The Vision Of Saint Nicholas


Before he found his true mission,

Santa Claus had a glorious vision.

I sent him a letter last year, you see.

And he wrote one back for you and me!

If just for one day a year

I could wipe away every tear

Melt away every fear

Play carols for those who won’t hear


If just for one day a year

Mankind would pause and lend an ear

Gaze at the silent star’s light

Imagine a Peace that shines as bright

If just for one day a year

You could love the One who’s so sincere

Forgive what has gone before

(Leave cookies and milk by the door)


By the Christmas Tree Of Life,

I leave you a secret treasure.

It is a key to your heart,

No man nor mind can measure!

Merry Christmas!

Uncle Tree

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80 thoughts on “The Vision Of Saint Nicholas

  1. Thank you for the kind thoughts and well wishes, Penny!
    🙂 You’re a sweetheart!
    Hope you have a super holiday season. Merry Christmas!
    Ho! Ho! Ho! Uncle Tree

  2. Thank you, Bonnie! 🙂 Good to see you again!
    I do wish you and yours a wonderful holiday season
    filled with joy and lovely goodies. Merry Christmas! Peace, UT

  3. You are the most dearest hearted. Look what wondrous sweetness comes from your soul. May it be filled with peace for all your days and then some. xoxo

  4. Gosh, Gayle! I’m blushing and gushing with gleeful giddiness.
    Great tidings of glad joy you bring to me this morning. Thank you! 🙂
    I too hope you find peace and love throughout this holiday season,
    and wish for you a wonder-filled and very happy new year!

    Merry Christmas!
    Luvz & Hugz! Keith

  5. You’re most welcome and most deserving. I’m happy I could bring you some glad joy this morning. And thank you for your gracious greeting for me too. 🙂

    Merry Christmas, Keith and may a Happy New Year be yours!

    Gayle ~ xoxo

  6. “Let there be peace on earth
    And let it begin with me.
    Let there be peace on earth
    The peace that was meant to be.
    With God as our father
    Brothers all are we.
    Let me walk with my brother
    In perfect harmony.

    Let peace begin with me
    Let this be the moment now.
    With every step i take
    Let this be my solemn vow.
    To take each moment
    And live each moment
    With peace eternally.
    Let ther be peace on earth,
    And let it begin with me.”

    Author Unknown

  7. well, i left a short note for st. nicholas i was just asking him where Christmas is, because i cannot find it… all that is left is memories of it in my childhood.
    and guess what? i guess even him doesn’t remember me anymore. everyone has forgotten the caterpillar who wants to become a butterfly because she no longer remember herself as well. :0

    but never the less, i wish you well uncle.

  8. Please, don’t be so hard on yourself, Rhee.
    St. Nick remembers everyone, including you, Butterfly.
    And once he remembers you, there will be no forgetting your self.

    He prays the coming year brings
    the perfect combination of
    beauty and strength
    to your wings.

    Be merry!
    It works.


  9. Dear Gayle,

    Tears of joy surround us
    when we listen to a song that rings a bell — for all.
    When it hits home,
    it settles in the heart and soul of all who hear the call.

    I’ll never forget…my daughter was in the 5th grade choir. They sang this.
    Bet ‘cher life, it was the first time I ever cried my heart out in school.

  10. I can’t help myself–if I hear a song or quote or something profoundly touchingly true–my heart is immediately engaged and the tears will come spilling forth.

    Bless your tender heart–crying your heart out while your young daughter sang–I would have too.

  11. Ho! Ho! Hey! 🙂 Thank you, Ms. Talonted!
    You can be sure Uncle Tree
    will do his best to see the best things beatifically.

    Peace to you and yours! Cheerz, Keith

  12. So sweet, may we all have the gift of love and one personal Santa to make us merry! Very good job!

    I’d like to wish you a Merry Christmas and to say thank you for the support to Jingle Poetry, with you standing beside us, we are able to continue our efforts by providing the platform for poets who share and encourage…BEST wishes for the year 2011…your poetry has enlightened our community and made us smile.

