughts on “Super Moony Blues

  1. Wow – I’ve been super busy at work these past two days and I’d not even checked out the NASA site or any of the news sites to see the moon trifecta event. We could see nothing here – too overcast. I decided you would give it your all (notwithstanding the expected cloudy conditions) and you did not disappoint. I need not go anywhere else to see the recap of the moon event. I liked the first picture best with the dark twigs in the foreground. A little spooky … all you needed was a wolf howling. Very nicely done Uncle Tree.

  2. Only one drop of the blood moon? You should have been here in my corner of the world. It was quite visible here. And I was thinking about you. Don’t know if you got the image through telepathy. πŸ˜‰

  3. Thank you very much, Linda! πŸ™‚
    It is a bluer Moon when it rises, but I’ve seen bigger super ones.
    I tried not to get howling mad, and I think I kept my cool alright. Cheerz to next time! UT

  4. You made me smile all these miles away on a bitter cold morning. There will be many more moons to view, but not a moon event like this one til 2033 … not that far off right Uncle Tree? I’m off to walk and await the Groundhog’s prognostication.

  5. You’ll be there Uncle Tree … and I’ll read about it too. πŸ™‚ The *&^% Official Groundhog decided we had six more weeks of Winter. Even our local groundhog concurred.

  6. Quite true, Wayne. One’s personal perspective can mean the difference.
    I mean, it’s one thing to stay positive and optimistic in the face of doubt,
    but when one finds themselves on the losing end of the deal,
    we realize how much our high expectations cost us in the way of suffering.

  7. That is pretty cool, Linda! Thanks for linking me up!
    Amateur astronomers abound. There are a lot of them,
    and lots of clubs and organizations. I’ve never participated personally.
    But, I know they do make a difference in the amount of information obtained from space on a daily basis. Kudos to the whole lot of them!

    I subscribed to OMNI and the SCIENCE magazine for decades, as a young adult, before I left them to read books.

  8. You’re welcome Uncle Tree – I heard that at 8:00 a.m. today and didn’t get back to my computer til later as I had some errands … but wanted you to see it. Scientists as you saw are pretty exited that this amateur discovered it. I tried to remember the link you sent me about the shooting star – looked in our conversations on the meteor date – wasn’t there. Thought it was on “Super Moony Blues” – nope. You sent me the link to your post about the shooting star … my parents subscribed to “National Geographic” for years. When they finally quit the subscription, they tried to donate them to the library and the library clerk said that no one ever requested them. They were mandatory reading for me as a kid and “Ranger Rick”. πŸ™‚

    I just finished at work, my eyes are running together from typing a long, single-spaced document and a man has barricaded himself a mile away from my house in a restaurant which I passed on my way to do errands. I have heard helicopters for over an hour flying overhead. I turned on the news – well OMG. We have so many barricaded gunmen, but in their homes and not near here … now I can listen to the local news and get the scoop. Too far away to go to the basement.

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