Goose The Moon

Conrail sunset

Aim high and cross the line, when need be. 

Geese contrail

Crossroads beget geometry.

Great Planes

Your runway lies before you. Shall you trust it?

Helicopter landing

Or, will you hover and waste precious time?

Geese Plane race

Fortune belongs to those who race destiny.

burning bush

Will you burn the dreaded bush on your way down?

Goose the MoonCheerz to those who dare to cross the lines!

Photographs by me²watson

Uncle Tree



18 thoughts on “Goose The Moon

  1. Stunning sunset!!! I love the geese and a plane flying low at nearly the same instant in an unusual-looking sky. You were in the right place at the right time me²watson. “Fortune favors the prepared mind.” ~ Louis Pasteur

  2. Those colors were incredible and getting the geese and plane in the same picture – it was all in your timing Uncle Tree. I have that quote in my head as I’ve always liked it – feel free to use it the next time you have the perfect circumstances for a great photo – I am sure it will be soon.

    Before my boss Robb and I left the law firm and went out on our own in February 2003, I did a daily quote and sent it out to all my co-workers. I did that for years. The idea began when we got our first inter-office e-mail … an antiquated system called “Pine E-mail” … the partners thought they could save a few trees by not distributing so many memos (I’m sure you concur that was a good idea). It was a pitiful form of e-mail and we were to practice on it with each other – not to the outside world, as we had no internet capabilities at that time. I always like to be different, so instead of just saying “hey”, I sent out a quote by Mother Teresa. People wrote back “do that again tomorrow” and a tradition was born. Then we went to Windows just before Y2K (we had dummy terminals before) and I expanded my horizons and got fancy. I continued to do this quote for most of my same co-workers after Robb and I left the Firm, then our computer system crashed in 2010 and I stopped as we were down for many months and never resumed. I like meaningful quotes and often finish off a post with one for emphasis for that particular topic.

  3. Your prose seems to resonate with my situation right now. And I need to find more courage and keep up my faith to cross the line, for the good of, not just me, but a whole organization. Send prayers along my way.

  4. Thank you for this immediate delivery. 😀You outdid even the pizza delivery boy. And I always tell my friends to never postpone prayers. Feels nice to have someone in another corner of the world do it for me without asking questions. This means a lot to me. Thanks.

  5. As you know, George,
    most of the rules we have to follow blindly are instinctive and unwritten.
    Of course, Science can’t point out exactly where in the brain these things lie.
    And, I, as a matter of fact, love the fact they can’t,
    ‘cuz that means we don’t know everything quite yet. Thank God!

    UT can feel the tracks, and he knows a whistle when he hears one. 😉

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