    Blessings fly your way, Happy Holidays!

    Hope to see you on Sunday Poetry Potluck again, let me know if you have questions..old poems or poems unrelated to our theme are welcome..

    week 15 theme: reflections, interpretations, and musings.

    Take care!

  13. Thank you very much, Richard!
    When it comes to reality, that key, once we have it,
    can be very hard to give to another. But give it away, we must,
    or risk losing it before love has had a chance to open our door.

    Security is but a lonely light-year away from here.
    A mere moment in Time for those of us who wish to truly believe.

    Merry Christmas!

  14. This is festive, UT turns into CT,
    uncle tree wants to be a Christmas tree..
    love you spirits..
    what a treat to visit you today..
    missed your talent a lot.

  15. Thank you, Jingle! Glad you liked the rockin’ spirit of St. Nick!
    I’m having a very frantic holiday season. That’s why I’ve not joined in.

    I do wish you a very Merry Christmas,
    and hope the new year treats you right!
    Ho! Ho! Ho! CTU 🙂

  16. Oh, but Dr. Morgan, if we were merry all the time
    life would be boring. This comedy of errors
    makes me cry all the time. Well, not
    all the time, but enough.
    Enough to heal me.
    Tears of joy
    shed, too.

    🙂 Merry Christmas, Madan!

  17. uncle,
    to you
    and yours
    I wish an happy christmas
    and a wonderful new year.
    May your roots bear fruits
    and your leaves holds warmth.


    (btw – a few days ago i have finally put my hands on Der Steppenwolf. Only few pages went between my fingers but what I was reading was different. Will have to get the book soon. Have you read it? what .. ?
    ) peace and words uncle.

  18. Thank you for the well-wishes, D! 🙂
    I do wish you the same and more! May you continue to branch out
    whilst you reach into the areas of your imagination that
    you, perhaps, have yet to explore.

    May your new year be bless’d with the utmost happiness!
    Peaceful words, yes. Ah-so. That, too. And some of This on the side.


    Yes, I did read that novel in March of 2003. Of course, it was the
    English translation, whereas, you get to read the the original version.
    I’m sure I missed out on his personal style of wording in that regard.
    Hermann Hesse is definitely one of my favorite authors. You know that.
    I admire his ability to put forth his thoughts and ideas, because he could
    be awfully intellectual and completely spiritual at one and the same time.

    This is his most fantastic and out-of-this-world novel. It reminded me
    of some of his fairy tales, especially the ones that he published as an addendum to his novel “The Glass Bead Game.” Do you know of those?

    That treatise at the beginning…OMG! We may not like to think of
    ourselves that way, but he makes his point so succinctly it sounds true,
    and cuts to the heart. Ouch! What measly beasts we be sometimes…

    Let me know what you think of wolf-man when you’re through, D. Okay?
    Take care, be good, and stay cool, dude! Peace, Tree-man

  19. Tree man
    i was actually reading the Hebrew translation. would like to continue with the English one. Unfortunately my German is way too low for that kind a book, would need years more for that, but the old Hebrew style in way which that book was translated keeps some of the spirit. The book was at a friend house and now I will need to get my own copy. The beginning is dark and much different than other books of him but did pulled me in. it had actually aroused in me a wish to read a biography of him; to put the book in context. I do remember the glass bead, which beginning has almost put my away, but will have to reread it soon.
    many words more to flow..
    keep walking among us TreeMan, keep walking

  20. Hey, Dhyan! Fyi, the bio I read (I love biographies) was
    “Pilgrim Of Crisis” by Ralph Freedman — 1978
    Another way to get into Herm’s mind is this:
    “My Belief: Essays On Life And Art” — 1904 to 1961
    I recommend this one, especially the letter to those wishing to
    become a poet. (of all things…why a poet?)

