Christmas Poise

The Fall Of Santa

◄ P-o-i-s-e → when one loses their balance and falls ►
whilst retaining their dignity all the way down
from the chimney to the ground; then
making snow-angels thereafter,
where they lie with nary a cry,
nor wince of pain.
Santa Claus

cold Robin

Merry Christmas!

Uncle Tree



The Vision Of Saint Nicholas


Before he found his true mission,

Santa Claus had a glorious vision.

I sent him a letter last year, you see.

And he wrote one back for you and me!

If just for one day a year

I could wipe away every tear

Melt away every fear

Play carols for those who won’t hear


If just for one day a year

Mankind would pause and lend an ear

Gaze at the silent star’s light

Imagine a Peace that shines as bright

If just for one day a year

You could love the One who’s so sincere

Forgive what has gone before

(Leave cookies and milk by the door)


By the Christmas Tree Of Life,

I leave you a secret treasure.

It is a key to your heart,

No man nor mind can measure!

Merry Christmas!

Uncle Tree

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