Sundown On Tanker Hill

Sundown On Tanker Hill

When my parents picked up our gnarly roots in 1974

and transplanted us from Missouri to Nebraska,

Tanker Hill, Lincoln, Nebraska

we rented a house about two city blocks from the infamous Tanker Hill.

From my current back porch, it stands around 3 miles away.

Tanker Hill on fire

Why does looking West remind us to look to the past?

Simply because High Noon reminds us to remember the present?

Heart on fire

One’s perspective always gets fired up when memories light the way.

Sunset Avenue revisited

Not only salt pillars make History.

Season to taste the best!

Uncle Tree



Goose The Moon

Conrail sunset

Aim high and cross the line, when need be. 

Geese contrail

Crossroads beget geometry.

Great Planes

Your runway lies before you. Shall you trust it?

Helicopter landing

Or, will you hover and waste precious time?

Geese Plane race

Fortune belongs to those who race destiny.

burning bush

Will you burn the dreaded bush on your way down?

Goose the MoonCheerz to those who dare to cross the lines!

Photographs by me²watson

Uncle Tree