    I am walking, D! I tell myself (often to no avail):
    “Stand up straight like a tree! Be as tall as you can be.”
    ‘Tis all that I can do to fight the pull of gravity.

    You run, D! Run! To the nearest library. Good luck! UT

  21. For Christmas this year, my darling daughter, Kirstie, wrote me a poem.
    The card is perishable, but I will keep it in a safe place in the hope of
    having it around for a very long time. Her words I shall cherish, store and save here at my house — in my old lonesome forest of dreams.


    After the children are all tucked in bed,
    after all their favorite stories are read,
    they dream of Christmas, and presents, and joy
    that Christmas will bring to each girl and boy.

    The big bearded man and his sack full of toys,
    topple down the chimney without making a noise.
    He places his presents, and eats his snack,
    and sneaks to the next house still carrying his sack.

    Christmas Day arrives, and all their eyes pop,
    children so anxious as all their jaws drop.
    A day full of laughter and holiday cheer
    is what always makes Christmas the best time of year!

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  23. Belated is truly an understatement in this case, but thank you sincerely for sharing ‘The Vision of Saint Nicholas’ – I loved it! It was beautiful and moving. Since I live perpetually in the spirit of Christmas, “Merry Christmas, Uncle Tree.” (Even if we are closer to St. Patty’s Day than Christmas… or maybe I am just very early for next year!) -Martie (c:

  24. Thank you for the well wishes, Martie! 🙂
    It’s so hard to do anything perpetually…
    so I will wish for you to find a 4-leaf clover
    that you may carry with you always a reminder of
    the truly good things that follow your righteous intentions.

  25. Is it Christmastime yet? 🙂 HaPpY HoLiDaYs to ALL!


    I’ve had my fun playing with Time. I abhor the idea of the future being set. If God knows how this all ends, then that reduces freewill to a meaningless point. I prefer to see Time as being linear, and I believe that’s one of the laws of the Universe that our Creator has to live by. Which laws He can break via divine intervention – I don’t know. If there is such a thing as divine intervention, then it sorta means His Plans got screwed up, and before He created The Universe, he tweaked The Laws in such a way as to allow for a mistake or two on His part, which He could then fix without most of us noticing.

    If Time and All is unchangeable, then I’d say consciousness stays still whilst Time passes us by. Then reality would be static, and there would be no freewill. Then again, if “I am who I am, and besides me there is no other”, then neither of us, or anyone for that matter, exist as a separate entity. We are but a part of the whole.

  26. Our sins stem from the social-ness of the creatures we seem to be, as we are trapped in our own cultures, and we know of no way to oust ourselves from the universal petri dish. Although, we are awash in stars. May we strive to shine as bright as the one that hovered over Bethlehem, one holy silent night – many, many years ago! I pray you let the Light Of Love lead your way this wintry season. “Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me.” 🙂

  27. Hello dearest Keith,

    With a warm remembrance of all the beautiful moments we shared on this vast Internet I wish you and your family very Happy Christmas days and a fulfilling 2012.

    My dearest uncle tree, will always remember thee 🙂

    Love from Mieke

  28. 🙂 Hello, Mieke!

    It’s always good to see you again, and thanks for the well wishes!
    I do hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas this year,
    and I pray the Lord blesses you, your home, and your work in 2012.

    You are unforgettable! Peace & Luvz, Keith

  29. ♥ There’s a twinkle in his eye, and in that twinkle
    you’ll see another world – another world
    that chose to choose PEACE. Luvz,
    Keith Alan Watson ♥

  30. In answer to your understanding Keith of .. I AM WHO I AM AND APART FROM ME THERE ARE NO “GODS” Isaiah 44:6 He is our Creator complete in The Godhead or Trinity as They are called today, The Tree in One.

    Did He make a mistake when you were conceived Keith by not ending your life even knowing you would do the wrong you have done. Did He make a bad judgment when He created Satan, would you rather have not been born Keith or perhaps not had free will, and just been a puppet, pull a string and you do what is wanted, so do you want someone to Love you Keith because they have no choice.

    Yes God knows the beginning to the end and He made no mistakes, everything He created was very good including Satan but he chose to usurp God’s Authority, he wanted His glory and because of the fall of man, Adam’s choice to listen to Eve’s tempting and so disobey God, Satan now controls this world, he uses it to promote his evil through those who follow him. So if God knew that this would be, why did He create Satan…The good outweighed the bad.

    God knew, Jesus our Redeemer would save all those who repent and accept His free gift of Salvation. We all have a choice but not so if there was only good to choose from.

    So Keith what do you want, no choice or a choice …I think you said a choice, you got it!

    God will not force us to choose Him, even by eliminating the opposition, that is until all goodness is gone. He is patient not wanting anyone to perish, which means to be eternally separated from Him and all those who choose to follow Him.

    Saint Nicholas chose without the red suit to Love God wholeheartedly and to give sacrificially to mankind, not just a portion but all he had and not just at Christmas but all year, what will you choose Uncle Tree.

    Christian Love from both of us – Anne

  31. The Tree In One ? 🙂 I like that. What do I choose to think?

    The “To be, or not to be” question
    has to be answerable as a matter of choice
    without us having to commit suicide to prove it.
    Do we have a soul, a spirit, or both? I think both.

    I do believe the soul is of the earth – the psyche
    which could well be immaterial – the Mind Of God –
    in which we have our being – perfect, whole and complete.

    Logically, The Spirit informs me, but I don’t have to listen to hear It.
    I also see it energetically, as the spark of life that presages breath.
    “Thy will be done.” Big Will births li’l will – wee rations.

    My earthly Soul feels for me, and the strength of the perception
    determines the longevity of the memory – for good reason.
    Soul also thinks I should keep my day job and my savings account.

    I have my ticket, Anne. Worry knot. 😉 Luvz, Keith

  32. You said …………I’ve had my fun playing with Time. I abhor the idea of the future being set. If God knows how this all ends, then that reduces freewill to a meaningless point.

    Stop questioning God in your arrogance Keith… it is childish and disrespectful, He is our Creator, submit to His Authority in your life, Grow up before you can’t, it’s not all about you, don’t wast the wonderful gifts you have been given that are meant to help others or continue to live in the pie in the sky, like so many do. Seek after God with all your heart, ask for His wisdom, BE SET FREE!

    Christian Love from both of us – Anne

  33. I’m sorry I made you feel the need to judge me as such, Anne.
    You have no idea what I’ve experienced in my 55 years of life.
    Being a slave to an idea thought up by others is not freedom.

    God is within; Heaven is here, and Jesus is with us.
    The Holy Spirit told me so. I am in love, and I leave you with this:

  34. Uncle Tree, you have been missed. I am so happy to see you and HOPE all is well with you. Tears came to my eyes as I did read your wise words, and with those tears came Gratitude that once again I read your words. Thank you for the Merry Christmas, early as it may be. I treasure you. Thank you for being you. Love, Amy

  35. Aww. My heart melted. This was my favourite stanza:

    If just for one day a year

    You could love the One who’s so sincere

    Forgive what has gone before

    (Leave cookies and milk by the door)

  36. Aww… this brought a bright smile on my face 🙂
    Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas, Uncle Tree 🙂

  37. Once upon a time, a timeless delivery and down a very long chimney, to boot!

    We savour the blessings of reindeer droppings and a fun guy without spot 😉

    Peace Bruv ❤

  38. In the space of a comment box, the gift of language
    unwraps itself one very merry word at a time-warp. 😉
    HaPpY HoLiDaYs to YoU, BruVa Ed!
    ❤ Peace and luvz and huggz, Keith

    P.S. Another "thank you!" is in order
    for you truly are one of those friends
    who helped me reach a milestone today: 100,000 views

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